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11+ Best Vintage Style Blog Templates & Themes

Blogs are used to express your personal thoughts. It is often very personal, and thus, it goes that your blog should show your personal style as well. Your thoughts belong in a space that reflects your personal style. For lovers of antiquity, there are vintage style Bets Blog Templates that perfectly express this interest perfectly.


vintage blogger template btemplates
Vintage is a minimalist blogging website template that is fully responsive. It is cross browser compatible and comes with customizable sidebars, layouts and a an image gallery with rounded corners.

Vintage Paper

vintage paper blogger template btemplates
Vintage Paper is an unique looking template for blogging websites. It is minimally designed but its intricately drawn background just manages to keep your eyes glued. It comes in a two column layout and right sidebar.

Vintage Romance

vintage romance blogger template btemplates

Vintage Tapestry

vintage tapestry blogger template btemplates copy


vintagestyle blogger template btemplates copy

Vintage Letter

vintage letter blogger template btemplates

Vintage style blog templates lend an old-world charm to your blog, and evoke feelings of nostalgia and romance. Someone who wants to evoke old-world charm, and old money should opt for themes that have rich reds, highlighted portions with yellow light and dark teak wood. Other options would be templates based on vintage clocks, of which there are many. Sepia is an easy way to convert existing templates, and a great way to convert pictures to suit your blog. Curly fonts should be a must, as they evoke vintage handwriting styles. Choose a template that has parchment texture instead of white spaces, and uses undertones of earth colors. Wooden textures also evoke a retro feel, and should be combined with ornate and exquisite brackets inlays. A motif you should look for is musical instruments, especially vintage ones like gramophones, violins and pianos. Cooking blogs could add vintage pots and pans; with gravy stains on the parchment texture that is your writing space. Remember to look into the font, as this will make or break the look you want to achieve. With so many options available, vintage style blog templates are the best blog templates around!

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