Joomla Shop Templates

Joomla already has a variety of options when it comes to creating and designing your online store. Now get even more out of Joomla with these professional Joomla templates that offer you an enhanced shopping experience and advanced filtering options. These templates feature a responsive design, and an easy-to-use interactive admin GUI. These templates will work on all new versions of Joomla, including 3.4.1, as well as across all mainstream internet browsers.

joomla shop templates

Jewelry Store Joomla Templates

jewellery joomla templates
For a jewellery store, nothing is more important than showcasing your designs to customers so that they can choose. And a responsive Jewry store Joomla template is just the platform you need to sell your jewelry and accessories. Designed with the sentiments of customers in mind, these tastefully designed templates are fully-responsive, feature a drag and drop builder, and come with advanced typography options that allow you to capture your audience.

Furniture Shop Joomla Templates

furniture joomla templates
If you run a furniture business and want to establish yourself on the internet by creating your very own online store, make sure you do it by using these amazing furniture store Joomla templates. You can create your own furniture site by choosing from nearly limitless color and font options that are built into these templates. Use built-in tools like Google Analytics that allow you to keep tabs on your traffic flow in real-time.

Pets Store Joomla Templates

pet store joomla templates
For those businesses that cater to the needs of pets and their owners, it is essential that an online pet shop has the ability to not just display its products and services, but effectively compete for customer’s business via and attractive design and high-functionality. Doing so is made easy with the help of these pet store Joomla templates. Most of these templates come with a responsive design and are well suited for animal care or photography sites.