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17+ Best Funeral Banner Templates in PSD | AI

Death of someone dear is really sorrowful. But still, we need to continue the necessary processes of the funeral. Among all the essential tasks, the preparation of the funeral banner is a must. With no mindset to create one, get the funeral banner templates, which will help you to get the best of the funeral banner.

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5 Steps to Create the Best Funeral Banner

Step 1: Make It Simple

Keep the banner simple and just convey the sad information about the demise. No other extra words need to be used in the flyer.

Step 2: Choose Some Soft Color

As it is a banner for the sad news, so soft colors are the most suitable ones. White, cream, soft yellow, or even light pink or blue can be suitable for making the flyers.

Step 3: Use a Recent Image of the Person

It is very important and can make the banner an impressive one. Most of the funeral program templates have separate spaces for the image to be included.

Step 4: Mention the Date and Time of the Funeral

It is better to mention this information on the front page with bold fonts. As they are important information, so keep it in larger fonts too.

Step 5: Better to Keep It In a Single Page

Many of the funeral banners may be in two pages, but you can better keep it in one single page which is easy to read and also view all important information at a single place.

17+ Best Funeral Banner Templates

1. Funeral Roll-Up Banner in AI

File Format
  • AI
  • PSD

Size: US


If you desire to create an own designed funeral flyer, then this funeral booklet templates is just the right one to get downloaded. As it is available in all file formats and sizes, hence most of the users prefer this one. Also, customization is quite convenient too in this template.

2. Loving Memory Funeral Roll-Up Banner

File Format
  • AI
  • PSD

Size: US


This funeral banner template is just the right one which is available in MS Word and can be edited in photoshop too. Put the picture of your choice and also edit the picture to bring out the best shade. Easy to use, only drag the item and put in the designated spaces provided. Download this template now.

3. Funeral Invitation Roll Up Banner

File Format
  • AI
  • PSD

Size: US


This is the best sample funeral program which is easily downloadable and convenient to edit too. The print quality of the template is also quite high, which makes it an elegant looking funeral banner for your closed ones. The banner can be designed in your own way, making the editing easy with the photoshop.

4. Elegant Funeral Roll Up Banner

File Format
  • AI
  • PSD

Size: US


This is a professional designed which is available in all type of file formats and comes with easy editing. Professional graphic designers have created this elegant looking funeral banner to make it special for your closed ones. Simple editing can help you prepare the flyers, which will help you to save your time and also give much little effort too.

5. Sample Funeral Banner Template

When you are busy with the other arrangements, give just a little effort and time to complete the funeral flyer. Download this template and just drag and drop the essential information at the designated spaces. Your banner is completely done. The design of the banner is elegantly made with soft color options. You can even change the color of the banner too.

6. Funeral Service Roll Up Banner in PSD

Are you busy with the funeral arrangements and not getting time to make up the funeral banner? No need to worry. This banner template in PSD is just the perfect one for your closed one’s funeral. Download it now, do some necessary changes, put the important information, and get in the file format you want. You are ready with the funeral flyer.

7. Funeral Banner Example

Arrangement of different tasks after the demise of your closed ones is really tough. So this template has kept everything ready for you. Just download this template and drag the important information to put into it. You are ready with the funeral flyer. Just print it and send it to all important peoples.

8. Horizontal Funeral Banner Template

Make the funeral banner special with some of the emotional details about the person who has demised. This banner sample is just the right one to get the sample details of the content. Just download it and put your content and you can make ready with the special funeral flyer.

9. Basic Funeral Poster Banner


Another elegantly designed funeral banner which is designed by professional graphic designers. It has a separate portion or the biography, which can help in writing details of the person. Put the important information in the separate spaces provided in the flyer. Download it now and get ready the funeral flyer.

10. Funeral Roll Up Banner Template

This is a particular type of banner which can be used for both the funeral and the church banner both. Elegantly designed, this is having different background and a nicely shaped space for the picture uploads. This is a printable funeral program sample whose design is perfect for your closed ones funeral’s banner. Download it right now in any file format that you want.

11. Funeral PSD Banner Template

This funeral banner is another great option that is not getting time to sit for the banner design. Just download the template, do some simple edit, put a photoshop edited picture and drag and drop the important information about the funeral. You are already with the funeral flyer.

12. Vector Funeral Banner Design

If you are thinking of publishing the funeral banner in the newspaper, then just choose this template. This is a ready one template which can be given directly for the newspaper directly the format is made in such a way with the little usage of the words so that it can cost you in minimum.

13. Standard Funeral Banner


This is a simple, beautifully designed funeral banner which is perfect for those who are having minimal need. Download this template in any file format, and you can easily print this version too. The print quality is of a high standard, which is just the perfect one to get ready with the process.

14. Creative Funeral Banner

This sample funeral banner is another great one to fulfill the need of the banner instantly. Download this banner in any file format that you want to and get the ready-made flyer. This is the best option if you are looking for a single page template which has all the information on one page.

15. Modern Funeral Banner

This is another beautifully designed banner which can give you the option of doing easy edits and also get it in any file formats. Download this template if you are in a hurry to create a funeral banner for your closed ones amidst other tasks too.

16. Funeral Banner Sample

If you love modern designs in abstract paints, this template is just the right one. It gives a very professional look, which also conveys the sad news in a sympathetic way. Get the suggestive content ready and make some of the few changes in the information.

17. Funeral Banner in PSD

This is particularly for the funeral services which you can download for such kind of services. Get the best of all the templates suitable for the task. Easy to edit and simple to download, this template can be the right choice for your instant need.

18. Elegant Funeral Banner

This is the creatively designed funeral flyer, which is the best option for your banner options. This can be instantly downloaded in any kind of file formats that make it easy to print too. Get the banner now, and you will surely love the look of the flyer.

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