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Lesson plan template acts as your mental check in order to make learning more effective for your students. A well-tailored lesson plan helps you to realize your pedagogic strategies, organize the lessons and attain objectives of each lesson. It also helps to make your students learn exactly what you want them to learn. You can get the young minds engaged with a lesson that is planned to perfection. Check out our sample lesson plan template that gives you a head start for your next lesson.

> Kindergarten Lesson Plan Template


Teaching kindergarten can be challenging. If you love your class, you would want the little minds to unlock the key to reading and math. From creating the phonological awareness to the interesting science experiments with tiny bugs, they love it all. The kindergarten lesson plan sample templates make it more convenient for you to engage your students.[11+ Kindergarten Lesson Plan Templates]

> Common Core Lesson Plan Template


The common core lesson plan is aimed at developing the critical, analytical and problem solving skills in students to help them succeed in life. The common core lesson plan template will assist you to mark the essential details of each lesson. Measure your students’ progress and ensure they are on the right track to success.[9+ Common Core Lesson Plan Templates]

> Toddlers Lesson Plan Template


The gross and fine motor skills development, the object name recognition and the incredible music and movement sessions, everything there is to learn about the small world, after all, gets better when you plan your toddler students’ lessons in advance. A well-structured lesson plan would help in executing the activities in a desirable manner and ensuring that toddlers have fun while they learn.[10+ Toddler Lesson Plan Templates]

> Weekly Lesson Plan Template


A weekly lesson plan template is your SOS button that works as a quick guide on what you need to do throughout the week. You can refer to it any time to confirm on the lessons covered. With sample weekly lesson plan template never miss another lesson scheduled for the week.[10+ Weekly Lesson Plan Templates]

> Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan Template


Get more out of your students with the Madeline hunter lesson plan template. The Madeline hunter lesson plan highlights the seven essential steps (stated objectives, anticipatory set, input modeling, checking understanding, guided practice, independent practice and closure) in planning a lesson and aims at utilizing your teaching assets together with repetition to greatly benefit your students. [6+ Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan Templates]

> Preschool Lesson Plan Template


From developing the social graces to reading CVC words, little explorers have a whole lot of things to discover. Preschool learning involves multiple things to be done during the course of a few hours. To ensure that your little learners don’t miss out on anything, plan each lesson in advance with the sample preschool lesson plan template.[11+ Preschool Lesson Plan Templates]

> Physical Education Lesson Plan Template


Physical education is an equally important aspect of learning and development that helps students refine their cognitive and motor skills. The physical education lesson plan template will help you to focus on the objectives, warm up and cool down activities, equipment needed, presentation/activities in sequence and assessment for each class.[8+ Physical Education Lesson Plan Templates]

> Elementary Lesson Plan Template


The growing minds can’t seem to get enough of everything. Planning your lessons in advance is a useful reference tool that can assist you anytime to affirm or alter your techniques as the case may be. With lesson plans for elementary template, mark out the key features of an engaging lesson.[11+ Elementary Lesson Plan Templates]

> SIOP Lesson Plan Template


You can now focus on the unique needs of English language learners by carefully planning each lesson with the SIOP (sheltered instruction observation protocol) lesson plan. The eight essential elements of the SIOP lesson plan helps you in preparing your lessons to incorporate teaching techniques that can benefit your students.[9+ SIOP Lesson Plan Templates]

> Daily Lesson Plan Template


Your day is never over without taking out time to write up the next day’s schedule. Planning what to teach the following day can be daunting for any teacher. With the daily lesson plan template, learn to focus on the key features that make your lessons stand out.  Daily lesson plan serves as a great resource to other teacher substituting for you.[12+ Daily Lesson Plan Templates]

> Teacher Lesson Plan Template


Lesson plans are life savers for teachers. Whether you are a brand new teacher or an experienced one, a well-structured lesson plan is your life jacket in front of the administration. Teacher lesson plan template will help you to submit your work in an organized way allowing you to strategically highlight the objectives, materials required, activities in sequel order and summary.[9+ Teacher Lesson Plan Templates]

> High School Lesson Plan Template


High school is the phase where your students require effective investigating skills as part of their preparation to the next stage of life. Teachers need to be prepared to deal with this new need. High school lesson plan template helps you with meticulously planning each lesson and techniques that assist students in learning better.[9+ High School Lesson Plan Templates] 

> Music Lesson Plan Template


Teaching music to students is an endearing task. With the sample music lesson plan template outline everything you would need for creating the perfect music session – from the instrument/supplies, to the objectives, duration and important notes.  Prepare the young Mozarts to appreciate music as the soul of life.[8+ Music Lesson Plan Templates]

> Middle School Lesson Plan Template


The transition from elementary to middle school leaves many students clueless in the sea of learning. Guide the young minds in the right direction with the Middle school lesson plan template that makes it easy to deliver the objectives of each lesson in an engaging manner.  And get your students to admire you.[8+ Middle School Lesson Plan Templates]

> Art Lesson Plans Template


Art lessons can sometimes go off track with excited students providing their creative insights in each step of the lesson. A lesson plan can help you focus on the components you might have overlooked. Let the Art Lesson Plans Template assist you to stay focused on the key elements of each lesson while engaging students in informative conversation.[12+ Art Lesson Plan Templates]

> Unit Lesson Plan Template


A unit lesson plan is an important educational tool that can aid the teacher to implement her pedagogic techniques, skills, objectives and activities in an organized manner. Any teacher would agree that figuring out the major aspects of each lesson is vital. Unit Lesson Plan templates assist you to make your lessons flawless[9+ Unit Lesson Plan Templates]

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