35+ Health Joomla Themes & Templates

While speaking about best Health Joomla Templates let us start with the obvious, they are completely responsive, which is of course and optional feature and can be monitored by the admin. They also have room for various extensions which remarkably increase the functionality of the pertaining websites.Extensions for Newsletters, subscription management and price comparators are especially recommended in this regard. Not to mention, the top Joomla healthcare templates are both cross-browser compatible as well as extension compatible. You can also see Health WordPress Themes.

Joomla 3 Template for Medical Service – $75

joomla 3 template for medical service

This template supports Joomla compatibility in the range between 3.0.x – 3.4.x. It features advanced navigation, alternative module layouts, and advanced commenting system. It also comes with unique animated portfolio with filtered effects.

Health Joomla Website Template – $75

health joomla website template

Hypnosis therapy Joomla template introduces new colours to healthcare websites. It improves the appearance and functionality of a medical healthcare website by including animated filterable portfolio, advanced navigation pane, and Kommento comments extension.

Responsive Joomla Template for Healthcare – $48

responsive joomla template for healthcare

Healthcare+ is a responsive Joomla template for healthcare web portals. This premium template is developed with Bootstrap 3 for Joomla and comes loaded with 65 predefined modules positions and 16 pre-installed extensions.

Joomla Responsive Template for Medical -$75

Medical Responsive Joomla Template

This theme, built with Joomla 3.3.6 engine offers a unique lazy load effect. This template is perfect for medical websites and features a highly advanced commenting system using Kommento extension, and easy installation.

Hospitals and Clinics Joomla Template Free Download

hospitals and clinics joomla template free download

This is a fine responsive template ideal for hospital and medical websites. It is developed using the Joomla Bootstrap 3 framework. It supports K2 Joomla Component and comes loaded with unique features like Layout Configuration tool and RTL language support.

Responsive Medical Joomla Template – $48

responsive medical joomla template

Best Healthcare Joomla Templates -$75

best healthcare joomla templates

Medical Joomla-3X Template – $43

medical joomla 3x template

Professional Joomla Health Care Templates – $75

professional joomla health care templates

Joomla Magazine Template for Health – $37

joomla magazine template for health

Premium & Responsive Joomla Template for Plastic Surgery – $75

premium responsive joomla template for plastic surgery

Joomla Free Template

joomla free template

Responsive Medical Joomla Template – $75

responsive medical joomla template download

Medical & Health Joomla Responsive Template

medical health joomla responsive template

Best Fitness Joomla Template – $48

best fitness joomla template

Joomla Website Template for Medical – $75

joomla website template for medical

Premium Joomla Template for Medical – $75

premium joomla template for medical

Responsive Dentistry Joomla Template – $75

responsive dentistry joomla template

Bootstrap Joomla Template for Health & Beauty Salon – $48

bootstrap joomla template for health beauty salon

Best Medical Joomla Template – $75

best medical joomla template

Ultimate Responsive Joomla Template for Medical – $75

ultimate responsive joomla template for medical

Responsive Joomla Template for Health & Beauty – $48

responsive joomla template for health beauty

Medical Joomla Template – $67

medical joomla template

Responsive Joomla Template for Health – $39

responsive joomla template for health

Medical Responsive Joomla Theme – $55

medical responsive joomla theme

Best Medical Joomla WebsiteTemplate – $67

best medical joomla websitetemplate

Health Care Joomla Template Premium Download – $45

responsive healthcare joomla template

Responsive Healthcare Joomla Template – $75

responsive healthcare joomla template1

Dentist Website Template – $75

dentist website template

Dentist Joomla Template

dentist joomla template

Dentist Joomla Template Download

dentist joomla template download

Home Health Care Services Joomla Template

home health care services joomla template

Medical Responsive Joomla Template

medical responsive joomla template

Dental Health and Care Joomla Template

dental health and care joomla template

There are several Joomla themes for Joomla free templates which can be downloaded without any hassle. The templates come in both free sample as well as premium versions which pack all the premium features in one package. They can have over 60 module positions, pre-included extensions, quickstart options and backup options. Other than these there are a few other perks of using Joomla health source templates. Look Out Health PSD Themes.

  • 1.Contact form components are ubiquitous to every premium template
  • 2.Image scrollers and gallery options are plenty
  • 3.Social networking widgets can be included at desired positions of the software
  • 4.Price tables and isotope effects along with pre-installed themes like rocket theme and ice free Joomla themes are also found.

In addition to that, the flexible coding allows certain changes which allow these downloadable Health Joomla templates to be used as both commercial websites as well as blogging websites. They can be trusted upon to support the best Joomla content extensions like the K2 component, Bootstrap 3 framework and RTL Language Layouts. The powerful T3 Framework allows inclusion of bonus pages and color schemes which help in making your Health website beautiful and unique.

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