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Best Blog Templates & Themes

To start off with a successful blog one needs a responsive, SEO friendly Blog Template which is amiable towards customization. For removing monotony these templates showcase multiple layouts and color options which can be availed any time to revamp your blog.

It is absolutely necessary for a blog to have HD picture support and a gallery; some may also require picture thumbnails for content rich areas. But all good blog templates must have a widgetized homepage with social bookmarking options.

The footer columns, the drop down menus and the well formatted threaded comments make for amazing key features of all Blog Templates that stand out in the crowd. Simple Drag and Drop blog building has never been easier. To add sliders and widgets simply copy the relevant code(s) and paste in new HTML gadget.

Add or remove columns, add new extensions for contact forms or membership forms, open discussion forums and much more by starting your blog with these dynamic and rewarding Blog Templates. Along with cross-browser compatibility these also sport file sharing features. They mostly sport a flat design which is ideal for retina display.

They are also Ads ready and instant download ready, which make up for the rest of the amazing features of the latest and the best blog templates.

Fashion Blog Templates

Fashion Bloggers need powerful slideshows with HD image support and video support too. Enrich your content with thumbnail icons of dresses, accessories etc. you can change the look of your blog during each season by simply opting from among the thousands of layout and color options available.

Use these responsive, minimalist templates with flat designs for showcasing your fashion ideas.

fashion blogs

Food & Recipe Blog Templates

A clean theme with minimalist décor is all one needs to starts a Food and Recipe blog. These templates come with ample color choices, ad space and widgetized home page. The layout can support high definition pictures and sometimes even radio/check boxes beside ingredients for the ease of your followers.

foog blogs

Responsive Blog Templates


Fully responsive Blog Templates with modern, minimal styles can be hard to find. These templates have flat designs and unlimited color options in addition to being responsive. Auto Slider, News Ticker and Image galleries are some features that can be found in these templates.

They are also SEO friendly and can have contact forms and threaded comments. These highly customizable Responsive Blog Templates can be used for any type of blogging imaginable.



responsive blog

SEO Blog Templates

Increase your blog traffic by opting for the new SEO Blog Templates which are much more than your regular multi-layout, responsive templates. In addition to being fully equipped with all the HD image slideshows, widgetized homepages, color options, multi-purpose layouts, these templates are optimized SEO friendly which guarantee increased footfall.

seo blog

Baby Fashion Blog Templates

Revolutionize online Baby Fashion by using these completely responsive, SEO friendly and hip blog templates. They support HD pictures which are a must for fashion blogs along with slideshow and sortable gallery options. A content centric blog with multiple color options and cool transition effects make them the smart choice for the smart bloggers.


News Blog Templates Free

Coupled with retina display they can be adapted to show live RSS feeds which can be the USP of your NEWS blog. Abundant ad space along with easily accessible comments sections make these blog templates quite unique. These templates sport a minimal, uncluttered design which makes it easier for the visitors to follow the news.

Also a live search option can be coupled with the basic infrastructure which makes searching for a particular event/ piece of news easier.

news blog

Premium Wedding Blog Templates


The Premium Wedding Blog Templates are breathtaking with their minimal layouts, sober color options and happy look. The galleries are sortable and can support high resolution images. They can send out invitations via email and maintain a list of the invitees for the special occasions.

Now keeping a track of the events till the special day is even easier with the templates and the calendars which can send out notifications for appointments.

wedding blog

Magazine Journal Blog Templates


These templates are ideal for Magazine Journals as they come with pre-designed columns, layouts and fonts which can be readily utilized for creating articles. HD pictures can be used in combination with the articles on the homepage, which bears useful widgets for social networking. The drag and drop page builder templates are also responsive which gives them an addition USP.

journal blog

Travel and Tourism Blog Templates

Create your own itinerary and route and take your followers on an adventure with you. In addition to high definition images of your trip/tour you can add location markers on Google Maps to make it easier for your followers.

Create a travel centric blog from your personal experience by listing down all activities and approximate costs all in one page. These templates also come with interactive designs where your followers can comment on your posts.

travel blog

The best qualities of Magazine styled and Gallery styled blogger templates combine to give you the Gallery Style Blog Templates. They have multiple column options, color options, drop down menus and social bookmarking icons along with completely sortable galleries and HD image SlideShows.

Experience a world of comfort with threaded comments, breadcrumbs and related posts with the new genre of Gallery Style Blog Templates.

gallery blogs

Vintage Style Blog Templates

Choose from the sepia tones or the old wooden hues, your Vintage Style Blog will always be unique without doubt. There are scores of themes to choose from along with myriads of layout options. Couple the minimalist, classic designs with high resolution image display and slideshow and you will have a winner. Needless to say, these templates are responsive and have flat designs.

vintage style blog

Free Blog Templates for BlogSpot


Find the best minimal, crystal clear and super-customizable blog template for BlogSpot without having to look much further. These templates not only have galleries which support HD images, they are also completely responsive. Couple them with maps, check box enabled lists, contact forms and explore the possibilities of the blogging world.


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