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Table of Contents

  1. 5 Steps for Creating a Cohesive Funeral Stationery
  2. 8+ Funeral Stationery Templates
  3. 1. Classic Funeral Program Stationery Template
  4. 2. Creative Funeral Stationery in PSD
  5. 3. Sample Funeral Program Stationery Template
  6. 4. Funeral Stationery Template Design
  7. 5. Funeral Stationery Template in PSD
  8. 6. Elegant Funeral Stationery Template
  9. 7. Design Of Funeral Stationery Template
  10. 8. Modern Funeral Stationery in PSD
  11. 9. Simple Funeral Stationery Template

8+ Funeral Stationery Templates in PSD

A funeral program should be solemn, organized, and well-planned. More so, people who will attend the funeral must be guided with the things that are going to happen during the funeral. One of the funeral documents that you can create to ensure the smooth flow of a funeral event is a sample funeral stationery.

5 Steps for Creating a Cohesive Funeral Stationery

Are you going to plan, organize, and execute a funeral program? Make sure that you will look into the steps listed below so you can create a detailed and properly put together funeral stationery.

Step 1: Think of a Funeral Stationery Design

Have a funeral stationery design in mind. Think of the output that you would like to have so you can envision all the items and materials that you need to gather.

Step 2: Write the Content Draft for the Funeral Stationery

Your funeral stationery must provide a message relevant to the event and its program. Draft a message, a program flow, a thank you note, and/or a prayer so you can easily place any or all of these items in your template.

Step 3: Choose a Funeral Stationery Template

Once you already have the document’s content draft and design peg, start looking for an appropriate funeral stationery template that can enable you to format the funeral card in a presentable manner.

Step 4: Incorporate All Stationery Details in One Layout

Allocate spaces within the funeral stationery layout for all the design materials and information that you need to put together. Make sure that your item placements are well-thought-of so you can come up with cohesive funeral stationery as an output.

Step 5: Approve of the Final Funeral Stationery

Always check the details of the funeral stationery before printing it. Approve the final draft of the document and produce a number of copies which you think will be enough for the number of people that will go to the funeral service.

8+ Funeral Stationery Templates

1. Classic Funeral Program Stationery Template

classic funeral program stationery template

As much as possible, use colors that are earthen or those with nude tones. Applying a subtle color palette in your funeral booklet templates can result to a classic funeral program stationery. Through this, you can have a stationery design that is suitable for the funeral event.

2. Creative Funeral Stationery in PSD

creative funeral stationary in psd Download Now

Be creative when designing funeral stationery. If you are making mother funeral templates, think of the things that the mother who passed away likes or have interest in. This can help you select some of the funeral stationery design items which can actually match the personality of the deceased.

3. Sample Funeral Program Stationery Template

sample funeral program stationery template

Aside from neutral or subtle color selections, a sample funeral program stationery also has common designs like flowers, skies, and other things that are related to nature. This can be for the fact that dying is a natural process and these elements symbolize the return of a loved on to the creator.

4. Funeral Stationery Template Design

funeral stationary template design Download Now

Do not make the funeral stationery template design overwhelming. Use images, texts, and other design materials that go well when placed with one another. Follow an organized process when choosing the details of the funeral stationery so you can make sure that colors, features, and designs will not clash once you draft the layout of the specified document.

5. Funeral Stationery Template in PSD

funeral stationery template in psd

Include a photo of the person who passed away in the funeral stationery template. Select a photo that can provide a good memory of who the person is or what he or she looks like. Doing this can bring a lot of joyous relived moments especially to the funeral attendees that are truly close with the person who died.

6. Elegant Funeral Stationery Template

elegant funeral stationary template Download Now

Create an elegant funeral stationery by selecting refined and luxurious design items. You can also use colors that are associated with elegance and class like peach, black, gold, and silver. Having an elegant design can help create outstanding funeral stationery that is still appropriate to be used for the purpose that it needs to serve.

7. Design Of Funeral Stationery Template

design of funeral stationary template

The design of the funeral stationery matters as it can impact the solemnity of the event. Some people will even bring home the funeral stationery so they can have something to remind them of the deceased. Using a simple yet appealing design for the funeral program templates and other funeral documents can help you give out presentable documents that will forever be associated with your loved one who passed away.

8. Modern Funeral Stationery in PSD

modern funeral stationary in psd

Not all stationary templates need to be designed in the traditional way. There are actually modern funeral stationery samples that are used nowadays especially if this type of design theme is aligned with the characteristics of the person who died. Use sleek lines, futuristic design items, and modernized text styles to develop the modern design vision that you have for the funeral stationery.

9. Simple Funeral Stationery Template

simple funeral stationary template

Simple funeral stationery, just like a standard funeral bookmark, can be beneficial when systematically executing the entire funeral program. Make the funeral stationery understandable so all the people in the funeral service can be guided of the program continuity.

For some, it may not be necessary or essential to create funeral stationery. However, having this document during a funeral program or event can help answer the queries of some people about the program flow or the prayer requests of the family. Create a funeral program now with the help of the printable funeral stationery templates that we have listed in this post.

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