16+ Free Stationery Designs


Stationery helps organizations and businesses in creating a good impression among other executives and companies they are dealing with. It also allows them to create a distinctive brand of themselves and market their name on promotions without incurring extra expenses. The following are some samples of fabulous Stationery which you can see and check for yourself. Also, check our stationery mockup collection.

Stationery Mockups

Wood Stationery


This is a complete set of a black and white wood stationery. This is perfect for executives and professionals in response to their specific needs of uniform envelopes, cards and other office materials.

Professional Stationery


The combined shades of blue is the distinctive feature of this design, and it can be printed on envelopes, calling cards, and other correspondences. This is perfect for telecommunication companies.

Flat Stationery


The flat design showcases two different shades of blue and orange, and is ideal for stamping on covers, calling cards and diaries. This is perfect for sales and marketing specialists.

Branding Stationery Mockup


Marked by the presence of two triangles, this design is best seen on surfaces of envelopes, letters and mugs. The design is perfect for advertising companies.

Black and Gold Stationery


The design comes in black and gold colors making it more ideal to color minimalists. Logos and brands are colored in gold making them more emphasized. This is awesome for CEOs and Managers.

Realistic Stationery PSD Mockup


The red-colored template is impressively splendid for being classy. This is applicable for use on envelopes, cards and letterheads. This is perfect for marketing executives for their daily branding.

Classic Stationery


This rectangular-shape design of black fonts is superb when applied on white- and brown-colored surfaces like papers, envelopes and bags. This is perfect for advertising businesses.

Corporate Stationery PSD Mockup


Tinted with no other colors other than black, this template is enticing for its elegant look. Users are given option to enhance the look by adding more features. Checkout more PSD mockups here.

Free Stationery Mockup


The encircled design is downloadable free of charge for you to try posting them on your letters, envelopes and cards. This is of great use for businesses of all sorts.

The design showcases the never-ending perfect combination of black and white colors, and is perfect for application on letters, envelopes and cards. They are perfect for executives and professionals in all fields.

Stationery Identity Mockup


Well coordination of white, black and pink is the notable concept of this design. Users can customize the design by adding their own logo. They best fit for sophisticated professionals.

Business Stationery

Modern Business Stationery Template


The intertwined diamonds of various colors are the noticeable part of the concept It is applicable on papers, envelopes, and mugs, and is perfect for sales and marketing executives.


Printable Business Stationery Design


The blue-and-orange concept with a distinctive margin line along it is one fabulous design appropriate for letterheads and calling cards, and is easily-printable. They best for marketers and advertisers requiring bulks of letterheads and calling cards daily.

Simple Business Stationery


The love design of green color and is further intensified by green leaves is simple yet elegant in nature. They are best seen on surfaces of papers and envelopes, and the set is perfect for business use.

Blank Business Stationery Template


Two intertwining studs of blue and pink colors set this concept apart from the rest. The design can be improved further upon the addition of a customized company name. This is ideal for all kinds of businesses.

Blue Business Stationery


Blue lovers are going to love this one. The template is specially designed to have the shade of blue only but still looks best upon use on papers, covers, notebooks, bookmarks, and what’s not. Anybody in the business world can make use of the design.

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