White Backgrounds – 27+ PSD Background Designs

Website or presentation backgrounds can be downloaded for free or can be paid for if necessary. White as a color encapsulates all the other existing colors. And that’s how white backgrounds bring forth an aura that is typically unique and subdued, yet emphasizes the content even more. But if all the backgrounds get extensively white, then the charm gets lost somewhere between.

A little floral design on the white base looks sharper yet soothing and makes the audience comfortable. There lies the necessity of white background images with designs. But pure white can also act as the determinant of the elegance of your website; it’s a color whose repetition doesn’t bore the audience the least.

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Desktopography Background

Abstract White Background with Smooth Lines

  • abstract white background with smooth lines

Seamless White Brick Textures

  • seamless white brick textures

Folded White Paper Isolate on White

  • folded white paper isolate on white

White Backgrounds

  • 21 white backgrounds

Ubuntu White Wallpaper Collection

  • ubuntu white wallpaper collection

Abstract Background of White Light

  • abstract background of white light

Clean White Polygon Backgrounds

  • clean white polygon backgrounds

Glass on White Background

  • glass on white background

White Backdrop in Room With Grey Paint on Wall

  • white backdrop in room with grey paint on wall

White Room Background

  • white room background

12 White Backgrounds

  • 12 white backgrounds 1920x1200

White brick wall

  • white brick wall

46 White Backgrounds Bundle

  • 46 white backgrounds bundle

Custom Box Background White

  • custom box background white

Abstract White Background

  • abstract black and white background

White Background

  • white background

White Grey Abstract Perspective Background

  • white grey abstract perspective background

White On White Theme

  • white on white theme

White Wall Backgrounds Wood Texture

  • white wall backgrounds wood texture

White Backgrounds

  • white backgrounds

White Ribbon Abstract Background

  • white ribbon abstract background

Running Shower White Background

  • running shower white background

Simple White Backgrounds

  • white backgrounds 9990293

Background Sweet Little Kisses

  • background sweetlittlekisses

Curl White Abstract Background

  • curl white abstract background

Music White Background

  • 2008 white background

Vector Triangle Modern White Abstract Background

  • stock vector triangle modern white abstract background1

Tileable White Background Pack

  • tileable white background pack

And Here are Some Other Fields Where the White Backgrounds Can be Applied On

White backgrounds for websites are a very common requirement for most of the web-designers. White backgrounds soothe the eyes and make it comfortable for the audience. White backgrounds in your presentations make the content legible and tidy. If the homepage of your website uses a white background, it attracts the audience right away.( plain white background,white background image )

Essentiality of White Backgrounds for Pictures

HD white backgrounds are superb for wallpapers. The presence of white illuminate the screen more and the screen looks even bigger if a certain extent of white is used. White backgrounds for Photoshop is another attribution to this era. The shades of white also play an important role over here which ranges from Snow White to Ghost White.


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