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When writing a blog, it is important to keep in mind that one must act professionally when doing so. This is because readers or visitors of your site will be depending on you for information and so you should only be featuring relevant and useful information related to the topic of your blog.

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With this in mind, creating, developing, and maintaining a professional-looking website theme can be quite a challenge on its own. When you have to add in content as well, this further increases your overall workload. But what if there is a way to reduce that workload and make it so that your only concern would be to actually write the contents of your blog? With the 20 different professional blogger templates we will be discussing here, you are sure to have an easier time of creating your own blog since  you would not have to worry about designing things from the ground up.

First, what do we mean when we say professional? The term professional is typically used as a means of identifying one’s level of skill, and learning or improving skills through training can take time. While you’re still learning all the skills that will help you become a successful website owner or manager, you can make use of ready-made WordPress blog theme and non-WordPress blog themes that can help inspire you while lightening your workload.

Professional WordPress Theme for Writers


When we hear the word writer, we immediately associate it with a person whose job it is to write about certain topics in the hope of sharing information with other people. But in this case, the word Writer is used as the name of a free WordPress blog theme. This theme, although simple and rather basic in terms of appearance and design, perfectly captures the idea of being a professional writer. Although the appearance of the output is minimal and simple, it actually consists of relevant and useful information and facts that could prove useful for the readers.

Now let us discuss the specs or features of this theme template. The writer is built to be a fully responsive WordPress theme, meaning it is designed to be supported across several platforms, be it a personal computer, smartphone, or even a tablet. It consists of three pre-created layouts that are classic in appearance, too. So if you wish to post a lot of written content, you should consider choosing this particular theme.

Machinist – Professional Industrial WordPress Theme


Machinist is an attractive professional WordPress theme in terms of its appearance and function. This is achieved through the usage or implementation of the drag and drop page builder feature on the template. The drag and drop page builder feature is just as the name implies: it is a feature that would allow you to easily manage and design a site simply by dragging the necessary content directly onto the page you want it to appear in and positioning it according to the design you want to achieve. It also features multiple layout options that can simplify the process of designing your site to showcase your content more effectively.

Machinist also comes with a feature called cherry project which allows you to easily manage and create both video and picture galleries. This theme is also made to be fully responsive to any and all forms of browsing platforms such as laptops, personal computers, etc., so you can reach a greater amount of readers.

Elegant Responsive Blogger Theme

elegant responsive blogger theme

The single objective or goal of the creators of the TechMag theme is the development of a modern-looking and trendy responsive blog template for professional blogs. This is because they believe that bloggers, although often misunderstood and ignored, are still a source of valuable information and can easily become a powerful and effective online community for information sharing.

This professional blog template is made with the use of HTML codes to create a rather basic yet efficient web blog in terms of performance and bandwidth. This is because HTML-based websites are often smaller in size and require fewer system resources to actually run, making them very user-friendly as well as easy to manage for owners or administrators.

Another useful feature this professional blog HTML template has is the custom-built Mega drop-down menu, which allows for the easy designing and positioning of drop-down menus that the site visitors can use to easily navigate the different sections of the website. It also makes use of the bootstrap framework, which is an open source framework that allows for the easy creation of websites through the use of HTML and CSS coding.



This premium WordPress theme for professionals is designed with modern techniques and features such as enhanced responsiveness, which allows users to browse the website from any platform or device.

It also comes with several stunningly elegant layouts with several designs and positions for the headings and sections, which make the site appear larger than it really is while allowing you to add more content in each of your pages. Meanwhile, within the section portions of its layout is a special drag and drop feature that lets you easily add in content and files in each section, making your site appear to have even more content as well as even better graphic designs.

This theme allows even a novice web designer to create or develop beautiful websites that can easily compete with more established websites, making it a must-have web blog theme for anyone creating a site or blog.

WhiteLight – Professional Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme


WhiteLight is a portfolio WordPress theme which is aimed at appealing to professional photographers. It is designed in such a way that even a professional photographer will not need to change the site much aside from the content. This is mainly thanks to the live customizer feature that allows for the editing and managing of the site in real time, letting the user make certain adjustments to the site fairly rapidly.

This theme template features a useful feature called a cherry plugin, which is the name of a special plugin pack that consists of several plugins that are guaranteed to make your site even more efficient in terms of displaying content and loading speed.

It also allows for the custom creation and use of widgets that can serve a variety of purposes, most notably a widget that is capable of linking your site to certain social media platforms to help increase network traffic to your site. 

Lauren – WordPress Theme


Lauren is a WordPress theme dedicated to fashion or anything fashion-related. As you can see from the picture above, the main page is decorated with the images of a rather fashionable person so as to display the purpose of this blog site. This blog site is made in a way to attract professional website makers by means of displaying the variety of features and functions being offered by the site. These features and functions include the following:

  • A decorative banner system that will allow a person to easily create an eye-catching banner.
  • An unlimited theme color option that will allow you to color your site as you want.
  • Several built-in page templates that are professionally made so as to reduce the needed work to complete the construction of the site.
  • Several other pages such as an archive page, category page, and even a landing page, all with specific features and functions of their own.
  • This theme is also WooCommerce-ready, making the creation of an online shop within the site simple with just a click of a button.



JustFit is the best WordPress theme for fitness or physical exercise sites. Aside from the fact that the site’s main page features an image that displays a person training, it also beautifully captures the intensity and effort being done so by the person. In addition, the use of dark colors for the background helps the viewer focus more on the foreground of the image so as to better understand the image and the site’s function.

JustFit is especially useful for those who wish to create a blog pertaining to physical conditioning. Not only will you be getting a professionally designed theme template, you will also be capable of adding in shop features, training tips, and any other additional content to make your blog very informative and user-friendly.

Monstroid2 – Multipurpose WordPress Theme


Monstroid2 is a beautifully designed multipurpose WordPress theme that would make any professional website maker happy. What makes it so special is the fact that this WordPress theme, aside from the obviously stunning graphics being displayed, also lets you access the different functions and features that can make your site more dynamic.

It has a great visual design as well as a variety of headers and footers that would allow the site manager to easily customize it and make it appear like the site was something made by a professional. It also consists of several pre-made page layouts that would allow you to select a layout you desire, further reducing the work of creating your own layout. It is also capable of running a store thanks to its WooCommerce feature that makes the creation of a functional web store a breeze.

For a simple and clean WordPress blog theme, gossip blog appears to be made by a professional solely because of its interior designs and functions. This is a fully adaptive theme template thanks to its ability to support various forms of header styles, custom widgets, image galleries, and much more. As you are probably aware, the basic design for an image gallery is quite boring. But with the ability to support several forms of image galleries, you can spice up your sites gallery, making it more interesting and tempting to visit and view.

NiceBlog is an excellent example of how a simple-looking WordPress theme is actually capable of so many functions and features. This theme really exemplifies the saying about never judging a book by its cover. The most common reaction to this theme would be that it is simple and clean. However, once you start using this theme to create your very own website, you will easily learn that simplicity is indeed best when it comes to the creation of a website.

With its theme customizer tool, you are able to easily adjust the theme of your site from light to dark or dark to light themes, making your site easier on the eyes during specific times of the day.



SociallyViral, although basic in appearance, is a professionally made WordPress theme that aims to create a social media-like web site in the sense that it behaves somewhat similarly to a social media site, with each member of the site contributing to the overall quality of information being shared within it.

This WordPress theme is made to be as fast and as lightweight as possible when it comes to network connection speed. Aside from its lightweight features, it is also packed with features that promote the sharing of the site to social media sites so as to increase the amount of network traffic entering the site.

Adam Stefano – Hair & Makeup Professional WordPress Theme


Fashion is an ever-growing industry and there are hundreds, if not thousands, of sites dedicated to a specific aspect of fashion. One aspect of fashion is hair and makeup, a collective topic that is ever popular due to the constantly changing trends and designs associated with it.

Just like a true fashion site, this WordPress theme is capable of being customized and designed in a variety of ways so as to be able to create a website that is fully functional as well as fully fashionable in appearance. Any aspect of the front page, more commonly called the main page, can be changed from the layout to the color scheme.

Magda Ultra Responsive Personal Blog

ultra responsive personal blog

Magda is built to be a versatile and extremely powerful multipurpose and elegant personal WordPress blog theme that can be used for any blog and by anyone, be it website design professionals or a complete novice. With over a hundred options on how to style the main page as well as any other page, you are capable of creating a site with whatever design you wish it to have; thus making your site more attractive to both you and your target audience.

Magda makes use of the features that allow you to easily customize every aspect of your soon-to-be fully functional web page from the font themes to the widgets and add-ons attached to the web page.



SteadyIncome is a professionally made WordPress theme that is considered to be the ultimate theme template for online marketers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. This is because of the fact that it consists of several features that makes the usage of this template simplify the process of creating a fully functional website.

One example of such a feature would be the powerful subscription tool which, as the name would suggest, easily allows anyone to subscribe to your website, keeping them up-to-date on whatever is happening on the site.

Another useful feature is Ad optimization, wherein ads will be placed in specific areas of the website so as to generate some form of passive income for the site manager.

Hair Care – Professional Salon MotoCMS Ecommerce Template


Hair Care is a professional e-commerce template made to highlight a variety of fashion products easily, thanks to the product showcase feature included in the theme template. Aside from the product showcase feature, another useful feature would be the advanced payment functions that allow several forms of payment to be processed online.

It is also supported across several browser formats, making it easily accessible to anyone using any browser. In addition to its support for several browser formats, it is also made to be fully responsive and accessible on any device platform.

DashBlog – Simple and Clean Personal WordPress Blog Theme


DashBlog is a simple, clean and modern professional blog theme that is ideal for the creation and distribution of stories and news. This theme is completely responsive in the sense that it is able to adjust itself according to the device it is being viewed on. It consists of several features such as over 60 various homepage designs, built-in categorized image gallery, and a variety of custom widgets. It is also capable of supporting the addition of audio, images, and videos onto the site itself without actually causing the site to slow down.

It has a built-in WooCommerce feature that allows for the relatively easy means of creating an online shop to sell your products. It also has a rather large array of of options and functions available within its options panel.

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