15 Restaurant Take-out Brochure Templates

Want to know a simple way to reinvent your own restaurant and gain more customers in the process? We suggest the use of restaurant take-out brochures. But, first, let us dissect this marketing strategy so that you, the restaurateur, can implement it effectively.

Restaurant reinvention

No matter how long your restaurant has been operating or how delicious your food is, any dining establishment still needs to continually adapt itself to changing economic conditions, dining trends, and people’s preferences. This does not mean you have to completely overhaul your restaurant decor and menu card design every year or so. What we suggest is making minor, subtle tweaks and improvements here and there that will allow your restaurant to withstand the test of time.

How do you do that? The answer lies in the creation and use of a take-out menu brochure.

What is a take-out menu brochure?

A take-out menu brochure consists of two main things: first, a take-out menu service, and second, the brochure. The former is the content while the latter is the medium or the way your restaurant presents that new information (the takeout service, in this case) to your customers.

In layman’s terms, a brochure is a piece of printed material (usually in the form of a small booklet) that contains information about a company or a person’s products or services. There is no single standard size for brochures since they come in various sizes and formats. For instance, some brochures may be bi-folds or tri-folds and will be printed on paper or card stock measuring 5.5 inches by 8.5 inches or 8.5 inches by 14 inches.

Restaurateurs first need to develop a good take-out service (think of menu choices, delivery, and payment options, etc.) before they can have anything to put in their restaurant brochures. This first step often involves thorough planning if you want to completely change your restaurant’s image, but it can still be done by just changing a few design variables without really changing your restaurant’s core tastes.

Benefits of using take-out menu brochures

There are different forms of print media used in the restaurant industry—each with their own advantages and disadvantages. In the next few paragraphs, we explore the positive effects of using take-out menu brochures for your restaurant.

  • You have more space to write menu details and restaurant details. Brochures are typically bigger in size than regular flyers and menu cards. Advertisers prefer this format especially if they want to share more information about a product or service to their customers. This is also perhaps why this format fits seamlessly with restaurant menu cards. With a brochure layout, a restaurant menu will have more space for menu descriptions, pictures, and restaurant details. In turn, customers will perceive that the restaurant is more reliable or more truthful due to the breadth of information shown in the respective menu designs.
  • They are a more creative approach. As with any graphic design project, creating a restaurant take-out brochure is a more creative approach compared to the traditional restaurant flyers and print ads approach. Furthermore, you can even make sure that your restaurant brochure is designed well so it is able to capture any reader’s attention. These days, customers prefer ingenuity and uniqueness, and when you use restaurant menus that show that, customers are more inclined to visit your restaurant.
  • Customers can take them home. If you are creating a take-out menu service for your own restaurant, you should make sure that customers have the option to keep the take-out menus. This allows them to frequently refer back to the menu card from time to time. A take-out brochure operates in the same vein, but with a single edge. Take-out brochures appear more formal and put together. This translates to customers keeping the brochures for a long time and not likely forgetting about them. This aspect of restaurant marketing is important because you want loyal recurring customers.
  • They can double as marketing materials. For some restaurants, the primary purpose of a restaurant take-out brochure is to serve as a menu list. But restaurant brochures may also be used as a marketing tool. A restaurant’s take-out brochure may be given away or distributed to different potential customers and investors. Usually, promotional materials used by dining establishments need to feature equal amounts of menu information and restaurant information. These brochures also need to be targeted to specific market segments, so it is important to have an appropriate brochure design.
  • They increase brand recognizability. When restaurant marketing is done at the right time and with the right content, it cannot help but bolster your restaurant brand’s image and recognizability. This positive effect is not only common to brochure marketing but also in other forms of print media marketing. Using brochures as your go-to form of print marketing definitely helps enhance your restaurant’s image.
  • They are easy and affordable to create and reproduce. Any kind of printed advertising material is easier and quicker to create nowadays due to the rise of digital desktop publishing and editing software programs like Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop, to name a few. And, with the help of these programs, it has become even easier to create printable templates that anyone can use to create their own graphic design projects. In fact, in this article, we have included examples of restaurant take-out brochure templates that anyone can use to create their own restaurant brochures. (If you are not that familiar with Adobe Photoshop, check out this link for easy and quick Photoshop tutorials.)

Be inspired by the different restaurant take-out brochure templates listed below.

Bi-fold Restaurant Take-out Brochure Template

First on the list is the Bi-fold Restaurant Take-out Brochure Template. This take-out menu template sports a simplified brochure format that can easily be edited to match your restaurant’s brand image.


By downloading this printable restaurant template, you will get access to 10 PSD files of the template in different formats. For instance, there is a separate file for the take-out brochure, another one for a tri-fold brochure card, and a DL card, among others. All images in the template are available in 3000 by 2000 high-resolution format. It is fully editable, so you can add your own restaurant logo design or other branding information on the template before printing it out.

Bi-fold A5 Fine Dining Restaurant Take-out Brochure Template

Need a brochure template for a fine dining restaurant? If you do, the Bi-fold A5 Fine Dining Restaurant Take-out Brochure Template shown below should fit the bill.


This restaurant template mainly uses an elegant template design that fits most fine dining restaurants. Its cover design features a photo taken from the restaurant itself without revealing much about the restaurant’s menu. This encourages customers to flip through and read the contents. All elements in the template are customizable, so you should not worry about being unable to use your own branding marks like your company logo.

To ensure that your take-out brochure exudes the same level of professionalism and luxury after printing it out, use a thick piece of card stock to print the brochure on. This step helps drive home the point that your restaurant invests in its customers by designing and creating beautiful things.

Cafe Take-out Tri-fold Brochure Template

Presentation matters. This is an important aspect of brand identity that any organization should remember and apply in all their business practices. And, as mentioned earlier, restaurant take-out brochures act as advertising tools for the restaurant by helping present an approachable (and sometimes affordable) front to any potential customers.


A good example of that is shown by the Cafe Take-out Tri-fold Brochure Template embedded above. This tri-fold template is available in Adobe InDesign template format. This means that it can be edited only in Adobe InDesign. This also allows more flexibility in terms of editing text, graphics, and formatting since InDesign is a desktop publishing software program. If you know how to use InDesign, you may easily choose InDesign brochure templates right away as your restaurant template base.

This template prints out on standard-sized paper measuring 8 inches by 11 inches. You may change the colors, text, typeface, images, and format easily without affecting the template’s base layout.

Fine Dining Restaurant Take-out Brochure Template

Thinking of a way to increase sales and patronage for a high-end restaurant you are operating? Well, we suggest developing a take-out service and using take-out menu brochures like the Fine Dining Restaurant Take-out Brochure Template shown below.


This brochure card measures 8 inches by 11 inches including a 0.25-inch printing bleed. This template also fits casual, family, and themed restaurants that have a vintage vibe. (Check this article for other vintage menu template ideas.)

Frozen Yogurt Shop Take-out Brochure Template

For those who are operating a restaurant that offers desserts and pastries, you would love the Frozen Yogurt Shop Take-out Brochure Template featured below.


This template includes colorful and playful graphics and typefaces—perfect for the atmosphere of a desserts shop. The template prints out on double-sided card stock measuring 8.5 inches by 11 inches. It also follows the CYMK color scheme and all images have a 300 DPI high-quality resolution.

Note that the images are not included in the template download file. You will need to use your own photographs to make the brochure template more appealing. As a way to personalize the take-out brochure, you may add your own graphic design elements like a company seal or logo.

Green and Orange Mexican Take-out Brochure Template Set

Casual dining and fusion cuisine seem to be the trend nowadays. Think Chipotle and Tex-Mex. If you have a restaurant in this specific niche, try out a new take-out restaurant menu design using the Green and Orange Mexican Take-out Brochure Template Set shown below.


As you can see, this take-out brochure template follows a green and orange background color scheme. There are different variations of this template, but this version includes a habanero and lemon illustration on its cover page. The main font style used is also different. This template layout exudes a more formal effect. Use this template if your restaurant wants to cater to a higher market segment or if you just want to have an organized and formal look for your menu design.

Note that this template is available as a vector illustration. This means that you may easily edit the template using any vector image editing software and use different paper sizes when printing it.

Mexican Restaurant Take-out Brochure Template Set

Use the Mexican Restaurant Take-out Brochure Template Set embedded below for Mexican restaurants that are more casual and cater to a wide variety of diners.


On the cover of this menu brochure are two animated cactuses dressed in mariachi costumes. Use this printable restaurant template if you want to make your diners smile before they make an order. This brochure template can also work as a printable flyer template, as a food menu template, and as an all-around informational tool for your Mexican restaurant chain.

Do not forget to add your own branding elements into the design to make your restaurant more recognizable. Examples of unique branding elements are logo designs, a mascot design, and even your restaurant’s social media information.

Pizza Shop Tri-fold Take-out Brochure Template

Pizza restaurants are the go-to places for delicious and fast food. Reinvent your own pizza place using the Pizza Shop Tri-fold Take-out Brochure Template featured below.


This template follows a tri-fold brochure design. It allows you to accurately list all your pizza menu offerings while also showing pictures of the pizza. Also, do not forget to add menu descriptions so that diners can have an idea of the ingredients of each pizza. Read more about the psychology of a good menu design by clicking on the linked article.

As with any creative brochure template that is available as a vector file, make sure that you have the compatible software program for editing it. Download at least Adobe Photoshop on your computer to make this possible.

Pizzeria Takeaway Italian Restaurant Brochure Template

The Pizzeria Takeaway Italian Restaurant Brochure Template shown below is another takeaway menu template for pizza restaurants. Choose this template for pizza shops that cater to a trendier and younger crowd.


This pizza menu template fits a restaurant for the younger crowd due its vibrant color design and layout. When using this template, make sure to include a working delivery contact number since the younger generation tends to order in pizza more during parties and get-togethers with friends and family. For more information on restaurant menu designs, check out this article on things you should know about restaurant menus.

This menu template is best printed out on plain card stock if you want to use it as an in-house brochure. But you may print it out on flimsier and glossier paper if you want to give away these brochures to potential customers.

Restaurant Cafe Take-out Menu Design Template

Another trendy and profitable restaurant business idea today is starting a cafe. For those who are thinking of running one or are already operating one, take a look at the Restaurant Cafe Take-out Menu Design Template featured below as it can be used as a restaurant cafe menu template design.


This template incorporates the tri-fold brochure design and allows users to include more information on the brochure. This fits restaurateurs who are looking for elegant and clean designs for their cafe menus. The template has a print size of 8.5 inches by 11 inches. It also includes a 0.25-inch printing bleed. Downloading this template will give you access to two PSD files (one for the front page and the other for the brochure’s back page). And, since the template is fully customizable, you may easily update your restaurant or cafe menu each time your menu offerings and price list change.

Bonus: Check out this article for more information on how to create a price list for your restaurant.

Restaurant Tri-fold Take-out Brochure Template


Looking for a restaurant brochure template that will specifically match your restaurant’s official colors so that you do not have to make a lot of template modifications? If yes, try out the Restaurant Tri-fold Take-Out Brochure Template featured above.

This template follows an abstract design and will fit restaurants that want to exude a corporate and slightly formal image (like fine dining and hotel restaurants). With this template, you can easily change the color scheme to match your own organization’s official colors. To further facilitate the sense of luxury that this brochure template creates, make sure not to overcrowd each page with menu details. Only include the menu bestsellers or those you want to sell more.

Formal Restaurant Tri-fold Take-out Menu Design Template

As its name suggests, the Formal Restaurant Tri-fold Take-out Menu Design Template shown below is another brochure design template that will suit formal dining establishments.


Unconsciously or not, customers (especially those who frequent fine dining restaurants) look for design continuity in things that they experience in your establishment. This helps signal the brain that they are having good and satisfying experiences. This is also a mark of good customer service. So, if you want to make sure that you practice this in your restaurant, choose a menu template design that exemplifies this ideal.

Use this brochure template for a take-out menu that will seamlessly match your restaurant’s current formal menu design. This template prints out on A4 or on any standard letter size cardstock.

Take-out Brochure and Mini Menu Design

Next on the list is the Take-out Brochure and Mini Menu Design Template. This brochure template suits restaurants that want to create a separate juice bar menu template for their restaurant.


Downloading this brochure template gives you access to three PSD files (two PSD files for the take-out brochure template and one PSD file for the mini menu template). All templates are fully customizable. But it is best to retain the lemon green and lime color palette since it suits the juice bar concept.

If you prefer, this brochure template may also be converted into a banner template if you know how to adjust the template size and proportions on Adobe Photoshop before printing it. To accurately mimic the tri-fold brochure mockup, make sure to print out the template on a standard letter-sized piece of card stock.

Take-out Restaurant Menu Template


The Take-out Restaurant Menu Template shown above is a restaurant bi-fold brochure template that prints out on cardstock measuring 8 inches by 11 inches. As an InDesign template, you may easily edit the text placeholders and the image layers. As always, make sure to add your restaurant’s logo design to personalize the take-out menu.

Yellow and Green Mexican Take-out Brochure Template Pack


The Yellow and Green Mexican Take-out Brochure Template Pack (shown above) is another iteration of the Mexican take-out brochure set discussed earlier. This template, however, follows a yellow and green background color scheme. It also features a tempting chili pepper on the cover page.

This restaurant brochure template prints on two sides so you should make sure that your home printer is set up for double-sided printing. You should also edit all the graphic and text elements on the template to match the look and feel of your own restaurant business. To save on printing costs, always print out some versions of the brochure template on thinner paper and use these versions as flyers. Keep the brochures printed on card stock as the menu brochures for dine-in customers.


As you may have noticed with the collection of take-out brochures embedded above, there are different base styles and formats that a brochure template can take on. However, it will be your responsibility as the restaurant owner or manager to customize and further glam up your chosen template so that it will fully reflect your restaurant’s brand image.

Therefore, choose the brochure menu template that you feel will best fit the necessary modifications you have in mind. Yes, you may get overwhelmed. So, just take it easy and trust your gut. The best restaurant designs are often the ones that are simple but authentically reflect what your business stands for. Start designing today!

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