15+ Black Backgrounds – Free JPEG, PNG, Format Download!

Black has always amazed with its timeless mystique aura and hence has been an eternal favorite for the backgrounds. Despite its dark quotient, black symbolizes elegance, power and style. Whether you are looking for a background for your website or blog or social media page or invitation cards- black can be a really stylish choice. There are black smartphone backgrounds and black backgrounds for desktops or laptops as well.

black backgrounds

Black Colorful Square Background Download

black colorful square background download

Embroidery Black Background for Invitations

embroidery black background for invitations

Black Rounded Tunnels Background for Desktop

black rounded tunnels background for desktop

Dark Red Heart Black Wallpaper Background

dark red heart black wallpaper background

Black Shining Wallpaper Background

black shining wallpaper background

Light in a Black Background

light in a black background

One of the main reasons why black background is preferred in the digital scene is its enormous potential to create amazing contrast. You can pair it up with almost any color, be it light or bold- and you will have a jaw-dropping contrast waiting for you. Almost all shades come up more luminous while paired against black backdrop. Black assures a certain kind of unmatched magic keeping the viewer glued to the screen. There are free download black background templates today to help you with easy pre-structured black backdrops.

Smoke Black Background for Laptop

smoke black background for laptop

Butterfly & Tiger Eyes Black Background

butterfly tiger eyes black background

Music Small & Big Circles Black Phone Background

music small big circles black phone background

Apophysis Shades Black Background Download

apophysis shades black background download

> Types of Black Backgrounds

Black backgrounds are available in a broad range of style and patterns to choose as per your tastes and needs. There are simple plain black backgrounds for those who need a minimalist yet classy background for a good amount of text. Then, there are black backgrounds with textures like fabric effects, smoke effect, floral effect and so on. If stark black is boring for you, there are cool dark backgrounds with pop of colors here and there for a striking contrast vista.

Full Moon Dark Night Background

full moon dark night background

Abstract Black Eyes Designed Background

abstract black eyes designed background

Then, you have abstract black backgrounds with different geometrical shapes or Gothic effect. Black backgrounds with silhouette of an animal are also popular. You will even find black backgrounds with hints of white. For those extremely tech-savvy, the 3D black backgrounds templates would be truly appealing.

Graffiti Black Background Download

graffiti black background download

Colorful 4 Square Black Background

colorfull 4 square black background

Beauty with Skull Candy Headset Background

beauty with skullcandy headset background

> Why choose black background templates

It takes a lot of effort and time to create beautiful textures on black background. Not all have that time or designing know-how and hence black background templates PSD are always a wiser option. In this case, you will have amazing readymade black backgrounds in varied textures, patterns and themes designed by expert designers so that you can use them in a snap. Some of them are completely modifiable enabling you to fill them up with your text. In simple words, dark background templates are a great time and energy saver for you.

> Tips to use black backgrounds

  • Your black background should match your overall personality and theme of your website or social media page
  • If you are using Twitter black background or for any other social media page, make sure it fits the required cover picture dimension.
  • Use HD black backgrounds for a high definition visual
  • Stick to maximum 2-3 color schemes with black background
  • Black is already a heavy color so don’t stuff the background with too much of text
  • Make sure the text and icons on black dark background are clearly visible
  • Use black background template

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