16+ Very Easy PSD Photoshop Tutorials for freshers!

Do you aspire to be a graphic designer? Well, that’s good but when it comes to digital design, you have to have a sound knowledge on Photoshop. Much to your convenience you will get free photoshop Tutorials for freshers online. These tutorials would educate you on the basics of Photoshop- including how to set the work environ, open the files & perform different editing functions. You can aslo see How to Make an App.

hotoshop tutorials for freshers

Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners PDF

photoshop tutorials for beginners pdf

If you are a beginner with Photoshop and need to learn the tips on working with Photo size, this PDF tutorial offers step by step direction on how to alter the photo dimension and size.

Layer Styles Photo Editing Tutorial for Photoshop

layer styles photo editing tutorials for photoshop

If you are looking to add on effects to different layers in your Photoshop item, this is the tutorial for you as it teaches how to work with Layer Styles.

Photoshop Video Tutorial For Beginners CS6

photoshop tutorials for beginners cs

Illustrations made with Photoshop CS6 come up are simply brilliant given their stylish and edgy texture. If you are looking to know how to work with CS6 on photoshop for stunning posters, this tutorial would be your guide.

Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners Free Download

photoshop tutorials for beginners free download

This tutorial is geared to help out the beginners in Photoshop by teaching them on the basic tools of the software like menu bar, toolbox, palettes etc.- and what functions they have to offer.

Photoshop Tutorial Photo Effects Toolbox

photoshop tutorials photo effects toolbox

This Photoshop tutorial teaches you how to use the different toolbox items for various photo effects such as cropping, slicing, retouching, painting, drawing, typing, editing, measuring, coloring and so on.

The Power of Layers Easy Photoshop Tutorial

the power of layers easy photoshop tutorial

960 Grid Tutorial for Photoshop

0 grid tutorial for photoshop

Photoshop Tutorial Adjustment Layers

photoshop tutorials adjustment layers

Photoshop Software Retouch and Healing Tools

photoshop software retouch and healing tools

Type Tool PSD Photoshop Tutorial CS5

type tool psd photoshop tutorials cs

Basic Photoshop Tutorial Free Transform Tool

basic photoshop tutorials free transform tool

Photoshop Tutorial Master Photoshops Selection Tools

master photoshops selection tools

Photoshop CS3 Tutorial Installing And Managing Brushes

photoshop cs3 tutorials installing and managing brushes

Free Photoshop Actions Tutorial

free photoshop actions tutorials

Photoshop Online Tutorial All of the Basics for Beginners

all of the basics for beginners

You would also learn about color correction, layers, levels, blending, alpha channels, masks and so on. As you have the facility of photoshop Tutorials for freshers free download, you won’t have to worry about tutorial fees.