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red pizza restaurant takeaway flyer template

Need a creative yet cost-effective way to boost your restaurant’s sales? If yes, look into starting a takeaway food service for your dining establishment. A takeaway food service allows restaurateurs to have another income stream in addition to the profits earned from diners at the restaurant’s venue location.

In this article, we provide different examples of restaurant takeaway flyer templates that any restaurateur can use for promoting their takeaway food service. Comprehensive information on how takeaway flyers can help your restaurant business and how to choose a restaurant takeaway flyer template design are included in this article as well, so keep reading.

Why should you use restaurant takeaway flyers?

For those restaurateurs who are still on the fence about whether or not to use flyer advertising for their restaurants or not, here are a few key reasons that may help sway you into using them.

1. To advertise restaurant business

Printable flyers are primarily a form of restaurant advertising. What is great about them is that they are a relatively cost-effective alternative to using billboard and TV advertisements. Also, printed restaurant takeaway menu can be printed using affordable paper. Restaurateurs need not use thick cardstock for them. This also means that they can create multiple copies of the takeaway flyer templates without having to decrease the quality of the flyer template design.

2. To save money on advertising

As mentioned earlier, there are different types of print and non-print advertising models for restaurant businesses. Each of these options has its own advantages and disadvantages. And the oft-considered advantage when choosing restaurant takeaway flyers is the cost. Flyer advertising costs less than creating a banner and billboard mock-up.

New restaurateurs or those operating small-scale dining establishments will benefit from the low cost of flyer advertising, especially if they do not have enough simple marketing funds but are still looking for ways to promote their respective businesses.

3. To attract more customers

One main function of printable flyers is that they can be used to attract potential diners to your restaurant. This is a good business strategy to follow if you are looking to expand your business or if you are just starting out. More customers will also often lead to more earnings—a positive situation for restaurateurs.

4. To serve current customers better

For those who already own a restaurant, you can use your restaurant takeaway flyers to better serve your current customers. By having a takeaway flyer, you are telling your customers that you have a takeaway menu service in place. Customers then have the option to dine at your restaurant or request for food to be wrapped and eaten at their respective houses.

Having a takeaway food service also gives restaurants more room for in-house diners while making sure that most of the customers who enter the dining establishment are entertained. And when this business strategy is implemented well, it can help decrease customer dissatisfaction over long wait times and increased serving times.

5. To increase profit

If your main goal of advertising your restaurant is to boost sales, then you are on the right track. Restaurant flyers allow you to create eye-catching print advertising materials that will surely get to your intended market (especially if you are giving them away personally). Remember, people are easily drawn to things, objects, other people, or events that appear authentic. That is why you should make sure that your restaurant takeaway flyers are well-designed with good graphic design elements and equally provoking copy. When all these are done well in addition to offering genuinely delicious restaurant food, you will begin to see an increase in your restaurant’s profits.

All the different advantages of using takeaway flyers for your restaurant may not always be applicable to the specific restaurant business you are running now. But, still, keep them in mind as you may only see their application in a later part of your restaurant business plan.

Take conscious notes of these benefits and weigh their influences in your mind carefully. This way, you can create a more informed decision when starting out a takeaway menu service for your own restaurant.

What follows are 15 eye-catching restaurant takeaway flyer templates. All of these templates are fully downloadable and can be edited using either Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign.

A5 American Diner Takeaway Flyer Template


Coffee Resto Takeaway Flyer Template


Burger Restaurant Takeaway Flyer Template


Clean Elegant Restaurant Takeaway Flyer Template


Chinese Restaurant Takeaway Flyer Template


Elegant Restaurant Takeaway Flyer Template


Grunge Vintage Sandwich Shop Takeaway Flyer Template


Indian Restaurant Takeaway Flyer Template


Editable Burger Takeaway Flyer Template


Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar Takeaway Template


Minimalist Take-out Menu Flyer Template


Modern Restaurant Takeaway Menu Flyer Template


Pizza Shop Takeaway Flyer Template


Red Pizza Restaurant Takeaway Flyer Template


Sushi Delivery and Takeaway Flyer Template


Criteria for choosing a restaurant take-away flyer template design

The Internet can be a minefield of ready-to-print restaurant templates. This is the reason why restaurateurs need to be extra wary when choosing a restaurant take-away flyer template design. To make the selection process easier for new restaurateurs, we have compiled a few of the key factors to consider when picking a take-away flyer template for your restaurant.

1. Restaurant image or vision

The first, and perhaps also the most important, factor to consider when choosing a restaurant take-away flyer template design is your vision for your restaurant. This is how you want your restaurant to be perceived by its customers and the general public. Established and chain restaurants may already have this part figured out as part of their company branding process. However, if you are just starting out your first restaurant or you just have a small-town diner, you may not have thought about this aspect of the business. For those in the latter category, it is time to seriously think about your restaurant’s branding identity.

Once you figure out and decide on a path for your restaurant to follow, it will be easier to incorporate other image-enhancing elements in your restaurant brand. Likewise, when choosing simple flyer template designs, you can always use this vision or perceived image of your restaurant as a touchstone in the decision-making process.

2. Budget

The next criteria to consider when choosing restaurant flyer templates should be your advertising budget allocation. It will cost money for you to download pre-made restaurant flyer templates and more for printing out these templates. Owners of small dining establishments may not find it reasonable to use the money for advertising a take-away service that may or may not work because sometimes, these businesses simply cannot afford to experiment with new services. They would rather use the money as additional revolving capital for the business.

If you belong to this category, using simply printed flyers may be the answer since these adverts cost relatively less than other forms of advertising. Also, when you make sure that your restaurant flyers are well-designed, customers are more likely to read, keep, and refer back to your takeaway flyers. As a restaurateur, you need to carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of setting up a flyer advertising plan for your restaurant. You need to determine if your business can or is able to absorb the costs in case the plan does not work out and you also need to know where you are getting the advertising budget.

3. Time

Despite being labeled as printable restaurant templates, most of these templates are not fully ready to print. You first need to make customizations on the template like adding your restaurant branding elements (company logo and business name), menu descriptions, contact information, etc. Also, most of these templates are only editable using image editing and desktop publishing software programs like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign. Therefore, restaurateurs need to have enough time to make the edits, review them, and finalize the template.

Doing all these things can take up a lot of time especially if you are not familiar with the different editing software programs. You may have to learn how to use these online tools by studying Illustrator and Photoshop tutorials online. So, if your intended take-away menu service launch date is set up for a much later time, you may still have time to study these software tools.

4. Editing skills

Another important factor to consider when picking a restaurant takeaway flyer template design is your own editing skills. This is a crucial criterion because most pre-made templates will have to be considerably edited if you want them to look truly original. Customizing a restaurant flyer template may mean that you will have to add your own restaurant logo designs, change and remove some vector illustrations and icons, modify the font styles, font sizes, and font colors. Sometimes, you may also have to edit the raw images that will be used in your flyer template design. All of these take a lot of behind-the-scenes work and you will need considerable editing skills to accomplish them well.

If you are confident using software programs like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, choose a restaurant flyer template that will allow you to easily make the edits on these software tools. But if you are computer-savvy, you may look for restaurant templates whose creators do the editing themselves before sending you the final template output. Most Etsy.com printable templates, for example, offer this option. But, do note that the latter option gives you little room for personalizing these templates compared to using templates that will allow you to make the edits yourself.

5. Current restaurant theme

Lastly, another criterion any restaurateur should consider when choosing among different take-away flyer template designs is their restaurant’s current theme. This factor applies to those who already have an existing restaurant or dining establishment and do not wish to change their restaurant’s theme or image. In this case, your printable flyer template choice should match or, at least, complement this current design motif. This is important so that customers can see the consistency of your restaurant’s branding design.

And that’s it! Those were the five main criteria any restaurateur should use when choosing a restaurant takeaway flyer template. Note that this is not an all-inclusive list. You may add or remove some factors depending on the type of dining establishment you are working on. You may also like restaurant opening flyers

If you found this collection of different printable flyer templates for a restaurant’s takeaway menu service, do not forget to bookmark, save, and share it with your friends!

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