14+ Wedding Joomla Themes & Templates

Wedding Joomla themes and templates are tailored for wedding planners, wedding photographers, caterers, bakers and wedding fashion. They are clean, stylish and come with multiple, free flexible color schemes. The drag and drop editing features can gift you your complete business website in a matter of minutes.You may also check Wedding PrestaShop Themes.

wedding joomla template

ET Bridal Wedding Joomla Template

et bridal wedding joomla templat

Wedding Planner Joomla template

et bridal wedding joomla template

Wedding Event Joomla Template

wedding event joomla template

Wedding Resonsive Event Joomla Template

wedding resonsive event joomla template

Wedding Invitation Couple Celebration Joomla Theme

wedding invitation couple celebration joomla theme

Tasteful Joomla Wedding Template

tasteful joomla wedding template

Bliss Joomla Wedding Template

bliss joomla wedding template

Wedding Responsive Joomla Theme $75

wedding responsive joomla theme
This is a beautiful wedding responsive theme which opens up with amazingly romantic images of the couple followed by details on the wedding, family, ceremony and then a great photo gallery.

Wedding Joomla Theme $53

wedding joomla theme
You are getting a wonderful wedding Joomla theme here which features soft romantic shots of the so-in-love couple. It’s followed by a note on their love story and the proposal, the bride & groom and wedding décor.

Simple Wedding Joomla Theme $20

simple wedding joomla theme
This black & white wedding Joomla theme carries a subtle retro charm where you can include all the prime data about the couple and the wedding such as wedding party, registry and even honeymoon.

Wedding Agency Joomla Template $75

wedding agency joomla template
This wedding agency template is for those wedding planners who are ready to arrange wedding at any venie, be it in countryside or beach or city. It’s a simple, practical and colorful template.

Thanks to its Bootstrap support, this wedding invite template would be displayed smoothly on any device. The polaroid gallery is one of the stellar aspects of this grand romantic template.

Wedding One Page Joomla Theme $22

wedding one page joomla theme
This beautiful one-page wedding theme will enable you to share the details of your wedding as well as that of the pre-wedding events, engagement shots & even your happy love story.

Cream Wedding Cake Joomla Template $75

cream wedding cake joomla template

Wedding Studio Joomla Template $19

wedding studio joomla template

Wedding Dresses Responsive Joomla Theme $75

wedding dresses responsive joomla template

Modern Wedding Joomla Theme $59

modern wedding joomla theme

Wedding Guide Joomla Template $75

wedding guide joomla template

Wedding Responsive Joomla Template $39.9

wedding responsive joomla template

Wedding Planner Responsive Joomla Theme $75

wedding planner responsive joomla template

premium featured wedding joomla theme

Websites developed on this platform have a fully responsive layout and also possess cross OS compatibility.Wedding Joomla themes and templates have strong shortcodes and unlimited module positions. On top of that, most of these templates come with their innate HTML shortcode packages for constructing pricing tables and membership forms. They also offer tons of backend customization configuration options. Download these themes and templates to give your Fashion website a much desired makeover.