28+ Best Gallery Style Blog Templates & Themes

Galleries make for an integral part of any IT software website or blog owing to the utmost photo-readiness and the number of snaps they can store in the database. This justifies the need for certain gallery-style blog post templates which do contribute largely to the overall development of a personal or a professional planner blog. There are blank templates for an image website, art gallery, and more. From light wallpaper WordPress themes to header quotes, incorporating the right template makes every aspect of a gallery layout more attractive.

gallery blog templates

bee gallery blogger template

throne responsive blogger template

grace blogger template


pegasus blogger template

Revoli Boxed

revoli boxed


Deposit Photos

deposit photos




Revoli Fullbox

revoli fullbox

Buy Themes

buy themes


responsive gallery

photo gallery

R3 Masonry

r3 masonry

Snortly Portfolio




X10 Masonry Transparent

x10 masonry transparent

london creative

creative gallery

krystal blogger template

date a live

wilder blogger template


hatsune miku


014 gallery

simple grid responsive blogger template

best gallery blogger with blank image 788xgooyaabitemplates.com


Wallpapers and templates are included whereas certain topmost features like rounded corners and drop-down simple menus make them highly resourceful. With multiple columns and a well-aligned sidebar, these templates do look great and are oriented according to the professional requirements. Certain minimalistic planner templates are also up for grabs which are best suited for the starters. Premium templates are available online which support additional flexibility in the simple form of footer columns. One can easily download the free templates supporting threaded comments and several neutral colors. A simplistic approach can often be a requirement and certain top-class templates do provide the same. Social media widgets and lightbox support are included with some of these photo-ready templates which can be customized based on colors and skins. Assess the requirements well in advance and take your pick amongst the most compatible templates which would place your blog header a cut above the rest.