9+ Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Templates – DOC, PDF

The desire to attain perfect dissemination of products information to the target clients despite the use various marketing strategies can be achieved with an integrated marketing communication plan. Generally, a business marketing plan is a written plan that combines all the marketing strategies that include advertising, sales promotion, public relations, among many others thereby ensuring the strategies support each other.  You can see the best sample examples by downloading in the best format download for free from online.

Printable Marketing Plan Template

printable-marketing-plan-template Download

Simple Marketing Plan Word Template

simple-marketing-plan-word-template Download

Sample Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Template

integrated marketing communication plan template

acui.org | The Sample Integrated Marketing Plan Communication template presents steps for effective marketing plan such as communication with the customer, social and digital marketing efforts, brand message, target audience, etc.

Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Example

integrated marketing communication plan example

sbu.edu | In the Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Sample, an executive summary is provided which includes points like overview, strategies and justification. Guidance for creating an impactful marketing communication plan is given.

Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Template of Coca Cola

integrated marketing communication plan of coca cola

This Integrated Marketing Communication plan describes in detail the strategy of Coca Cola to increase sales by effective marketing communication. Factors like Coca Cola’s new brand platform and social marketing are included.

Integrated Marketing Communication Plan to Your Client

integrated marketing communication plan to your client

The template ‘Integrated Marketing Communication Plan to Your Client’ consists of pitching a particular strategy to potential clients. Key principles and the main communication vehicles and activities are listed.

Pitch a New Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Template

pitch a new integrated marketing communication plan

doria.fi | ‘Pitch a New Integrated Marketing Communication Plan’ template states various problems, challenges and advantages of product placement in marketing plans and strategies. This template is available in PDF version also.

Developing an Integrated Marketing Communication Plan

developing an integrated marketing communication plan


Example of Integrated Marketing Communication Plan

example of integrated marketing communication plan


How to Develop an Integrated Marketing Communication Plan

how to develop an integrated marketing communication plan


This helps the business realize efficient and effective performance of all the strategies used during marketing. This is because the plan prevents the businesses from putting in place divergent marketing plan. This also enhances the access of the information by many customers since not all people use similar channels of accessing information. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!

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