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Event management is a relatively new field and is a booming industry now. But here’s the catch- you need to have a spectacular website if you want to impress your clients and customers. The event management industry is one that is largely dependent on appearances and the show you put up, literally. If you manage to impress your customers with the website, then that’s good for business.

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If you’ve decided to start an event management company, then that should be your first step. You could always take the help of specialized templates that are found here. Also see Top Joomla Templates.

Conference Event Joomla Template

conference event joomla template

BigEvent Conference WordPress Theme

bigevent conference wordpress theme

Event Management HTML Template

event management html template

Responsive Joomla Event Template

responsive joomla event template

Event Planner Responsive Joomla Template

event planner responsive joomla template50598

Are you an event planner? Then you could always take the help of this event management template. You could download the template and then start editing and customizing the details. You could add some details about your business so as to convince the visitors to hire you for planning their events. You can even make a list of all the kinds of events you usually work on.

Luxury Event Planner Joomla Template

untitled 1 copy

Have you worked in the big leagues which have added quite a few feathers to your hat? Then you could take the help of this template. This has been specially designed for event management companies that are ready to go all out when it comes to planning successful events and parties. You would also be getting the following features-

  • Set up and installation instructions included
  • Functionality: Blog
  • Two columns provided

If you have a successful career as an event planner, then you could advertise your services through this website theme template. It is professional and formal in nature which makes it look all the more attractive. It has been designed smartly which flaunts your capabilities as an event planner. In the event manager template, you will also be able to present details about your business.


eventory aboutus

This is a splendid template for event managers. It looks really interesting with a black background. You would also be able to add client testimonials which can help out the customers who visit your website. The best part is, you will be able to edit and customize the template as you please. You can remove the details in the template and include your own.

Event Manager Template

event manager template

If you’re an event manager, you would have to get your hands on an amazing web theme which you can use to create the perfect website for yourself. Remember, this template would help your business flourish like no other. Also, along with the template you would be getting the following features –

  • Fully responsive
  • 2 columns provided
  • Documentation included
  • Compatible with Joomla 3.5

JA Events

ja events

With an event management website, you’re hoping to reach out to a maximum number of customers, aren’t you? You want them to flock to you and send your sales rates through the roof. Then you need to give them something that immediately appeals to them. This web theme template has a very cool and modern color scheme and an innovative design. Also, all the important sections are on this page including the part where your clients will have to register.

Shaper Event

shaper event

This template just screams a professional work environment which any client and customer would appreciate. It shows how serious you are about your business and how you’re ready to put your best foot forward. To impress all those who visit your page, you can even put up a list of all the famous people who have spoken at your events. That is sure to get their attention!

Events Joomla Template

events joomla template

Do you have a massive event coming up soon? It could be something like a music festival or an important party! The you would be needing all the publicity that you can get. For that, you can use this template. That would be the first thing your customers would be seeing when they visit your website; so if you’re trying to sell tickets, this would be a good way of doing so.

Shaper Vocal

shaper vocal

If you’re running an event management company, you would be needing all the advertisement and publicity you can get. Do you have some large scale events coming up soon? Then you could use this template. Once you download it, you will be able to edit and customize it. You can then add a list of all your upcoming events and even details about it so that your clients can know more about them.



An event management company should be cool and modern. It should be hip and attract the attention of the younger generation. For that, you could always take the help of this template. The warm colors, the vibrant background certainly makes it look all the more attractive. If that doesn’t get your customer’s attention, then nothing will!

JSN Venture

jsn venture

Do you specialize in organizing parties? Then you should take the help this template to advertise your services. You could make a list of all the services you provide and include them in the template. The best part about this template is that it is easy to edit. It also provides some interesting features like-

  • More than 4 columns
  • Well documented
  • Joomla compatible
  • 100% responsive

Joomla Events Template

joomla events template

Event managers are supposed to organize different kinds of events like festivals, parties, conferences and so on and so forth. Now if a customer has approached you for help, you should be able to show your versatility and how you’re capable of handling all kinds of events. With this template, doing that would be exceptionally easy. You can include the different kinds of events you’ve planned in the past and even some testimonials as well.



With the help of this template, you would surely be reaching out to more audiences than ever before. The template has been kept simple and neat which is just what any website should be. It also allows you to edit and customize the template as you wish. You could stick to the pattern given in the template and follow its format while you incorporate your own details in there.


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