36+ Beautiful Blogger Templates Download for Free

Are you looking for blog header templates? Blogging is a new way of new media through which a person expresses. It is a popular method and has been adopted by millions of people. It is a trend that has been multiplied with time. There are bloggers for anything and everything on the internet today like food, movies, designs, anime, photography, tattoos, hospitality, music, fashion, etc. if you are looking for templates to enhance the look of your blog or make a new one. Here is the 15+ Beautiful Blogger Magazine Templates download for free. Whether you need a video gallery or professional AdSense/ Google Ads Affiliation, we provide the best options right here. Our samples are even compatible with Bootstrap. You can also see Blogger Mobile Templates.

beautiful blogger templates

Entertainment Magazine Blogger Template

entertainment magazine blogger templateDownload

Creative Magazine Blogger Template

creative magazine blogger templateDownload

Blogger Media Kit Template

blogger media kit templateDownload

Fashion Blogger Business Card Template

fashion blogger business card templateDownload

Magazine Style Blogger Template

magazine style blogger templateDownload

Blogger eBook Template

blogger ebook templateDownload

Sample Magazine Style Blogger Template

sample magazine style blogger templateDownload

Sample Magazine Blogger Template

sample magazine blogger templateDownload

News Magazine Blogger Template

news magazine blogger templateDownload

Modern Magazine Blogger Template

modern magazine blogger templateDownload

Food Blogger Media Kit Template

food blogger media kit templateDownload

Food Blogger Youtube Thumbnail Template

food blogger youtube thumbnail templateDownload

Simple Magazine Blogger Template

simple magazine blogger templateDownload

Blogger Magazine Ads Template

blogger magazine ads templateDownload

Blogger Magazine Template

blogger magazine templateDownload

Blogger Media Kit Template

blogger media kit templateDownload

Blogger Rate Card Template

blogger rate card templateDownload

Blogger Whatsapp Status Template

blogger whatsapp status templateDownload

Minimalist Conversion Free Blogger Template

conversion free blogger template

Conversion Free Blogger Template in Word is a good platform to build blogs. Through this, you can build gadgets, magazines, creative, and all other sorts of blogs. It has got personal pages and drops down menu. It is loaded with features like 3 column footer, 2 columns, etc. makes an excellent blog with this template.

healthdaily blogger template

HealthDay Blogger Templates are best suited for health-related websites. It is easy to edit and make changes. Direct changes can be made using the URLs. it is adapted from WordPress Templates and has got 2 columns, sidebars, responsive designs, bookmark icons from social media, etc. This multi-purpose blog template can be adapted to blogs dealing with business, beauty, fashion, etc.

SEO Optimized Blogger Template ProMag

blogger template promag

Blogger Template in InDesign ProMag is a content-based template. It makes the blog look awesome with a minimalist and elegant theme. The blog can be customized and it is SEO-centric. It is loaded with features like a drop-down menu, fast-loading, mobile-friendly, browser compatibility, responsive, clean layout, etc. click on the link to download this multi-purpose template.

Affiliation Milano Blogger Template

milano blogger template

Milano Blogger Template has a flat design best suited for business portfolio blogs, personal blogs, and magazine templates. The best thing about this blog is that it can relay Instagram images, portfolios, and all other types of pictures. It is an SEO optimized template with 2 columns, sidebars, etc. click to download this beautiful template.

Mobile-Friendly TopGames Best Free Blogger Template

topgames best free blogger template

Top Games Best Free Blogger Template is a multi-purpose template with 3 columns, 3d effect, background patterns, footer columns, responsive, and a lot of other features. This template is best suited to news, kids, and games. It has good options to choose colors. It is adapted from WordPress, click on the link to download this file.

CoolBaby Clean Fashion Business Blogger Templates

coolbaby fashion blogger templates

CoolBaby Fashion Blogger Templates is a stylish template that can be applied to any type of blog. It has got the visual appeal to showcase the content. The simple template is adaptable, multipurpose, and creative with easy functionality. Download this unique CoolBaby Fashion Blogger Templates by clicking on the link below.

Magazine Blush Multipurpose Blogger Template

blush multipurpose blogger template

Here is another Blush Multipurpose Template which has four blog layouts. It has got a simple grid, full grid, and classic grid. It can be integrated into Instagram and all types of other pictures can be put on this template. It is a responsive template that is responsive, free premium, drop-down menu, etc.

Frau Cute Blogger Template Download

frau blogger template download

Frau Blogger Template is a beautiful template that has got a feminine look that looks cute and loaded with features like sidebars, 2 columns, responsive, footer, background patterns, etc.

News Blogger Template – Food Blog

blogger template food blog

Adsense/Google Ads Mag Blogger Template

ad mag blogger template

Photography Counter Blogger Template

counter blogger template

Free Video Music Blogger Template – Boulevard

free blogger template boulevard

Free 3 Column MagtiMate Blogger Template

free magtimate blogger template

Ore no Imouto Free Anime Blogger Template

ore no imouto free blogger template

Neo Mag Free Personal Business Blogger Template

neo mag free blogger template

Simple Blogger Template

simple blogger templateDownload

Professional Blogger Template

professional blogger templateDownload

Bootstrap Blogger Template

bootstrap blogger templateDownload

Aren’t these sample templates simply mind-blowing? These were the 15+ Beautiful Blogger Templates downloaded for free. These templates can be applied to your blog with ease. They can enhance the look of your blog and make your traffic go high on your blog. Choose the best design and spread your creativity. Happy blogging!