44+ Sample Party Flyers

Are you looking for awesome party flyers? Looking for inexpensive ways to promote and mainstream your upcoming event? You’re on the right track. What you need are high-caliber flyer designs and templates.

A flyer is a simple handbill which advertises a product, service, or an event. It is easy, simple, and cheap. To help you kick-start your flyer production, feel free to scroll down and check out our array of flyer templates, themes, and designs. Aside from our party flyers, we also offer flyer templates for other undertakings such as music event flyers. Just click on the provided link to access them.

Sample Farewell Party Flyer

Farewell Potluck Party Flyer



Farewell Lunch Party Flyer



Farewell Reception Party Flyer



Sample Pool Party Flyer

Pool Opening Party Flyer



Summer Pool Party Flyer



Community Pool Party Flyer



Sample Retirement Party Flyer

Retirement Announcement Party Flyer



Retirement BBQ Party Flyer



Funny Retirement Party Flyer



Sample Birthday Party Flyer

Surprise Birthday Party Flyer



Birthday Bash Party Flyer



Birthday Party Flyer in PSD



Sample Bowling Party Flyer

Bowling Night Party Flyer



Bowling Event Party Flyer



Free Bowling Party Flyer



What to Look Forward in a Party

There is no hard-and-fast rule when it comes to parties and celebrations. The dynamics differ from culture to culture and from event to event. In line with this, here are some basic characteristics of parties:

  • Parties are also coined as celebrations. It is commonly held in honor of a specific person, day, or historical event. It is conducted to rejoice, commemorate, or reminisce an important occurrence.
  • Parties can be conducted privately or publicly. Public parties are mostly held in bars and clubs, restaurants, resorts, and other public places. On the other hand, private parties are restricted to selected invitees.
  • Street parties are also becoming a trend. It is considered as a social event which is held on a street or on any public area. Historically, the conduct of street parties originated in the UK in 1919 as a form of “peace teas” after World War I as a way of letting the residents forget the horrors brought about by the war. In the current times, street parties are now conducted at any time and good for all ages. It is considered as a way of building community spirit.

These are just some points to know and look forward to every time you hear the word party. Aside from our templates we also offer other party event flyers that you can check out.

Parties and Flyers

With the changes in the societal structure and dynamics brought about by globalization and advancement in technology, the types and kinds of parties are increasingly growing. But one thing stays the same: parties are held to celebrate life, achievements, success, victory, and other unlocking of significant milestones. Most parties are named after the location or special event. Let’s examine some of them:

  • Dinner party. As the name suggests, this type of party is held during dinner. It is a social gathering at which people eat dinner together either on the host’s home or other restaurants and venues. Dinner parties can be formal or informal. Formal dinner parties are characterized by a fine-dining setting. On the other hand, less formal parties are characterized by the presence of buffets or which allow guests to bring food and beverages. If you’re looking for more diner party flyer templates, check out what we have in store.
  • Surprise party. This type of party is mostly held in consonance to another type of party. It is a party that is not made known beforehand to the celebrant. This are mostly goes hand in hand with birthday parties. If you’re interested with more surprise party flyers templates, we also have templates for you.
  • Disco party. This kind of party is characterized by dancing and good music. Dancers in discos used to dance freestyle. Nowadays, dance parties are no longer limited to actual dancing as there are food, beverages, and social gathering of people. If you’re looking for disco flyers, check out our list of templates.

These are just some types of parties. There are still more to in store for you. As what you can see, every party has a corresponding flyer design. Parties and flyers are truly best friends. Just bear in mind that flyers aim to make parties a blast.

Sample Pizza Party Flyer

Pizza Buffet Party Flyer



Pizza Dinner Party Flyer



Pizza Hut Party Flyer



Sample Dance Party Flyer

Dance Beach Party Flyer



Dance Karaoke Party Flyer



School Dance Party Flyer



Sample Block Party Flyer

Church Block Party Flyer



4th of July Block Party Flyer



Back to School Block Party Flyer



Sample Employee Apprecitaion Party Flyer

Employee Apprecitaion Party Invitation Flyer



Employee Apprecitaion Party Day Flyer



Employee Apprecitaion Meeting Party Flyer



Sample Glow Party Flyer

Glow in The Party Flyer



Neon Glow Party Flyer



Disco Glow Party Flyer



Why Use Flyers to Special Events?

Before the advent of social media and other electronic ways of advertising an event, word of mouth was the medium for spreading information about parties and events. However, word of mouth also brings about disadvantages because it is more prone to misinformation because the human mind has tendencies of being frail at times. In order to disseminate clear and accurate details, flyers are used.

They are never obsolete because they have surpassed the test of time. While social media has an edge in terms of marketing, nothing compares to direct marketing strategies, such as using flyers to promote an event. They are indeed a special, affordable, and an easy way to spread the word to the world. Here are some reasons why it is best to use them in promoting special events:

  • Flyers are tangible. One of the major feature of a flyer is its being tangible. The target audience is given the chance to hold, read, and take them home, which is a more effective way of getting your message across. The flyer is not just a flyer in itself; it can also serve as a souvenir for the event.
  • A creative outlet. It is also an work of art. A well-designed flyer can easily catch the attention of your guests. It will make them anticipate more your party.
  • Invitation. A flyer can also serve as an invitation. Especially in conducting private parties, you can save money and resources by having the best of both by designing an invitational flyer.
  • Cost effective and easy to produce. Flyers are cheap and easy to produce. You can even use recycled materials in designing your flyers. It is a great way of effectively expressing your artistic side in the most efficient and inexpensive manner. You’ll have more money to spend for your other party paraphernalia.

Aside from special events, we also have conference flyer design templates which you could check out when you’re in need.

Other Relevant Functions of Flyers

Aside from party-related purposes, flyers are also used in the world of business, politics, and other social gatherings. Here are some of its other uses, including its nonprofit purposes:

  • Raising social awareness. Aside from parties and profit-oriented purposes, flyers are also used to touch the minds and hearts of a target audience. They are also used for scientific, charitable, religious, cultural, and other purposes. For instance, some concerts are now held for charitable reasons such as soliciting contributions to help orphans or cancer patients. If you’re spreading cancer awareness, check out these breast cancer flyers you could also use.
  • Election-related purposes. During election period, political candidates make use of flyers to bring them closer to the people. It is a way of instilling familiarity to the general public. In addition to this, social movements also use them to recruit more members to join their respective organizations.
  • Advertisement. In the world of business, flyers are used to promote products and services for profit purposes. They are great marketing tools. For instance, they are widely used in terms of dealing real properties. In line with this, if you’re looking for real estate sale flyers, we also have a number of templates for you.

These are just some other relevant purposes of flyers aside from parties and celebrations. They are indeed a holistic, dynamic, and versatile medium of disseminating information.

Sample Urban Party Flyer

Urban Cocktail Party Flyer



Urban Holiday Party Flyer



Urban Music Party Flyer



Sample Winter Party Flyer

Kid’s Winter Party Flyer



Winter Party Menu Flyer



Winter Sweet 16 Party Flyer



Sample Club Party Flyer

Club Grand Opening Party Flyer



Club Meeting Party Flyer



Ladies Club Party Flyer



Sample Retro Party Flyer

Retro Grunge Party Flyer



Cool Retro Party Flyer



Printable Retro Party Flyer



Sample Hip Hop Party Flyer

Hip Hop Forever Party Flyer



Hip Hop Disco Party Flyer




Hip Hop DJ Party Flyer



Common Habits to Avoid in Designing Flyers

Knowing the importance and value of flyers is one thing. Taking note of the points in making them stand out is another thing. The challenge lies on how you design your flyer to make them catchy and memorable. You have to hit the right notes and at the same time apply the appropriate tricks in order to come up with a flyer that appeals to the public. In line with this, you need to take note of some habits that you need to avoid. Here are some of them:

  • Using long quality images: Images play a pivotal role in designing flyers. Making use of images make is easy for the general public to relate to your flyer. They can easily grasp the purpose behind the flyer. Specifically in dealing with party flyers, you should use high quality images. Remember that a flyer serves as a teaser to your upcoming party.
  • Using Small Texts: Going back to the rationale behind a flyer, it is used to covey information. It is essential that the font size and styles that you use are not too small. The texts should be easy to read. Your guests must not feel any struggle in reading it. Based on research, it is advisable not to go below 10 in terms of font size.
  • Information overload: Avoid putting too much information on the flyer. Only indicate and include details that are relevant, updated, and pertinent. Party flyers are brief in nature. What is important is that the venue, date, timeframe and purpose of the event is indicated. Your guests do not have all the time in world for them to read a very lengthy flyer. Keep it concise and brief.
  • Poor Grammar: Always proofread your flyer. We all know that it is inevitable that you’ve made some mistakes along the way. Ensure that you’ve written the right words under a correct context.
  • Using boring headings: Avoid using cliches and typical words. Make sure that the tenor and language used in the flyers are engaging and fun-filled. Parties are not suppose to be boring, right? Ensure that the theme and personality of your party shines through the flyer.

These are just some habits that you should shy away. Never underestimate the power of flyers. They are powerful toos of communicating information in a creative and fashionable way. If you’re interested with cocktail party flyers and drink party flyers, we also have templates, samples, and designs in store for you.

Other Forms of Flyers

Flyers may come in various forms, sizes, shapes, and designs. In designing flyers, it is important to note the type of flyer you are dealing with. Here are some of the other flyer forms:

  • Catalogs. It is very detailed in terms of content. They are mostly used in the field of business. In terms of pages, they are mostly two to three pages long. These are referring to the flyers that you see in the counters.
  • Mailers. This type of flyer promotes a particular product. In terms of scope, it is limited compared to other types of flyers. They are usually used by medium- to small-scale business.
  • Gift certificates. This is not just like any other flyer. This is a popular type and application of flyers. Flyers are also used to disseminate coupons and gift certificates. It indeed a flyer and a gift in itself.

These are just some other forms of flyers that you should know in case that you’ll need them in the future. 

Easy-to-Download Flyer Templates

To hasten your work and to provide more time to make adequate party preparations, you can simply download our sample party flyer templates. To do this, follow these simple steps below:

  • Browse through and check out the templates. Template.net provides several templates for you. In addition to this, we also provide tips and tricks that you can use to improve your workflow.
  • Download the ones you need! Click on the green Download button below your chosen template in order to start downloading.

Parties and flyers are a perfect match—flyers are channels used to spread to the world how great your party will be. Feel free to check out more from our business and design archives and enjoy your stay at Template.net!

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