What Is a Funeral Service?

Letting our loved ones go when they pass away is one of the hardest things to do. The best way to send them off is to commemorate every moment you spent together with everyone else close to the person. With funeral services, family members and close friends will be able to prepare something for their loved ones without any hassle Read More

Types of Funeral Services

Funeral businesses will offer families the services they need to prepare the burial of their loved ones. These services tackle different activities and programs to do in the ceremony. Here are some of the services that are commonly encountered by people:

Program: A funeral program will be a list of all the activities going to happen in the ceremony. It covers the eulogy and special documentaries for the deceased. The funeral program will guide the funeral attendees with the order of the activities. From the processional, prayers, funeral readings to the final viewing, recessional, and intermittent location.

Cremation: This service is the process of turning the deceased body into ashes. Cremation is usually the alternative procedure of the burial ceremony. The ashes are also allowed to be brought by families home or to private burial locations.

Memorial: This funeral service involves memorial activities that do not necessarily need the deceased body present. Memorial services usually involve memorial boards, stations, statues, or anything that helps people commemorate someone.

Choose our Funeral Templates for Your Loved Ones

Sending off loved ones once they pass away is hard when done alone. Let people know you care and offer services to prepare a well-organized memorial for their loved ones through funeral documents. Choose a well-designed funeral material from one of our sample funeral templates and customize to match your preferences. Explore and download a template now!