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Blog  is one of the most popular blog templates services on the Internet. It has a plethora of features that has a wide range of applications and it is free to boot. Fashion blogging has become an industry to reckon with as more and more ordinary people embrace fashion in everyday life.

Your Fashion Your Way

your fashion your way
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Journey Responsive Blogger Template


Project 10 Blogger Template

project 10 blogger

Casual Affair

casual affair

Fashion Trends

fashion trends

Braxton Responsive Blogger Template

simple snipe

Fashion Street

fashion street

Deposit Photos

deposit photos

Olivia’s Fashion

olivias fashion

The average person also wants to look like a hundred bucks, and looks to fashion blog for help on how to achieve the look of their dreams with easy accessible resources. In such a market, the look of your blog has to be perfect to attract the readership that you want. Every blog caters to a different section of people, and free fashion Blog Templates help you to click with the exact type you want with one glance. Indie fashion blogs could chose something that looks inviting, yet eclectic, just like their own style. Pop colors on a two-tone neutral background are an excellent choice. Blogs who want to capture the high-end fashion market could stick to rich burgundy and purple backgrounds with contrasting bright font colors and an elegant font. More girly blogs could choose delicate shades of pink with sufficient white spaces and similar font colors to dress up their blog. Blogs who like to include a lot of pictures could have a template with Pinterest-style layout to up the visual appeal. Cutting edge fashion blogs could choose templates that have stark contrasts between background and foreground, with functional fonts.

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