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In the last few years, there has been a strikingly growth of tumblr based websites and themes. Tumblr is known for the simplicity it offers in terms of customization and user operability. With minimal effort, tumblr themes can be used for developing and designing web portals in the most amazing way. Tumblr may not be compared to those typical content management systems like WordPress or Joomla. It is basically a system that allows the developer option to easily categorize information in blog format. With Tumblr, the primary focus is constantly on rearranging the content of the blog using CSS and basic HTML coding.

64+ WordPress Themes & Templates - START DOWNLOADING

Portfolio Responsive Tumblr Theme $32

gallery responsive portfolio tumblr theme 32

Mirrorless Tumblr Theme $5

mirrorless tumblr theme 5

Photography Tumblr Theme $29

photography tumblr theme 29

Responsive Portfolio Theme For Tumblr $29

responsive portfolio theme for tumblr 29

Free Bright Day Tumblr Theme

free bright day tumblr theme1

Free Simple Tumblr Theme

free simple tumblr theme1

Gallery Responsive Portfolio Tumblr Theme $32

gallery responsive portfolio tumblr theme 321

Vintage Beauty Tumblr Theme $15

vintage beauty tumblr theme 15

Unlimited Color Tumblr Theme $14

unlimited color tumblr theme 14

Classy Minimal Tumblr Theme $29

classy minimal tumblr theme 29

Free Grid Tumblr Theme

free grid tumblr theme1

Free Single Column Tumblr Theme

free single column tumblr theme1

Personal Tumblr Theme $18

personal tumblr theme 18

Creative Tumblr Theme $14

creative tumblr theme 14

Free Grid Well Tumblr Theme

free grid well tumblr theme1

Free Wallstocker Tumblr Theme

free wallstocker tumblr theme1

Jet Theme For Tumblr $10

jet theme for tumblr 10

Responsive Tumblr Theme $14

responsive tumblr theme 14

Flexible Tumblr Theme $29

flexible tumblr theme 29

Free Beautiful Tumblr Theme

free beautiful tumblr theme1

Free Three Column Layout Tumblr Theme

free three column layout tumblr theme1

Blogging Responsive Tumblr Theme $19

blogging responsive tumblr theme 19

Bootstrap Powered Tumblr Theme $14

bootstrap powered tumblr theme 14

Simple & Clean Responsive Tumblr Theme $29

simple clean responsive tumblr theme 29

Free Magazine Tumblr Theme

free magazine tumblr theme1

Free Premium Tumblr Theme

free premium tumblr theme1

Metropolis Tumblr Theme $19

metropolis tumblr theme 19

Clean & Personal Tumblr Theme $29

clean personal tumblr theme 29

Free One Column Tumblr Theme

free one column tumblr theme1

Free Simplify Tumblr Theme

free simplify tumblr theme1

Magazine Tumblr Theme $49

magazine tumblr theme 49

Free Respective Grid Layout Tumblr Theme

free respective grid layout tumblr theme1

Free Animation Tumblr Theme

free animation tumblr theme1

Creative Tumblr Theme $19

creative tumblr theme 19

Free Modern Grid Tumblr Theme

free modern grid tumblr theme2

Free Minimla Blog Tumblr Theme

free minimla blog tumblr theme1

Responsive Gallery Tumblr Theme $49

responsive gallery tumblr theme 49

Free Ultra Tumblr Theme

free ultra tumblr theme1

Free Rubric Tumblr Theme

free rubric tumblr theme1

Designer Photography Tumblr Theme $14

designer photography tumblr theme 14

Free Sidebar Tumblr Theme

free sidebar tumblr theme1

Free Style Grid Tumblr Theme

free style grid tumblr theme1

Free Portfolio Tumblr Theme

free portfolio tumblr theme1

Free Minimal Tumblr Theme

free minimal tumblr theme1

Free App Blog Tumblr Theme

free app blog tumblr theme1

Free Editorist Infinite scroll Tumblr Theme

free editorist infinite scroll tumblr theme1

Free Responsive Tumblr Theme

free responsive tumblr theme1

Free Footnote One Column Tumblr Theme

free footnote one column tumblr theme2

Free Fullscreen Video Tumblr Theme

free fullscreen video tumblr theme1

Free Inform One Column Tumblr Theme

free inform one column tumblr theme1

Benefits Of Using Tumblr For Business

Tumblr basically offers a blogging platform to businesses. It primarily acts as social media network for people to share and access different kinds of elements in the form of images, audio, video, files, contents, and short write-ups.

  • Helps in boosting the SEO approach: Tumblr based blogs can be accessed directly from web. In this context, Tumblr has a positive edge over Facebook. Here, the content gets perfectly indexed by the search engines that plays crucial role in improvising on the visibility and ranking. Being a Tumblr member, it becomes easy enough to collect the content and then getting it reposted on the social platform without causing any negative repercussions on SEO and web traffic.
  • Customized domain name: For any Tumblr blog, you have the liberty of using customized domain name. You can easily use it for your website or business blog. Ask for more advice and guidelines from your web designing agency.
  • Totally responsive: Tumblr has been perfectly optimized for mobile and tablet devices. Most of the older websites would find it difficult to load on mobile devices. This is where the effectiveness of Tumblr can be experienced. Using Tumblr, you can easily develop blogs that would work perfectly well with mobile devices.
  • Interlinking with Google Analytics: Tumblr blogs can be easily monitored and analyzed using the Google Analytics.
  • Enjoy it for free: Tumblr is available for free. There is not even any initial cost involvement. Enjoy every feature of Tumblr without investing a penny.

Enjoy Submission And RSS Feeds

A very effective feature of Tumblr is that it allows bloggers from other platforms to post submissions into your blog site. In fact, you can find sites that are made entirely of Tumblr submissions.

Easy Customization Feature

With Tumblr, you can easily customize the background color with minimal effort. There are bunch of free cool tumblr themes to make a pick from. In order to get the customization done, you need not have to know the CSS coding part. It is simple enough to change the font color and background using the available themes. Go to the PREFERENCES section under the APPEARANCE tab. Change the settings accordingly.

Final Words

With Tumblr, it becomes easy enough to carry out link blogging. Using Tumblr, it becomes easy enough to put up links along with photos, video, commentary, and other contents. All these elements feeds automatically to the sidebar of the main blog.

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