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Best Joomla Themes & Templates

Joomla is an advanced content management system (CMS) that enables users, both novice and experienced, to create stunning websites and powerful web applications with ease. The main advantage of the CMS is that it requires almost no coding experience, yet enables creation of some of the most complex applications in the web. Joomla templates & Themes are the best way to kickstart the design of your site; The Best templates for example online radio joomla templates allow users to simply drag and drop content and customize them to their needs. With hundreds of Joomla 2.5 templates up for grabs, finding one that closely matches your requirements shouldn’t be too hard. Also Joomla responsive templates ensure that the websites can be viewed on mobile platforms as well.

Joomla Shop Templates

joomla shop templatesJoin hands with the most trusted CMS platform and create your very own online shop using the Joomla shop template. Use the inbuilt carousel sliders, gallery view image folders, and the attractive full width banners to market your products and offers. Also the free templates include options such as recommended views, most viewed panel, product catalogue customization and so on too.

Joomla Photography Templates

joomla photography templatesJoomla photography template is an excellent way to present your best clicks with panache. With the inbuilt customization options edit and modify photo gallery views and slideshows, portfolio pages and skins, slider transitions, color effects, frames and so on with ease. Also include instant social integration with the best templates as well.

Joomla Hotel Templates

hotel joomla templatesIt’s time to transform the business potential of your hotel, with a dedicated Joomla website. With hundreds of wonderfully beautiful and functionally power packed Joomla templates for all kind of hotels, ranging from dormitories to the swankiest of resorts, hotel owners have their work cut out! With terrific landing pages, responsive image sliders, single click social posts and social logins, and of course, powerful reservations and customer support modules built right into them, these templates aremust-have for any hotelier.

Joomla Music Templates

joomla music templatesCreate exciting music themed websites using the Joomla music templates. The premiumtemplates allow users to upload and stream live music, display tour calendars, add comments and provide feedback include slideshows, customize image & text modules, upload soundtracks and so on. Also with download you can add exclusive blog pages using the Easyblog options as well.

Joomla Business Templates

joomla business templatesGet ahead of the curve with the Joomla business templates. With the easy-to-use admin panel and the powerful CMS, the best templates allow users to create professional business templates with functions such as live support and chat integration, secure login credentials, separate landing pages for customers and corporates and so on with ease.

Bootstrap Joomla Templates

bootstrap joomla templatesBootstrap Joomla templates offer the combined advantage of flexibility and synchronization. Use the one click options to integrate your social accounts and blog pages with your Joomla site with ease. Also enable features such as social media login, commenting and posting, JQuery forms, personal messenger, and so on as well using the free templates.

Joomla Gaming Templates

joomla gaming templatesDevelop amazing gaming websites with the Joomla gaming templates download. With the tailor made layout, the templates are ideal for showcasing screenshots of games, video walkthroughs, guides, and also text content. With the simple customization options control everything from color gradients, social integration to even the menu layout of the website with ease.

Joomla Restaurant Templates

joomla restaurant templatesElegantly designed, Joomla restaurant templates offer professional design and flexibility. Update and manage catalogues with ease, make changes to rates and upload high definition images right from the admin panel, include full width background slide shows and video advertising, and even include pop out banners and coupons with the premium templates.

Joomla Templates for Accountants

accountantsMake an impact with your customers using the Joomla Templates for accountants. With included functionalities such as form applications, contact and feedback query forms, expanding ad popups, rate table options, customizable font and text managers, easy CMS upload and so on, the best templates offer a complete solution for effective business management.

Joomla News Templates

joomla news templatesJoomla news templates are ideal for both professional news channels and news blogs for instant updating and broadcasting of news. With the powerful admin panel update content simply by drag and drop options, create headline scroll messages, add graphics and image files with a single click, control live feeds and even include instant social media posting with ease.

Joomla Responsive Templates

joomla responsive templatesPremium Joomla responsive templates allow you to create mobile adaptive websites that resize to any screen resolution. The best templates include options such as element size handles, resize and reorientation control, automatic repositioning, selecting scaling options, and even content font and style control. The premium templates also include responsive plugins for special applications.

Joomla Free Templates

joomla free templatesWhether you wish to build a business website or a casual blog site, Joomla free templates can go a long way to help you create them with ease. With inbuilt functionalities such as slider controllers, menu and navigation options, theme customizations, skin changer and so on, the free templates can be readily utilized for creating stunning websites.

Why Choose Joomla CMS

Joomla has been created to help out the newcomers to the web; it eliminates the hassles of installing and activating by offering a simple one click install with most web hosts. Also with its inbuilt extendibility options, a number or advanced functionalities can be added into the CMS with ease, with the help of the plugins. Joomla Website Templates

How to Install Joomla

To install Joomla to the server, you first need to download the Joomla installation package to your hard disk from the website Then unpack the files and upload them to your web host using FTP system; usually your web host itself will provide the service. Then download the MySQl database for Joomla frame work and setup your account so you can access and edit the CMS. Now go to the main domain of your webhost, and you’re ready to setup your first Joomla webpage.

Joomla Tutorials

Typically operating Joomla requires knowledge of installing Joomla into a webhost, logging in and creating a base website using free joomla templates, adding extensions and plugins, and finally backing up and managing the website. With a wide pool of Joomla users, help is abundant on the web; most of it can be found on the Joomla website and discussion forums itself. Joomla is a powerful CMS system that allows complete control and flexibility over web design. And with the numerous free templates available for download, Joomla also serves as the easiest way to kickstart a website.

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