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14+ Restaurant Identity Card Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

Restaurant branding is not only about creating coordinated menu cards and printed adverts. Restaurants can also incorporate unique restaurant branding elements through their waitstaff uniforms and identification cards. And to help restaurateurs establish their restaurant’s unique branding image, we have compiled fifteen examples of downloadable identity card templates below. Check them out!

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Catering Service Identity Card Template

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Different Restaurant Identity Card Templates

Listed below are different kinds of restaurant identity card templates that any restaurant owner can download and customize for their own restaurants. Browse over them and make sure to select the best one that you feel suits your general restaurant business well.

Black Coffee Restaurant Identity Card Template

First on this collection of identity card templates is the Black Coffee Restaurant Identity Card Template shown below. Choose this card template if you are operating a coffee shop, tea shop, or even a wine bar.

This identity card template has a black background color with golden accents. This card template will also go well with restaurants that follow a black uniform color. As an added graphic design element, you may also include coffee bean patterns and other food icons to make the card template design more attention-grabbing.

Black Restaurant Identity Card Template

Choose the Black Restaurant Identity Card Template featured above if you want another elegant identity card template design that also sports a black background color. What sets this card template apart is that you can use another restaurant logo design. This way, your restaurant’s ID card will be more personalized and adhere to your business’ image.

Brown Restaurant Identity Card Template

The Brown Restaurant Identity Card Template featured above is another variation of the Black Restaurant Identity Card Template featured earlier. The main difference is that this template follows a brown background color with coffee bean patterns printed all over the ID card front page. There is also a portion to insert an employee photo and your restaurant’s own company logo. If you have not yet crafted a logo for your restaurant business, check out this article on how to create a company logo design.

Choose this ID card template design if you are operating a coffee shop, a local bistro, a pub, or even a retro-themed restaurant.

Cafe Restaurant Discount and Identity Template

Not all restaurant identity cards have to include personal identifiable information like employee photo and name. Restaurant identity cards just like the Cafe Restaurant Discount and Identity Template featured above are ID cards that customers can use to enjoy restaurant discounts and other privileges and used as a restaurant membership card.

If you intend to use your restaurant identity cards as customer loyalty cards, make sure to choose a well-designed card template. This way, the card design can attract customer’s attention and perhaps also help increase customer engagement.

Clean Restaurant Identity Card Template

Cleanliness is often a mark of a good restaurant. And if you want to show the same clean environment in your restaurant stationery design, you will surely like the Clean Restaurant Identity Card Template shown above. This ID card template design includes mainly has a white background design with a small portion of a patterned background image. You may also add your own logo and emblem design on the topmost portion of the ID card template.

When printing out this restaurant card template, make sure that you use good quality laminate or PVC cards. This ensures that the ID card lasts longer and will withstand the test of time.

Editable Restaurant Identity Card Template

The Editable Restaurant Identity Card Template featured above follows a minimalist design theme. Choose this ID card template for your restaurant if you have a modern and trendy dining establishment. With this ID card template, you should make sure that you include an original photo of your restaurant. This allows you to personalize the ID card while making sure that brand recognizability is increased.

Elegant Restaurant Identity Card Template

Choose the Elegant Restaurant Identity Card Template shown above if you prefer to have an ID card design that exudes professionalism and subtle mystery. This ID card template is perfect for modern fine dining restaurants. To create a more distinctive restaurant ID card design, make sure that you use matching golden textures for the card template’s accents. You may also like creative restaurant business card templates

Tip: After printing out this ID card template, it is best to pair it with a color-coordinated ID sling or ID holder. This way, the whole ID card will stand out when it is worn by your restaurant employees.

Geometric Circles Restaurant Identity Card Template

If you are operating a family friendly restaurant or a dining establishment that caters to a younger audience, try out the Geometric Circles Restaurant Identity Card Template shown below. As its name suggests, this ID card template features prominent colorful geometric shapes that can easily be edited to match your restaurant’s image. When using this card template, do not forget to add your own business logo design to help distinguish your restaurant business from other businesses.

Tip: Print out this ID card template on thick laminate cards so that it becomes more durable.

Orange Restaurant Identity Card Template

Guidelines for Creating Restaurant Identity Cards

Identity cards are used to distinguish a person from others. In other cases, ID cards can also be used to permit a person’s access to a certain place, person, or event. They are commonly used in schools, government offices, offices, and other places of work. You may also see restaurant invitation cards

For those who are running a restaurant business, restaurant identity cards are used to distinguish and identify its employees. In this case, restaurant identity cards work just like regular identification cards. These cards also allow customers to identify the restaurant staff from other people.

To create a good restaurant identity card that fits your restaurant’s image well, here are a few guidelines that you can take.

1. Determine your Restaurant Image or Vision

The most important part of selecting a restaurant identity card template is making sure that the ID card template suits your restaurant’s image or the impression you want to create for your customers. Your restaurant’s image can depend on the type of restaurant you are opening, the type of food you serve, the market type you serve, and the economic future you want for your business.

Once you have determined all these things, choosing a restaurant ID card template design will be easier since you will know what design aesthetic you are aiming for. To illustrate, if you are opening a fine dining restaurant, it will be better to choose an ID card design that sports an elegant restaurant template theme.

2. Choose an Editable Pre-Made Restaurant ID Card Template

After deciding on a restaurant ID card template design, you should next decide whether you are going to create an identity card template from scratch or you will be using a pre-made restaurant card template. If you follow the latter option, choose a card template that can be easily edited or customized.

Most identity card templates are available as EPS or PSD templates. This means that the ID cards can easily be edited as long as you have Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator installed on your computer. Having an editable restaurant ID card template also means that you have all the creative freedom to transform the template into something truly original for your restaurant.

3. Customize and Enter your Restaurant Business Details into the Template

After making sure that you have chosen a customizable ID card template, the next step is to make sure that you make the necessary changes to the template and add your restaurant’s business information. Pieces of information that you can add to a restaurant identity card template are your restaurant name, restaurant logo, employee ID picture, and employee name.

4. Add Restaurant Branding Elements

In addition, if you want to further emphasize your restaurant’s unique branding identity into your ID card template, you may use restaurant food icons, background textures, and specific font styles that will complement your restaurant’s brand.

5. Choose a Good Printer

Another important step when creating a good restaurant ID card is that you choose a good printer. In most cases, company ID cards are printed using commercial grade ID printers to get high-quality prints. If you want the same results for your restaurant’s identity card, make sure to contract the services of a professional print shop ahead of time. For those who are operating restaurants with many employees, it may be best to invest in a commercial grade printer and laminator. This will allow your business to save on company printing costs.

Pasta Restaurant Identity Card Template

Restaurant Coffee Identity Card Template

Restaurant Corporate Identity Menu Card Template

Simple Restaurant Identity Card Template

Wine Restaurant Identity Card Template

Have you chosen an identity card template design for your restaurant?

The collection of restaurant identity card templates featured above is only the tip of the iceberg for different ID card template choices available for restaurateurs. If you do not find a card template design on this list that suits your needs, feel free to search through this site. Choose the restaurant ID card template that you feel will best compliment your own restaurant and one that will further help increase your brand’s presence.

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