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What Is a Simple Plan?

Plans cover a lot of usages and play various roles in a lot of aspects such as in the business setting, in the academe, and even in our personal lives. However, one thing in common with it all is that it makes professional and non-professional individuals and organizations commit to specific actions for the future. A simple plan is useful especially to small businesses, short-term projects, and personal action plans.

How to Come Up with an Effective Simple Plan

1. Know What Type of Plan You Want

To make your personal or organizational goals more convenient and attainable, you need to figure out the type of a simple plan that can make it possible for you. There are three major types of plans you can choose from, namely strategic plans, tactical plans, and operation plans. Although these plans are somehow interconnected with each other since operational plans make tactical plans attainable and the latter would make strategic plans achievable.

2. Develop a Suitable Simple Plan for Your Needs

Since what you want to create is a simple plan, you don't have to have to come up with intricate and detail-oriented plans. Whatever your business or personal struggles and needs might require improvement or actions, it is best if you tailor your plans and set up your goals around it. Do not just build a plan for no reason at all and do not just use a plan template as it is especially plans are not a matter of one-size-fits-all.

3. Answer the Basic Wh and H Questions

All basic plans are made in order to accomplish an end goal. In order to make that possible, it must answer the basic wh question which includes who, what, where, when, why, and how. By ensuring these answers are clarified, it will be easier for the assigned or responsible parties to fulfill whatever is written on it. Even if you are only planning to come up with a simple one, failure to answer a single question can already affect the success of your plans.

4. Check and Proofread Before Printing

Whatever your plans are—be it a marketing plan, a proposal, an operation plan, a performance improvement plan, or even as basic as a weekend plan—you must ensure that you have proofread it well in order not to mess up your future actions. Ensuring the quality of the plans you have written is an indicator that you intend to accomplish and attain all of it.

5. Commit and Act on Your Plans

Even if your plans are simple enough to be considered attainable, hindrances and other bumps along the road will always be possible. But with commitment and action, everything is possible. No matter how excellent your plans are and no matter how error-free its contents are, you have to keep in mind that these will all be pointless if you do not act on it. Plans cease to exist without making it a commitment.

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