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17+ Funeral Prayer Card Templates in PSD | Word

Praying for a loved one who passed away has been a tradition for generations. Create a funeral card that can serve as a prayer guide for the people who would like to say a solemn prayer for their departed family member, friend, or colleague.

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5 Steps for Developing a Basic Funeral Prayer Card

Are you in the midst of listing down all the funeral tools, materials, and documents that you need? Do not forget the creation of a simple funeral prayer card. Below are the steps that you can try to follow when developing a basic funeral prayer card.

Step 1: Identify the Design Materials That You Need

Think of a design theme or a vision that you would like to materialize. In this way, you can list down all the design items and materials that are essential to be gathered so you can realize the funeral prayer card design that you have in mind.

Step 2: Create or Select the Prayer That You Want to Put in the Funeral Card

The content of your funeral prayer card matters as much as its design. Write a prayer that you would like the entities who will go to the funeral service to solemnly read. You can also include a few information about the deceased or the event program so you can develop an informative prayer funeral card.

Step 3: Format the Funeral Prayer Card By Using a Card Template

Since you are already knowledgeable and aware of the things that are needed to include in the funeral prayer card, what you should do next is to select a downloadable card template for your formatting needs. Use a funeral prayer card template that can present all card details appropriately.

Step 4: Design the Final Funeral Prayer Card Layout

Gather your design materials, funeral program, prayer draft, and document format so you can already develop the layout of your funeral prayer card. Create necessary adjustments with your design idea depending on how the overall funeral prayer card goes in terms of its design development and presentation.

Step 5: Finalize the Design, Content and Format Presentation of the Funeral Card

Your funeral prayer card must be checked and assessed first before printing copies or sending it to your email list. Make sure that you have seen the final funeral prayer card document before you produce card copies for the attending entities of the funeral.

17+ Funeral Prayer Card Templates

1. Funeral Prayer Card Template

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  • PSD
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Be guided by a funeral prayer card template when making a sample funeral prayer card. You have to think of the format that you would like to use for the document so that it will be more efficient for you to select the best funeral card template for the type of funeral prayer card that you want to develop.

2. Sample Funeral Prayer Card

To help you decide on the design and format that you plan to use for the funeral prayer card, you can view or browse through a selection of different funeral prayer card samples. Get design ideas that can help your creative juices flow. You can have a simple funeral prayer card design or you may also opt to have creative or modern funeral prayer cards.

3. Basic Funeral Prayer Card


If all you wanted to have is a basic funeral prayer card for the funeral service of your loved ones, use color palettes that are simple. You can also use standard funeral document background designs like clouds or a color block of blue and white. Ensure that the final funeral prayer card design is pleasing to the eyes.

4. Simple Funeral Prayer Card in PSD

A simple funeral prayer card, when done accordingly and appropriately, can help funeral attendees or guests to have peace towards the death of their friend, family member, partner, relative, or workmate. Use samples and templates of free cards when making a funeral prayer card so that people during the funeral service can devote their time by praying for the soul of the person who died.

5. Funeral Prayer Card Example

There are many funeral prayer card samples that have plain backgrounds. This is purposely done for the readers of the card to focus on the document’s prayer content. Rather than creating an overwhelming or striking funeral prayer card design, use templates that can help you showcase the prayer details of the document.

6. Modern Funeral Prayer Card Template


There are many funeral card templates that can help you make a modern funeral prayer card. Selecting the right template can allow you to achieve the funeral card design that you want. With this, always be selective by the references that you will use so you can have the output that you have initially envisioned.

7. Design of Funeral Prayer Card

When thinking of the design of your funeral prayer card, think of the overall look of the funeral service as well as how the deceased person is remembered by friends and family. Align your design concept with these elements so you can have a suitable and appropriate funeral prayer card for the funeral program.

8. Funeral Prayer Card Sample

Your funeral prayer card sample can depict instances or events of bidding goodbye. As an example, the death of a loved one can be symbolized by the sunset background of your funeral prayer card.

9. Elegant Funeral Prayer Card in PSD

If you prefer to use an elegant funeral prayer card for your funeral program, use quality materials when printing the document. Aside from that, make sure that you will use a luxurious color palette so you can develop a design aesthetic that is aligned with your elegant card preferences.

10. Catholic Funeral Card Template

Consider the religion or religious beliefs of the person who died. If you need to create a catholic funeral card template, ensure that you will include a catholic prayer in the document. This is to show respect to the religion that the person who passed away selected for himself or herself.

11. Free Funeral Prayer Card Template


Online, there are many free funeral prayer card templates that you can refer to. However, always be reminded to not be overwhelmed by the quantity of the references available out there. Stick to the purpose of the funeral prayer card, the design idea that you want to execute, and the card template character that you want to showcase in your final funeral prayer card output.

12. Funeral Prayer Card in PSD

If you are tasked to make a funeral prayer card for the first time, being tactical with regards to your development processes is key to creating an effective funeral prayer card. You have to strategically follow a step-by-step process, like the one that we have discussed above, so it can be more efficient for you to finalize the draft of the funeral prayer card that you are asked to create.

13. Funeral Prayer Card Template in Doc

A funeral prayer card template does not only contain the prayer that you have prepared. You can also include poems, bible scriptures, quotations, and other items which you think can make the funeral prayer card become more usable during the funeral proper. Make sure that your content can be well-presented in the funeral prayer card template that you have selected.

14. Sample Funeral Prayer Card in PSD

You have the option to make either a formal sample of a funeral prayer card or an informal one. Again, the way you develop this particular type of prayer card must be based on some elements like your funeral program; the type of funeral prayer that you will incorporate in the document; and the request of the family members of the person who passed away.

15. Funeral Prayer Card Design

When choosing the funeral prayer card design that you are planning to develop, ensure that your design choice is attainable. Identify whether you have the ability to execute particular design requirements. No matter how great your funeral prayer card idea is, poor execution due to lack of design expertise can only let you settle for a mediocre card design.

16. Funeral Programme Prayer Card

It will be amazing if you can add the funeral program in your funeral prayer card. This can lessen the items that you need to hand to the people who will go to the funeral to send their condolences. More so, this can give you a faster and more efficient time when designing the particular funeral document as you can place a lot of information in just one material.

17. Standard Funeral Prayer Card

Create a standard funeral prayer card so you can already have a basic document layout that you can just develop or update if you want to make it more visually-pleasing. Also, starting the creation of the document in a simple route can give you more time to improve your funeral prayer card design ideas.

18. Funeral Prayer Card Sample

Do not over complicate the aesthetic of the funeral prayer card. Always remember the purpose of the document and the reason why it is necessary for you to create one. Your funeral prayer card sample should exude happiness and hope that the person who passed away is already in the hands of his creator.

Use templates and other types of references when making a funeral prayer card to ensure the document’s effectiveness. Put in mind that a funeral prayer card is an essential funeral document which is why you have to develop it in a formal, appropriate, and organized manner.

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