6 Joomla Templates for Insurance Agents – A Policy Seller’s Online Market

Many people now resort to looking for all kinds of insurance, such as for their cars, their health, their life, etc. on the internet. This has prompted insurance agents to establish an online presence to provide their services to such customers.

joomla templates for insurance agents

They can use these top best Joomla templates for life insurance and insurance agent service websites to easily set up Bootstrap enabled websites that do not require a lot of technical knowledge of coding.

Sell Insurance Online Easily with these Great Templates

These Joomla templates have some of the best features. You can use them quite easily as they come with a lot of documentation that helps you in setting up the website. Thus anyone can create a site. This is perfect as people like insurance agents do not usually possess coding skills.

If you are selling different kinds of policies, you can use navigational elements like a dropdown menu to easily organize and categorically distribute the content on the site. There is ready SEO integration that makes your site more visible when people conduct Google searches or use other search engines.

Amazing Features that will make Selling Policies Online a Hit

  • These templates come with top scheduling tools like event managers and calendars that help you to remember which customer needs to pay for their policies and when.
  • You can set up an integrated payment gateway that lets your clients dispense with their money and financial information without the risk of getting compromised by threats on the internet.
  • The design is fully customizable, allowing you set things like different background images on pages selling different kinds of policies.

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Insurance Agent Joomla Template – $48

insurance agent joomla template 481 788x

DJ Insurance Joomla Template – $19

dj insurance joomla template 19 788x

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Medical Insurance Joomla Template – $53

medical insurance joomla template 53 788x

Insurance Responsive Joomla Theme – $48

insurance responsive joomla theme 48 788x600