15 Restaurant Advertising Designs & Templates


Need a surefire way to promote your restaurant without spending too much? If yes, you should look into using restaurant advertising templates instead. Pre-made printable templates give you total creative freedom in designing best advertising materials for your dining establishment while slashing down the costs.

In this article, we talk about how you can increase restaurant turnover by maximizing your restaurant’s brand identity with the help of print advertising templates. We have also included 15 examples of these downloadable templates.

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Benefits of using advertising templates

Listed below are the different advantages of using advertising templates. If you are still on the fence about whether or not to push through with an advertising plan for your restaurant, read this benefits list and then make an informed choice.

  • They are a cost-efficient alternative. Just like any printable restaurant template, restaurant advertising templates are more cost-efficient compared to hiring a professional graphic designer to create your restaurant advertisement designs. This is because you do not need to pay for an artist’s or a designer’s hourly or daily rate. If your restaurant business has a limited budget for print advertising, using restaurant templates will look better on your restaurant’s books since you will not be losing that much money.
  • They are easy to customize.  Being customizable is one of the main advantages of using restaurant advertising templates. And as long as you have the right image editing software program, you can easily make edits to make a template suit your restaurant’s image or concept. Some restaurant template creators may even include template customization as part of the template’s cost. This way, they will be the one to edit and add all the text and images that you want to see in your restaurant advertising template. This way, customers do not have to learn how to use tools like Adobe Photoshop.
  • They are ready to print. Another good thing about restaurant advertising templates is that they are ready to print. These templates will come pre-formatted with high image resolution and printing bleed. It also helps that most advertising templates follow the CMYK color model. This makes sure that your restaurant advert’s printed form matches the image quality seen in the digital template. (For image optimization tips, see the linked article.) Using pre-made templates is also especially helpful if you are pressed for time. You can rely on them and you do not have to worry whether or not you will have the design output when you want it.
  • They have beautiful designs. In order for any advertising material to work, they need to capture a person’s attention first. Advertising templates can do that well if they have beautiful template designs. There are numerous online sources of pre-made restaurant advertising templates so you will not run out of choices for your own restaurant. And, if you are not satisfied with a template’s design, you can always modify the template and add your own graphic design elements. This way, your restaurant’s advertising materials will look truly unique—something most customers will appreciate.
  • They help you save time. Most of the benefits listed above all help reinforce this next advantage of using modern advertising templates—and that is time savings. When you use pre-made advertising templates, they help you shorten the design conceptualization phase. Sometimes, the entire design creation phase can be removed since this will all be taken care of by the original creator of the template. As a restaurateur, your job is now just to make customizations of the template. You may also see advertising banner designs

So, there you have it! Five benefits of using advertising templates that can be used by any dining establishment. What follows are the different examples of restaurant advertising templates. Feel free to browse and download them if you feel that they will suit your restaurant’s advertising campaign plan design.

Restaurant Grand Opening Flyer Design Template

Use the Restaurant Grand Opening Flyer Design Template featured below if you want to make a splash on your restaurant’s opening day.

restaurant grand opening flyer design template

This grand opening flyer template works well as an advertising material especially if it is distributed to a large number of people within a specific area. A dining establishment can rely on this form of advertising solely if they are just starting out and want to let as many people as possible know about the restaurant.

By downloading this template, you can access different file formats for the template (PSD, EPS, DOC, and PUB).  This way, you will not have a problem in installing other software programs that you may not already have.You may also like Restaurant Discount Coupon

Mexican Restaurant Pizza Flyer Design Template

restaurant mexican pizza flyer design template

The Mexican Restaurant Pizza Flyer Design Template shown above is another restaurant advertising template created for dining places that offer Mexican cuisine. This template uses bold fonts and beautiful food illustration designs to highlight the flyer’s design. You can also use this template as a restaurant pamphlet template. Also, use cardstock or paper measuring 8.75 inches by 11.25 inches when printing out the template.

Fast Food Restaurant Flyer Template

Do you need a restaurant advert that shows an appealing design without being too over the top? If yes, choose the Fast Food Restaurant Flyer Template shown below.

fast food restaurant flyer template

This template features a flat lay photo of a sumptuous food table. To make your own flyer template equally appealing, make sure to recreate this photo with your own restaurant’s food offerings. You may hire a professional food photographer if you want your food photos to come out really well. This template can be used by any kind of restaurant or dining establishment. As long as you use a relevant and well-shot image of menu items you are selling on your flyer’s design, customers will link your restaurant name with good food they want to try out. Reminder: Make sure that you check a color chart to be certain that your photos match the design colors on the template.

This template measures 8.5 inches by 11 inches (or one US standard letter-sized paper). It is also available in file formats that can be opened using Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Publisher, and Adobe Photoshop.

Arabic Restaurant Advertising Bundle Template

Topping this list of advertising templates is the Arabic Restaurant Advertising Bundle Template shown below. This template best fits restaurants offering Middle Eastern cuisine.

arabic restaurant advertising bundle template

This restaurant template uses a green background, but you may change this up depending on your restaurant’s image or official colors. With this template file download, you will get a 4-inch by 6-inch restaurant table tent template, an A4 flyer template, a 30-inch by 70-inch restaurant roll-up banner template, a 70-inch by 30-inch advertising billboard template, and a B1-sized restaurant poster design. All these templates follow the CMYK color model and include a pre-formatted print bleed.

Note that this advertising template is available as a template bundle, so you will get access to all five restaurant templates. But, if you intend to use only one type of advertising template, you may also purchase the templates separately.

Burger Promotion Flyer Advertising Template

Restaurants utilize a variety of advertising template designs. This allows them to be flexible on how they can attract potential customers. The Burger Promotion Flyer Advertising Template (image embedded below) is an example of such a restaurant advertising template.

burger promotion flyer advertising template

Printable flyer templates like the one shown above are effective in attracting new customers since they can easily be distributed to a lot of people. This template file download includes two versions of the same template. One is sized 5.8 inches by 8.3 while the other PSD template measures 5 inches by 7 inches.

When using this template, make sure that you use a high-quality image of your restaurant’s main dish as this can help entice customers to try out your restaurant’s food. Also, do not forget to add your restaurant’s branding elements into the template.

Burger Restaurant Advertising Bundle Template

If the advertising template above was for a flyer design for a burger joint, the next template is for a complete template package for burger restaurants. The Burger Restaurant Advertising Bundle Template shown below includes different kinds of template files to fulfill all your restaurant print advertising needs.

burger restaurant advertising bundle template

This template is not limited for use by beautiful burger restaurants since it can be customized to match the type of restaurant you are running. You can do this easily by replacing the main image with a picture of your restaurant’s main dish. Use this template if you want to emphasize a core dish or product you want to sell more. Also, make sure to use good photos with the template as this helps increase the advert’s appeal.

Downloading this template bundle will also give you access to a poster template, a flyer template measuring 11 inches by 8.5 inches, a billboard template measuring 70 inches by 30 inches, a roll-up banner template measuring 30 inches by 70 inches, and a table tent template measuring 4 inches by 6 inches. All these templates include a pre-formatted printing bleed.

Cafe and Restaurant Advertising Template Pack

Choose the Cafe and Restaurant Advertising Template Pack shown below if you want your cafe’s promotional materials to stand out from your competitors’ ads.

cafe and restaurant advertising template pack

When using this printable template pack, make sure to use the same color palette that your cafe is known for. This helps in increasing your brand’s recognizability. The mock-up design above follows a dark yellow-gold background color. But you can easily customize this to match your brand’s own color.

This restaurant template package download includes a roll-up banner template, a tri-fold brochure template, a cafe flyer menu template, and an advertising web banner template. The last one is extremely useful especially if you have built a cafe website, too. All templates include a 0.5 mm printing bleed. The included web banners also come in various sizes and formats, namely: Buttons, Leaderboard, Square, Medium Rectangle, Skyscraper, Half Page Ad, Wide Skyscraper,  Vertical Banner, and Pop-Under.

Fast Food Restaurant Advertising Template

The best thing about restaurant print advertising is that they can be placed on different surfaces and locations. To illustrate, the Fast Food Restaurant Advertising Template featured below is placed near a bus stop. If you want this type of advertising for your restaurant, use this template.

fast food restaurant advertising template

Choose this template if you want a clean advert design that still makes use of beautiful typography fonts and background colors. With this template, you can easily change the background colors, font colors, images, and text placeholders without affecting the whole template since each design element is set up on separate layers. When doing this, make sure to be mindful of the template’s overall look since you still want your template to be visually appealing.

This template set includes templates for a table tent, a flyer template, a poster template, a roll-up banner template, and a billboard template. The billboard and roll-up banners have a 150 DPI image resolution while the rest have a 300 DPI high-quality image resolution. Also, remember that the download file will not include images and free fonts. You will need to use your own photos and download the free fonts. A list of these fonts’ download links are included in the download file.

Indian Restaurant Advertising Bundle Template

Are you running a South Asian restaurant? If yes, try out the Indian Restaurant Advertising Bundle Template shown below as your source of print advertising templates.

indian restaurant advertising bundle template

This restaurant template is customizable so that you can replace the current background color with any color you want. To personalize this advertising template, do not forget to add your restaurant logo design and social media handles. On top of that, make sure to edit the ad’s copy and avoid typographical errors that may put off any potential customers. By downloading this template, you can also create different printed marketing materials like flyers, restaurant menu table tents, billboards, posters, and roll-up banners.

Tip: To ensure that you can make all your preferred customizations to the template, download and install Adobe Photoshop on your computer. If you do not know how to use Adobe Photoshop, check out this article on easy Photoshop tutorials for beginners.

Kid’s Fast Food Advertising Template

Do you need a highly targeted restaurant advertising template? If yes, we have the right template for you. It is the Kid’s Fast Food Advertising Template (featured below).

kids fast food advertising template

As its name suggests, this template is especially created for a fast food restaurant that wants to promote their kiddie menu food choices. It features bright colors and eye-catching food icons that will appeal to young children. This template also doubles up as a restaurant menu list or you may also give it away as a flyer.

This template is available as part of a set. This means that purchasing this template pack will allow you to access other templates for creating a flyer, a roll-up banner, a billboard, a poster, and a menu. Each template is also available in light and dark versions while you still have the freedom to choose any other color scheme if you want to veer away from the white and black versions.

All these template files are also available in PSD, EPS, PDF, IDML, and InDesign templates file formats. Make sure to download and install a compatible software program before purchasing the template set.

Mexican Restaurant Advertising Bundle Template

Try out the Mexican Restaurant Advertising Bundle Template embedded below if you want a classy restaurant advert design. Even if the mock-up design shows Mexican food, any kind of restaurant can use this template. All you have to do is replace the image element with your own photos.

mexican restaurant advertising bundle template

Just like the other advertising bundle templates in this collection, this set includes a printable table tent template, a flyer template, a poster template, a billboard template, and a roll-up banner template. These templates are also available separately if you wish to only use one type of print medium. Most important of all, the templates are customizable so that you can add pictures from your restaurant’s food choices and you can also change the font styles or font colors. You may also like Restaurant Catalog Templates

Noodle and Pasta Restaurant Advertising Bundle Template

noodle and pasta restaurant advertising bundle template

The Noodle and Pasta Restaurant Advertising Bundle Template featured above fits business restaurants who want to revamp their current image and go with a more trendy look. When using this advertising template, make sure that you are making renovations or even minor decorative changes in your restaurant. Authenticity is important in the food industry as this tells the customers that the business is making an effort to improve their food choices and customer service.

All templates in this bundle set are available as Photoshop file downloads, so make sure you have Adobe Photoshop installed on your computer before purchasing it.

Spanish Food Restaurant Advertising Bundle Template

Buffet restaurants will love the Spanish Food Restaurant Advertising Bundle Template shown below.

spanish food restaurant advertising bundle template

With this template, you can include as many pictures of food as you like. The design layout used in this template is organized and emphasizes all the important things in the template. To entice more customers, you may also apply some restaurant menu design hacks into customizing this restaurant advertising template.

You get your money’s worth with this bundle template since you will get access to a US letter-sized flyer template, a 70-inch by 30-inch billboard template, a 30-inch by 70-inch restaurant roll-up banner advertising template, a B1-sized poster template, and a 4-inch by 6-inch table tent template.

Steak House Restaurant Advertising Flyer Template

“Hmm, steak!” This is the reaction you should ideally get from customers who see and read your adverts that use the Steak House Restaurant Advertising Flyer Template shown below.

steak house restaurant advertising flyer template

This template set includes a business flyer template, a Facebook cover template, an Instagram banner template, and a menu template. You also have the option to include pictures of many key restaurant dishes or meals on the menu card template if you want to. In addition, this template uses a light brown background color scheme, but you may change this to match the color of your preference.

Reminder: The template files are available in three sizes ( A4, A5, and A6). Also, you will need to print these advertising flyers on both front and back portions of a paper or cardstock. Therefore, do not forget to adjust your printer’s settings if you are printing it at home.

Trendy Restaurant Advertising Bundle Template

Aside from choosing the best restaurant advertising template, you also need to make sure that your adverts are placed in strategic locations. This way, you can maximize the effect and breadth of your marketing campaign. A good template example that can bridge this gap is the Trendy Restaurant Advertising Bundle Template shown below.

trendy restaurant advertising bundle template

This template bundle includes other flyer templates, a poster template, a table tent template, a roll-up banner template, and a billboard template. Use the billboard template if you want to create maximum impact. A billboard advert placed in a bus stop (just like the image shown above) is sure to catch many people’s attention.

As always, make sure to include high-quality photos in the template design and accurate prices of your food and meal offerings. Nothing puts off customers more than not getting what they were promised on the advert. Also, make sure to add your company logo or seal on the template. This makes the advert more credible in the eyes of customers.

How to choose a restaurant advertising template

For a restaurant (or any dining establishment) to financially succeed, the restaurateur needs to also focus on advertising aside from  offering the best food and service. This is especially important today when there are a lot of dining choices available for customers. Today, print advertising is more affordable and that is why small restaurant owners can easily implement their own marketing plans.

In the same vein, you should choose a restaurant advertising template that you feel will best reinforce your business’ image or branding identity. There should be a connection between your advert template design, the actual menu choices, and even restaurant decor. All of these go hand in hand to make sure your marketing plan works well. Choosing an advert template is only the tip of the iceberg. You also still need to learn and practice other more holistic and sustainable marketing strategies to ensure that your restaurant succeeds.

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