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What Is a Funeral Service?

Letting our loved ones go when they pass away is one of the hardest things to do. The best way to send them off is to commemorate every moment you spent together with everyone else close to the person. With funeral services, family members and close friends will be able to prepare something for their loved ones without any hassle.... Read More


32+ Printable Funeral Brochure Templates

The concept of death is inevitable, unpredictable, and devastating. Sadly, it’s a reality all of us need to face at one point in our lives. Regardless, it is never wrong to prepare for one last moment before we officially part with our loved ones in the physical world. In this article, we have prepared steps to help you create a funeral brochure. This can be helpful when providing funeral services to those who need to pay their last respects to their loved ones. If you scroll down, you’ll see some sample printable funeral brochure for you to use.

Funeral Memorial Card Templates in AI | Word | Pages | PSD | Publisher | PDF

A funeral memorial card can be defined as a keepsake for those who have lost their loved ones and also the guests who come to pay their last respects to the deceased. These cards contain basic information about the departed soul and are small to carry. There are many sample funeral cards available online for you to choose from the best one, sot hat it saves you the pain of creating one from scratch.

19+ Funeral Order of Service Templates in PDF | PSD | Word | TTF | TPF

Make sure the events that are to be conducted at a funeral are followed smoothly without any haste, with the help of our funeral order of service templates. Ranging from a wide variety of different designs, you can pick one that suit’s your dearly departed the best. We have different funeral order of service templates applicable to specific cases, whether it is a Baptist/Catholic mass memorial, a non-religious cremation, or a traditional kind of funeral, you can find them here. Our funeral templates are also highly editable so you can make a more modern and personalized funeral order of service if you prefer.

11+ Funeral Planner Templates in PDF | Word | PSD

Planing a funeral service is a must. There are many people who will get together to send their condolences to your family. Hence, you should be prepared when it comes to the program that will be followed during the funeral. Use obituary templates and planner samples so you can draft a detailed funeral planner.

10+ Funeral Notice Templates in PDF | Word | Pages

Announcing the death of a person can be heartbreaking and painful. However, this must be done so concerned entities can be aware of the details of the funeral. You can create a funeral notice to help you with this subject matter. Use templates and other references when making the particular funeral notice that you and your family need.