How to Write a Restaurant Business Plan [10+ Templates to Download ]

If you are going to run a restaurant, then know that you can just rush into it without knowing what needs to be done. That’s why this article will teach you all that you need to know in regards to how you should go about in coming up with an effective restaurant business plan.

5 Steps for Creating a Restaurant Business Plan

Step 1: Start With the Executive Summary

No matter what kind of business plan document you end up making, you’ll need to start with the executive summary. It’s basically an overview of what your restaurant is all about and what your plans for it are. This should be the first thing readers should see when they go through your plan.

Step 2: Share Your Target Audience and Products/Services

Next thing to do when coming up with the plan is to provide the reader with information on what your restaurant is going to sell and who it’s selling to. It is important for you to know exactly who your target audience is as the readers will want to see if what you offer caters to their wants and needs.

Step 3: Discuss Your Marketing Plans

If you want the readers to know how you’re going to attract your intended target audience, then you’ll need to provide them with your marketing plan. This is where you’ll be providing all of the details regarding the strategies that you are going to use to get customers for your restaurant.

Step 4: Discuss Your Team

By this point, you’ll need to provide the readers with the positions in your restaurant that have currently been filled up. You’ll also need to show what kind of positions that need to be filled in order for your restaurant to reach success. Be sure to include the basic information of those you have hired.

Step 5: Financial Plan

Readers will definitely want to know how your business is going to survive. What this means is that they’ll want to know just how much money your restaurant could make and how you’ll manage its finances. Come up with a financial plan which shows projected income and losses and then put it into your restaurant business plan.

10+ Restaurant Business Plan Templates

1. Fast Food Restaurant Business Plan Template


If you’re planning on starting up your own fast food business, then this template will help you come up with a business plan for one. Use it to ensure that you know exactly how you should open up your fast food restaurant and how you can keep it running.

2. Restaurant Business Plan for Investors


If you’re planning on showing investors about the potential of your restaurant, then you’ll need a document that will help you do so. This template will help you create such a document as using it will allow you to put in all of the information potential investors will want to learn about your restaurant.

3. Restaurant Franchise Business Plan Template


Having one establishment for your restaurant is fine, but you may want to open up a franchise which allows it to spread beyond your area. By using this template, you can come up with a document which will allow you to show exactly how you’re going to start your restaurant’s franchise.

4. Restaurant Food Delivery Business Plan


If you’re planning on having your restaurant take on delivery orders, then you’ll need to come up with a system in which it can effectively make deliveries. That’s why you should get this template as using it will help you plan out a restaurant that can make deliveries to its customers.

5. Restaurant Business Plan Guidelines


There are some who may have trouble coming up with a business plan for their restaurants. Should you be a person with such a problem, then this template can help guide you in terms of knowing how you’ll start your restaurant and how you can keep it running for a long time.

6. Restaurant Business Plan Template


If you want a simple restaurant business plan document, then you may use this template. Although it may look simple, you’ll definitely want to use it. It will help you cover everything from how you’re going to start your business, who your restaurant will be catering to, how it will deal with the competition and so on.

7. Restaurant Business Planner Template


Sometimes, it may be tough for you to get your restaurant needs to achieve its goals or to figure out how you should go about in improving it. This restaurant business planner template should be able to help you keep track of all that you need in order to make your restaurant a success.

8. Restaurant Business Plan Sample Download

There are some restaurants in which they specialize in specific meals or they generate an atmosphere that their competitors cannot replicate. If you were to open a restaurant with flowers as the main focus, then this template is definitely something that you will need to help you come up with the right business plan.

9. Asian BBQ Restaurant Business Plan Download

Remember that there will always be restaurants that specialize in something particular. So if yours were to focus primarily on Asian barbeque cuisine, then you’ll need to know you’ll open up that type of restaurant. This template will help you come up with a business plan that will help you with that.

10. Vegetarian Restaurant Business Plan Download

Although most restaurants have vegetarian options, there will be a specific type of customer who will want nothing but vegetarian meals on the menu. So if you’re going to cater to this type of customer, then you will want to use this template to help you come up with the vegetarian restaurant that they deserve.

11. Organic Restaurant Business Plan Download

It may be rough for you to start opening up a restaurant that serves nothing but organic meals, but that’s where this template comes in. This organic restaurant business plan template will help you point out everything that needs to be done to start running a successful organic restaurant.