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7+ Succession Plan Templates – Word, PDF, Google Docs

Succession planning can be defined as a process in which an organization recruits employees with the thought of developing and filling the required position and roles needed to be filled. This helps in making the organization more effective and also, helps in the understanding of how to work in the most effective way as well. It is a dynamic process, which involves identifying, developing, assessing and improving employee’s talents in an organization.

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Free Succession Planning Template

If you want to put in place a succession plan so that those who come after you have no problems then you need a succession plan that is well written and regularly updated. This helps prevent infighting in any organization when the leader dies or retires. Another added advantage of this template is that you do not have to make one from scratch. All you have to do is download the template, edit and customize it to suit your needs and requirements perfectly. Use this succession planning template today.

Sample Succession Planning Template

Most of the businesses today use plans to outline their plan of action, as they will be of great help and make it easier to run the company. In easier and simpler terms, such plans allow you to develop your employee’s abilities and skills and also, prepare them for future promotions or advancement in the most friendly and improved way. Development plans that are available online can be if great help to you in making the right plan needed. check them out now!

CEO Succession Plan Free Word Template Download

The succession of a CEO is not easy but it is inevitable. For people looking into the future and are in need of a CEO succession plan then this word format file is here for you. This file will help the board in identifying and assessing a potential CEO for the company. Just download, edit and customize as needed for your preferences. Download it now and make it your own by filling it with your information.

Farm Succession Planning Free PDF Template Download

If you are an owner of a farm and you are thinking of putting a succession in motion then this PDF format file is ideal for you. This will give you guidelines for the planning. With retirement on the way, you would like to see the work on your farm going on this file will help you consider the best candidate incorporation with the family. Another added advantage you get by using this template is that it is not justs limited to a computer, but you can also download it on any electronic device with ease. Try it out now!

Board Succession Plan PDF Template Free Download

Planning for a succession of the board is not a small deal. This pdf format file guides the board in the process. It takes a sequence of activities to determine the successor of the board. The document professionally outlines the event to find suitable candidates. The document also suggests that the final decision should be personal for the board.

Nonprofit Succession Planning PDF Template Free Download

In any nonprofit organization, succession is a must. The above-mentioned template is one such file that would be of great help to such organizations, as it helps create a plan for the succession needed. This file gives a series of questions to be filled out. The response of the fill out will give the judgment on the succession. The questions are mainly the key factors associated with succession planning.

Emergency Succession Plan PDF Free Download

If you need to implement an emergency succession plan, then this template that is mentioned above os the right file for you to use. For nonprofit organizations, this document will help bring peace in a time of turmoil. This document suggests planning for the succession of the executive director. The file explains why this is the best practice in nonprofit organizations.


There are many plan templates in Word that can also be of great help to you in making the plan needed. Succession plans have therefore become an important part of most organizations. Effective succession planning helps in high and most of all, quality performances from employees. This leaves your organization prepared to handle any kind of situation that is related to the loss of key employees, expansion, etc.

Succession planning can be defined as a process of identifying and developing new employees/individuals who can replace the old ones and make a mark for themselves in the organization. This way, the entity also has a recognition of itself. This kind of planning increases the availability of experienced and capable employees.

Such plans also help in making the most of these employees and also, recruiting new ones, so that it is easier to fill the positions that are vacant. Succession plans are an important part of HR planning, as they help in understanding whether or not a person will work for the organization. It helps in analyzing the vacancies that are available in any organization, no matter which industry you work for.

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Beautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

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