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14 Best Classified Joomla Templates & Themes

If you’ve read the newspaper, you should be familiar with the concept of classifieds. Classifieds are a specialized section of the paper where you can put up different kinds of advertisements and notices. For example, if you have a vacancy at the firm you’re working at, you could put up an advertisement for prospective employees. Apart from job opportunities, there are other kinds of notices as well.Templates for your Joomla powered website include designing for advertising pages or else websites for Classifieds. Nowadays, most newspapers are published online and can be read on the go. Even the classifieds section has an online version for your mobiles and desktops. To create that, you could take the help of these amazing theme templates.

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Joom Classified Template-$48

If you want a neat and tidy template for your classifieds page, you can try out this template. Apart from the featured image at the top, the rest of the template has been kept simple and the design has been reduced to a minimum. Also, the different sections of the classified advertisements themes have been broken up into categories like furniture, real estate, jobs, cosmetics, electronics, hotels and so on.

DJ Car Company Classified Template-$54

This template has been specially designed for car companies or car dealerships putting up advertisements in the classifieds page of a newspaper. It is devoid of all excessive design and that makes it look clean and clutter free. Apart from that, you would also be able to make the most of some amazing features like the ones mentioned below-

  • Live demo
  • Fully responsive
  • Compatible with
  • Joomla Supported on mobile devices

Real Estate Classified Template-$48

One of the most common ads on any classified page would have to be that of real estate. There are ads about properties being on sale, properties available on rent and so on. Now if you’re putting up a similar ad in the classifieds page, then you could take the help of this real estate template. You wouldn’t have to do much because the format has already been designed for you.

SJ Live Classified Joomla Template-$48

On any classifieds page of a newspaper, you’ll find hundreds of different kinds of advertisements. Now to distinguish one ad from the other, they need to be placed neatly and in an organized manner. If that’s what you’re looking for, you should take a look at this template. It also comes with some features like-

  • Available in 5 colors
  • JavaScript for your menus
  • Boxed layouts
  • Fully responsive layouts
  • A large number of fonts

JSN Megazine Template-$59

A magazine is different from a newspaper in the sense that it is much more appealing to readers owing to the large glossy images and big catchy headlines. Now classified ads are often put up in magazines too, in order to get more readership. Now if you too have decided to incorporate a classifieds page in your magazine, you could do so with the help of this amazing template.

DJ Real Estate Template-$37.80

Have you decided to put up your property for sell? Or maybe you’re a real estate agent trying to reach out to prospective clients? Then you should take a look at this template. It has been developed specially for real estate purposes. You will be able to edit the details present on the template and include your own. The best part is, you won’t have to go through hassles to customize the template.

JoomAds Classified Template-$48

The best part about this template is that it is really easy to use. All you have to do is download classified template and then include your own ad into it. You can stick to the pattern and format provided in the template itself so that you don’t have to worry about missing out on something. Also, you will be able to use this template for any kind of ad. It could be real estate, it could be about furniture or even something else.

JM Classified Template-$15

This classified theme template captures the essence of a classified ad just perfectly. Such an advertisement should be professional and formal in nature. Also, it should be smartly designed and attractive so that it catches the eyes of prospective customers. This template also divides the numerous kinds of classified ads into three columns to make it easier for you. All you have to do is download it!

The Classified Joomla Club Template

Have you decided to start a website for classified advertisements? Then you should only use the most attractive templates for your theme. And that’s why you cannot afford to miss out on this template. Not only is this template well designed and professional in nature, but also it comes with a range of features like-

  • Social icons integrated
  • 2 different color choices
  • 92 positions for core templates

KISS Advertiser Classified Template

Creating a classifieds ad can take up a lot of time and energy because it has to be absolutely perfect. If you’re not entirely sure of how to proceed, you could seek professional help which would help you get the best ad out there. For that, you can take the help of this template. Along with the template, you’ll be getting lots of cool new features like-

  • Image upload
  • Creating classified ads from the front-end
  • Fully responsive ads

JM Real Estate Classified Template-$15

Real estate is one of the most popular kinds of classified ads. Prospective buyers simply scour through the classified page looking for a property ad that they like. Now if you want these buyers to pick you, you should use an ad that immediately grabs their attention. For that, you could use this template. The brightly colored background certainly adds to the charm and makes it more eye catching. All you have to do is download the template and start customizing it!

JEXTN Classified Template

The best part about this classified ad is that it is well organized. That makes it easier for the people who are going through these ads. If the ads are scattered throughout the page in a haphazard manner, then your users would find it difficult to navigate through that. And you certainly don’t want that, do you? Then you should use this template. Here, all ads have been arranged neatly in the form of a list

JM News Portal Joomla Template-$36.40

If you’re running an online newspaper, then this is the template for you. You can use this template in a number of different kinds of ways. There is a separate section for classifieds which would lead the readers to the section of the paper that deals with ads. Apart from that, you would be able to design your paper just like a real newspaper with tons of interesting news items on the front page.


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