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9+ Professional Joomla Landing Page Templates

Our collection of Joomla landing page template designs are ideal for all kinds of websites which includes commercial as well as blogs. They come with free color packs, module styles and of course a responsive layout.This is one of the very few free vintage themed Joomla template styles with multiple editable features, A floating menu for the ease of navigation, Seamless HTML5 coding with a Bootstrap support, Live search and easy navigation options, Responsive Header and footer sections with sample content. They also come with T3 Framework, RTL Language Layout and K2 component.

Startup Bootstrap Landing Page Template

sample startup bootstrap landing page

Super Clean Drag & Drop Layout Builder Joomla App Landing Page – $48

kane responsive joomla app landing page 788x940
This landing page template comes with a beautiful background with simple navigation steps. It also displays the features of your app/product in an interesting way. It is best suited for all your website requirements, be it commercial or non-commercial requirement.

Premium One Page Real Estate Landing Page Template – $24

joomla real estate landing page1 788x
Here the landing page is out of the world. It has a scenic, attractive background on which a briefing about your company is displayed. There are easily accessible tabs at the top, making it best suitable for real estate agencies.

SaaS App Landing Page Joomla Template – $43

saas app landing page joomla template
As the name suggests, this template has a gorgeous design, is easy to setup and very well documented. This template is perfect for showcasing your app or products in the most stunning way with live search and interesting navigation options.

Here is a professional, organized landing page template just right for you. It has a colorful display and incorporates all the information in the page neatly. It is known for its fluidity, full screen width, color contrast and floating menu.

MiStartApp Responsive Joomla App Landing Page – $39

mistartapp responsive joomla app landing page

Clean and Modern Bootstrap Cafe & Restaurant Landing Joomla Template – $49

cafe restaurant responsive joomla template 788x
This picturesque, eye-catching template will definitely help lure customers. It is 100% responsive, customizable and enriched with many great features. There are various tabs/options for easy navigation as well, making it an excellent landing page template for your business.

Flexible Design SEO Friendly Multipurpose Landing Page Joomla Template – $30

merito multipurpose joomla template 788x580
This template comes with a modern, clean design, gives free updates, is fully responsive and offers 24/7 support. It is basically a multipurpose template that serves as a complete package of all the desired functionalities, perfect for all your business.

Modern Design Responsive Joomla App Landing Page

ja nuevo 788x
Modern Design Responsive template is a perfect combination of creativity and functionality. Though very simple, it offers excellent features and improves the performance of your landing page to a great extent. You must use this template for effective business promotion.

Spectacular User Experience Multi-purpose Landing Page Joomla Template – $39

quark multi purpose joomla template 788x40
The most spectacular, modern and friendly landing page template is here. It offers quick-switch styles wherein you can choose different looks for your website when you want to have new features, visuals and functionality to showcase your products with elegance.

> Conclusion

All our templates are designed by enthusiastic professionals who strive to bring out something new each time. With a variety of color variations, display styles, customizable features and responsiveness, they prove to be the best landing page templates for you.

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