10+ News Joomla Blog Themes & Templates

You always look for ways and means through which you can gather news which you can use, don’t you? Then what better if you have a set of best joomla templates which have the ability to provide a platform to showcase news in your way as you want or wish for. With top Joomla news template, you can easily achieve that with mere clicks of a mouse.


Yes, you heard it right and it is extremely innovative and at the same time fascinating since these free joomla templates will take you to a different world of showcasing news without compromising on the quality. You can add dynamic images into the home page of your news website with the help of best Joomla news templates and bring about a change in how news should be delivered in the most innovative way.

Responsive Financial News Joomla Blog Theme $48

responsive financial news joomla blog theme

General News Joomla Blog Template $43

general news joomla template

Premium News Joomla Blog Template $30

premium news joomla blog template 30

Free Responsive News Joomla Blog Template

free responsive news joomla blog template

Best News Joomla Blog Template $59

best news joomla blog template

Fully Responsive News Joomla Blog Template

fully responsive news joomla blog template

Amazing News Joomla Blog Template

amazing news joomla blog template

Blog & Magazine Joomla Template

blog magazine joomla template

Technology News Joomla Blog Template $48

technology news joomla blog template

Simple News Joomla Blog Template $59

simple news joomla blog template

Unique News Joomla Blog Template

unique news joomla blog template

You can also add weather updates to your website and these updates will change every minute so that people can have the latest information after they log into your website. The premium version of these joomla themes can found online. The trial version is a freeware and you can get that easily by doing a search on Google. Some of the best news templates you can ever think of.