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6+ Funeral Postcard Templates in PSD

When a person dies, a memorial service is conducted in honor of that person. After the event is conducted, guests who have attended the funeral are given cards which can be kept with them as a form of remembrance of the departed person. These specific cards can be designed using funeral card templates.

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5 Essential Steps to Create a Funeral Postcard

Step 1: Select a Template

There are plenty of templates one can choose from to create a wonderfully designed funeral postcard. You can either choose to keep it simple, classic, elegant or all of the three by using card templates.

Step 2: Enter the Demised Person’s Details.

After you have selected a template, you can mention the demised person’s name and their date of birth and date of death details. You can use fonts that can highlight the context while also simultaneously making it appear nice.

Step 3: Insert Image

Once you have entered the above details, you can proceed by inserting an image of the deceased person usually at the topmost part of the card or at the center. Choose a good picture and that which is of high quality.

Step 4: Acknowledgment

In this section, you can include a poem or any kind words thanking the guests and dear ones who have come to attend the funeral service of the departed person. As this card will be kept with them here on, show them your gratitude. To get an idea, you may take a look at funeral thank you cards.

Step 5: Print the Card

The final step that is to be done after ticking off all the above steps is to save the file and print it. But before you print it, you can once review it just to check if you have included all details that are required. There are also many other free cards that you can make use of to help you design the funeral postcard.

11+ Funeral Postcard Templates

1. Funeral Program Postcard in PSD

You can take a look at this funeral program postcard that enables you to send out a memorial card to the loved ones of the deceased person who have attended the event. It has a color scheme of gold and faint pink which looks elegant and royal. The fonts and texts are also appropriately highlighted in the necessary places.

2. Funeral Memorial Postcard Template

The above-shown funeral card memorial template is themed in pink and black and can be used to convey information about the deceased person. It can be handed over at the memorial services so guests and dear ones can keep it with them as a form of remembrance.

3. Funeral Announcement Postcard in PSD

Make an interesting postcard for the funeral ceremony of your departed one by using this “funeral announcement postcard in PSD” template. It has a beautiful floral theme that looks very appealing. You can add the image of the person amongst the highlighted floral design and some acknowledgements at the bottom of the postcard.

4. Printable Funeral Postcard Design

If you are looking for printable obituary card design, then you can take a look at this template. It incorporates floral in its postcard design which makes it refreshing and pleasing to look it. The image of the demised person can be placed in a small and beautiful designed frame at the top of the card along with some kind words or thoughts placed just below the image.

Check out this funeral postcard that is designed to look magical and beautiful. Use this template to customize and edit information for the deceased person such as the image, memorial service details, and date of birth and death details. You can download this free postcard at this very instant!

5. Memorial Service Postcard Design

Make a gorgeous and animated postcard with the help of this “memorial service postcard design” template. It is very simplistic yet beautiful in its design. It has flowers all over the card and an image of the deceased person that is dominant at the center. Include the service details at the bottom and it’s all set for use.

If you’re looking for a minimalist postcard, then you might like this “watercolor funeral postcard design” template. It is simple and themed in grey. A painting watercolor illustration is drawn on the postcard which gives it a unique look. You can add the name of the expired person using a stylish font. Free obituary templates can be downloaded and used to save time and as well as expenses.

6. Funeral Postcard Template in PSD

Themed in a beautiful shade of purple, this funeral postcard template in PSD can be downloaded and customized as per the funeral ceremony details. It can be used efficiently by adding content on both sides of the postcard. Download it now to honor your loved one with utmost grace.

7. Funeral Event Postcard in PSD

If you are conducting a funeral event, then you must consider using this “Funeral event postcard in PSD” template that looks elegant and beautiful. In this, the name of the deceased person can be mentioned on top of the floral design. You can also mention any notes towards the right side of the postcard in the given space provided.

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