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8+ Child Funeral Program Templates in PSD | PDF

The life of a kid is always worth celebrating. If your kid passed away at a very early age, honor and give thanks to the short span of time that he or she has lived by creating a sample funeral program. Creating this document can help you execute an organized child funeral service.

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5 Steps for Creating a Comprehensive Child Funeral Program

Are you here because you want to utilize the discussion and template samples available in this post? Listed below are the steps that you can use as a reference if you want to create a comprehensive, informative, and well-designed child funeral program.

Step 1: Choose a Child Funeral Program Template to Work On

There are pre-formatted guide tools that you can use to create the layout of your own child funeral program. Select the child funeral program template which you think is the best match with your design idea.

Step 2: Modify the Template’s Design and Format

Do not be complacent with the features of the template that you have selected. Your printable funeral program must be based on the actual program of your child funeral service. Hence, execute as much format and content modifications as you want up until you are already satisfied with the look of the document.

Step 3: Place the Content of the Child Funeral Program

The child funeral program that you are making may contain just the program alone or you can also add sweet notes, messages, and quotations. Funeral service reminders and requests can also be placed at the bottom or back part of the child funeral program.

Step 4: Evaluate Your Child Funeral Program Initial Draft

Are you already happy with the initial draft of the child funeral program? If there are things that you still want to change, make sure to look into and work on it right away prior to the starting date of the child funeral program’s printing.

Step 5: Create Printable and Electronic Versions of the Child Funeral Program

As we have specified above, you can make a printable child funeral program. However, it can also be useful if you will come up with an electronic version so you can just send the digital copy of the document to the people who are far from you at the moment in terms of location.

15+ Child Funeral Program Templates

1. Sample Child Funeral Program in PSD

A sample child funeral program must have a design that is appropriate for the age of the kid who passed away. Using vibrant colors, child-friendly images, and simple funeral program designs can be very appealing.

2. Child Funeral Program Example

funeral memorial program for a kid’s funeral should not look too serious, mature, or formal. You can include sketches, doodles, and graphics that can make the funeral program document look more youthful and fresh.

3. Design of Child Funeral Program in PSD


The design of the child funeral program should not be too distracting. It is great if you will take your time to design the document but make sure that you have design limitations. Have a well-thought-of design idea and execute it accordingly.

4. Child Funeral Program in PSD

When trying to draft a child funeral program, refer to a funeral program brochure or any other references that can help you select the best wordings and presentation for the actual child funeral program that you would like to use. Try to utilize a variety of design inspirations so you can have a cohesive design for the funeral program that you are making.

5. Vintage Child Funeral Program Template

You can get references from different design themes when developing a funeral program for a kid’s funeral. A vintage child funeral program can be realized if you will use vintage designs and aesthetics like a washed-out background, vintage roses, text bubbles, and hand-drawn ribbons.

6. Modern Child Funeral Program Example

If you want to create a modern child funeral program, invest your time and effort in finding modern styles and designs for a kid’s funeral program document. Look for materials that can showcase the modernity of your design selection without losing the purpose of the document which is to give a guide of what will happen during the funeral service.

7. Child Funeral Program Design in PSD

Your final child funeral program design must look well-put together. Identify the details that go along when placed side-by-side so you can cohesively merge them in the funeral program layout. Ensuring the cohesion of all content, images, and design materials can give you an output that is presentable, clean, and well-formatted.

8. Basic Child Funeral Program Template


If you want a basic child funeral program template, allow your design selection to be simple; sleek; subtle; and clean. Do not use wild colors or overwhelming design items so you can maintain the simplicity of your program presentation.

9. Elegant Child Funeral Program

The free programs that you will relay to your expected funeral guests can be presented in an exquisite manner. Use an elegant child funeral program to make the program specification more refined and luxurious. Use design materials that are associated with elegance like lace fabrics, velvet textures, ribbons, pearls, gold, and diamonds.

Do not shy away from being creative as you make the child funeral program. A creative child funeral program can have interesting design elements like animals, trees, and flowers. You can also use beautiful font styles to match the images and other items that you will put in the child funeral program.

Let the child funeral program that you will use be visually-pleasing. Make the most out of the design templates and funeral program samples that we have collected above so you can become more inspired to develop an impressive, informative, and attractive design for a child funeral program.

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