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A funeral is not only a goodbye, but it is also a celebration of one’s life. Since it would also be the last, it might be important for you to make it the best one you possibly can. Use poster templates to create the best possible poster for your loved one’s service, so that everyone can see what he/she meant to you.

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Create a Funeral Poster in 5 Steps

Step 1: Right Size

Firstly, you have to choose the right size for your poster. The bigger the poster, the more the space to fill, so choose the size of your poster wisely. See that the right information goes into the poster as the message is the main key for it. The memorial day has to be perfect, without any mistakes, so choose the right size.

Step 2: Poster Design

It should be very easy for your readers to read what is written on your poster without much effort, mostly in a single glance. Choose the right layout, order and justify your headlines, details, photos, and texts in a well-designed manner in your poster. Don’t make it clumsy by adding a lot of texts and information.

Step 3: Graphic Designs

Express through graphics like photographs, icons, and visual presentation. Graphics communicate what you want to say exactly to the reader. Make sure that there is an association between the texts and images you provide and that they relate to each other. Use high-resolution images, so that they are clear. You can also use funeral brochures in case you cannot get a hold of posters.

Step 4: Vibrancy in Your Poster

Posters are created to grab attention. Good color coordination can give the message to your audience. Choose colors that enhance your images and your message. A free poster has the ability to make a big impression even with a limited color choice. Make your posters active, but keep them simple.

Step 5: Text and Other Information

The headlines and titles of your poster should be simple. Once you glance at them, you should want to read it, not get annoyed by the way it looks. Different fonts, images, and texts can retain your audience’s attention for a while, to keep them reading the poster. Keep limited texts, with all the necessary details in your poster. Make sure that it has enough information about the deceased in it.

8+ Best Funeral Poster Templates

1. Funeral Service Poster Template in PSD

funeral service poster template in psd Download

A PSD obituary template, like the one above, can be used for funeral homes, memorial services, and funeral programs. This is a well-organized poster, that is readily available for you to edit and customize with photos and texts about your loved ones. Just mention the details of the funeral service, with necessary details.

2. Funeral Poster Design

funeral poster design Download

The final goodbye to your loved ones should be memorable to you and your family. Funeral booklets can also be of great help if not posters. Mention all the details and information of the service that you want your guests to know so that it is easier for them to know what will be going on in the service and this way, they can also pay their last respects properly.

3. Funeral Sign Poster Design

funeral sign poster design Download

You can make a funeral service a great celebration of the person’s life by using this poster design. It contains enough space for your loved one’s photo and basic information about their date of birth and date of death. The green and pink color combination make it look appealing to the eye and keeps it simple.

4. Creative Funeral Poster Template

creative funeral poster template Download

It is rather important that the posters you make for your loved one for their memorial service shouldn’t have anything negative on it. Make use of this above template to show what kind of a life did the deceased life and how can one be proud of it. Show people what are the major life lessons one can learn from their life and bring about change in the way they think.

5. Printable Funeral Poster Template

printable funeral poster template Download

Last goodbyes are never said before they go, only after. So, make sure you do that in the best possible way to show them that you love them and miss not having them around. This highly printable funeral obituary template is easily editable and customizable, with the use of different and elegant looking fonts, texts and images.

6. 4th Funeral Party Poster

4th funeral party poster Download

In some societies, a funeral party is also considered as a wake, where people of the family and a few others are invited to have a meal together and to discuss the great life the departed one has lived. Funeral obituary templates can be of great help for designing a party poster. Make the funeral party you are hosting a memorable one by using the above funeral party poster.

7. Library Funeral Poster Example

library funeral poster example Download

A library funeral can be defined as a funeral that is given as a final goodbye to world leaders or very famous personalities, with the utmost respect, with the country’s flag on them. Use the best graphic design posters to create the most beautiful posters for them.

8. Modern Funeral Poster Template in PDF

modern funeral poster template in pdf Download

Death is one of the most difficult time to pass for the family. During this time, nobody would want to create a poster from scratch. At one of the most difficult times, we make it easier for you to get this done easily Use the above template for a beach themed funeral service, just the perfect way to celebrate someone’s beautiful life.

9. Funeral Party Poster Design

funeral party poster design Download

A Rock-en-Seine is a three-day rock music festival held in Paris. During these 3 days, people are asked to draw posters with a rock-band themed topic, a drawing with a band playing at the festival. This artist drew a funeral party, showing that even death can be celebrated in the most beautiful and funny way.

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