20+ Best Business Joomla Templates & Themes


The Joomla business templates offer a perfect representation for your business and are specifically designed to give you opportunities to showcase your professionalism. A following are a list of the best templates to help you lead a successful business. They have high tech assets and all features of modern sites.

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Corporate Business Responsive Joomla Template

corporate business responsive joomla template


Joomla Construction Business Theme

joomla construction business theme



A clean responsive Joomla template whose neat structure brings the focus to your business. Embedded with Jomsocial for a ready social network, and Joomla Quick Start packages for quick introduction of content. Benefit from font control, flexible layouts and a range of other incredible features.



A professional responsive template with a streamlined layout that is suited for business. Build with many powerful extensions like the YJ Module Engine and K2owerful Helix Framework and more, these are very beneficial to create an image for your business.

JA Zite


Wonderful template for business that includes features like a JA Social feed plugin and enables people to import feeds from popular social sites. With JA Zite, you get bonus pages and it is very easy to fill content.

Business Joomla Theme


A responsive template with a theme that is concerned with exciting visuals and rich show of content. You can enhance your business on this site.

Joomla Template for Business


An integrated framework and the ability to characterize the aspects to your liking. The hint of color breaks the monotony, and the large slider definitely attracts eyes.

Best Business Joomla Template


Great visual impact with a modern and innovative vibe. Use this site if you want your business site to be associated with inventive, high-tech and exceptional business practices. The mix of black and yellow creates quite an effect.

Abana – Responsive Business Joomla Template

abana responsive business joomla template

Great intensive visuals and layout for an energetic look that speak for your professionals. Supports customization for background, fonts and more, and adding details is so simple.



Basic but effective, it will attract clients who appreciate your content rather than all the fancy things you can display. However, it is modernized with many trending elements like catchy typography, customizable framework and social API.

Financial Business


Reach your goals with this smooth yet simple template that is fitted with all features to create a recognizable business presense. This theme includes a remarkable range of high-tech extensions, so you can completely interact with your clients and audience.

Fontaine – Responsive Business Joomla Template

fontaine responsive business joomla template

It promises a very flexible template and insured with the latest modern tools for simple customization. Create a number of layouts and designs with the site’s amazing customization abilities. Over 50+ module positions are available for configuration so you have the freedom to choose.

Asongkem-Premium Joomla Template


It is an enhanced Joomla template that comes with exciting color theme variations and unlimited background color. Installing content is easy and is emphasized in thrilling new ways, through animation styles, fun image uploads etc. Plenty of additions are inbuilt to meet the competition in the market, and the loading and customization facilities are top-notch.



Here’s a clean, minimalistic template that allows users complete flexibility over all aspects, but also includes a number of colors that maintains the relaxed vibe. It has a lot of variety of tools to minimize the effort users have to take to customize a site. You don’t have to plan for much as everything is already inbuilt into the theme.

JSN Epic


Artfully designed with color and character to a more people-oriented setting for your business, JSN Epic is a winner all the way. Color variations, interesting typography and other varied customization tools enable you to telegraph the vision and profile of your business. With JSN ImageShow, show fascinating aspects of your business. You can have a lot of fun with the JSN PowerAdmin, managing all the different components of your theme.

Prime Business


A premium quality template with a good framework, and distinct type of style. It is not overtly flashy, neither too subtle, the perfect combination emits a professional radiance. The presense of icons and categories on the landing page, informs users of what your business offers.

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