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When providing funeral materials to people who will go to the funeral service, think of how they can make use of what you will provide them with. Aside from the funeral program and funeral prayer cards, you can also create a funeral bookmark. Use free bookmarks as references when developing the layout of the funeral bookmark that you plan to make.

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5 Steps for Developing a Presentable Funeral Bookmark

A funeral bookmark can work just as how a normal bookmark does. Below are the steps that you can use when developing the funeral bookmarks that you will use for a funeral program.

Step 1: Write the Content of the Funeral Bookmark

Drafting the funeral bookmark content can be a great start when trying to come up with a detailed funeral bookmark. Have an outline or an initial information presentation that can guide you when writing the final content of the funeral bookmark that you will use.

Step 2: Prepare the Technical Layout of the Funeral Bookmark

After finalizing the funeral bookmark content details, you can already think of the technical aspects of the funeral bookmark development. Identify the sizing, format specification, and layout requirements of the document.

Step 3: Choose the Best Funeral Bookmark Template

Once you are already fully-equipped and prepared with the details that you will put in the funeral bookmark, try to look for a template that can efficiently showcase your bookmark design and content idea. Selecting the most outstanding, relevant, and related funeral bookmark template can help you create your own funeral bookmark impressively.

Step 4: Gather All Funeral Bookmark Details

Just like when making a funeral program brochure, creating a funeral bookmark with a template can let you properly put together all your desired design and message details. Slowly develop the funeral bookmark design within the template that you have chosen by placing images, icons, photos, quotations, messages, and other details alongside one another.

Step 5: Print the Final Version of the Funeral Bookmark

If you are already satisfied with the funeral bookmark draft, print it on board or paper. You can also use different mediums like metal, plastic, and acrylic if you want to have an interesting and unique funeral bookmark.

14+ Funeral Bookmark Templates

1. Free Funeral Bookmark Template

free funeral bookmark template
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Size: 2.5×7.5 inches


Other than a sample funeral program, a free funeral bookmark template can also be used by funeral attendees to give honor to your loved one who passed away. Remembering the deceased with the help of a funeral bookmark can lead to a moment of silence to pray for the soul of the departed.

2. Personalized Funeral Bookmark Template

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Size: US


Always give a personal touch in every memorial bookmark templates that you will use. A personalized funeral bookmark can be more effective when compared to a standard funeral bookmark as the latter may not present the personality or characteristics that the person who died is known for.

3. Sample Funeral Bookmark Template

sample funeral bookmark template Download

Use floral design when planning the entire look of the sample funeral bookmark. You can use the same flowers that are actually used during the funeral service. Doing this can make the funeral bookmark look relatively cohesive with the funeral service aesthetic.

4. Vintage Funeral Bookmark Template

vintage funeral bookmark template Download

If you want to have a vintage funeral bookmark for a loved one’s funeral, think of the qualities of a vintage document. Make sure to use vintage designs, colors, and items so that your desired vintage theme for the funeral bookmark can materialize.

5. Memorial Funeral Bookmark Template

memorial funeral bookmark template Download

Make an informative memorial funeral bookmark. Your sample funeral bookmark can include a bible verse, a few details about the person who passed away, the funeral program, or any other details that can get the attention of the people to whom the funeral bookmark will be given.

6. Forever Funeral Bookmark Template

forever funeral bookmark template Download

Draft a forever funeral bookmark with a printable funeral program. Doing this can let you develop an efficient and usable material which you can give away to all the people who will attend the funeral. Optimize the funeral bookmark that you will make so it can be beneficial to the guests just as how beneficial it is to you and your family.

7. Funeral Bookmark Template in Word

funeral bookmark template in psd Download

To make your funeral bookmark beautifully designed, use photos of nature or natural resources. Common design options are the skies, the ocean, the beach, and the forests. These designs can make the funeral bookmark look calm and collected which is very appropriate for the funeral service.

8. Standard Funeral Bookmark in PSD

standard funeral bookmark in psd Download

Make a standard funeral bookmark that can present the deceased person in a loving manner. Let his or her memory be incorporated within the document with the help of images and other content materials that can make funeral guests remember the person as he or she is.

9. Printable Funeral Bookmark Template

printable funeral bookmark template Download

A printable funeral bookmark can be an impressive touch in the funeral service. Aside from solemnly being at the moment, giving this tool to your guests can let them know that you have truly prepared to welcome them during the funeral program even if you are still grieving due to the loss of a loved one.

10. Simple Funeral Bookmark Template

simple funeral bookmark template Download

A simple funeral bookmark can be used by the funeral guests on a daily basis. If you want the funeral bookmark to act as a standard bookmark, be aware of your sizing selection. As much as possible, the size of the funeral bookmark must be the same or relatively close with that of a normal bookmark tool.

11. Design of Funeral Bookmark in PSD

design of funeral bookmark in psd Download

The design of your funeral bookmark can affect or impact the overall look of the document. With this, you need to have a plan on how you will select the most suitable funeral design for the bookmark that you will make. Make the funeral bookmark design simple but still impressive so you can make the most out of the layout space that you will use.

12. Basic Funeral Bookmark in PSD

basic funeral bookmark in psd Download

A basic funeral bookmark only contains a few funeral quotations and messages. However, it is your choice if you want to add more details or information in your funeral bookmark templates. Feel free to include the funeral program and other funerals service-related content in the bookmark as you please.

13. Modern Funeral Bookmark Template

modern funeral bookmark template Download

To create a modern funeral bookmark, begin with a template that is formatted in a structured manner. Modern designs are usually stiff, sleek, and edgy. Ensure that the funeral bookmark that you want to make will have the specified characteristics so that it can look as modern-inspired as possible.

14. Funeral Bookmark Example in PSD

funeral bookmark example in psd Download

Look for funeral bookmark samples. You can refer to those that are used during the funeral services that you have previously attended. You can also browse online so you can have more design references and inspirations. Exposing yourself to different kinds of funeral bookmarks can help you narrow down your bookmark design preference.

15. Creative Funeral Bookmark Template

creative funeral bookmark template Download

A funeral bookmark is a great funeral material that your guests can take with them when they go home. Be creative when developing the funeral bookmark so the funeral attendees can make the most of the tool’s usage. Try to make the funeral bookmark in an appealing and presentable manner so it can be highly-usable even after the funeral program.

Do you want to have a funeral bookmark for the funeral program of your loved one? You can always create one with the help of our downloadable template samples. Select any of our templates and start drafting the layout, format, and design of the funeral bookmark that you will use and disseminate during the funeral service.

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