5 Funeral Resolution Templates

A funeral resolution is specific than an ordinary funeral invitation. For instance, the latter just states the time, date and venue of the funeral that is to take place. However, a funeral resolution will consist of dedication, an obituary or even a eulogy. In simple terms, the funeral resolution adds a certain dignity and character to the event as a whole. Now to create this resolution can be a tough task. However, you can resort to these templates provided below. You can also see the funeral template.

funeral resolution

Traditional Funeral Resolution Template

traditional funeral resolution template

This funeral resolution template comes in a light pink setting with a beautiful pink floral pattern adorning the sides. You can also see a floral funeral template that is available on our website. Do check them out. See the memorial card templates available on our website to make cards for the memorial service of your loved one.

Funeral Resolution Memory Template

funeral resolution memory template

This funeral resolution template comes in an A4 size format that is already set for printing. This template also consists of a black background and beautiful golden borders that add to the charm. This simple and elegant funeral resolution will give a worthy goodbye to your loved one that is memorable for a long time. You can also see memorial service program templates to have a planned and memorable service for the person in question.

Immediate Disposition Funeral Resolution Template

immediate disposition funeral resolution template

This funeral resolution template comes with a light cream background and a colorful pattern all over the template. Also, it is 100 % editable and customizable. You will be able to change the minute details easily as it is highly editable and can be easily customized. The simple colors used make it look pretty and not too glittery as many funeral ceremony invitations do. You can also check Catholic funeral invitations to have an idea of how their invitations would be.

Memorial Funeral Resolution Template

memorial funeral resolution template

The color white looks the classiest when it comes to special events like funerals. In this template, you will find a spot for an image where you can insert the picture of the deceased person. Church funerals are done all around the world for many people. It is believed that it is a way to ask God to take you into his arms. Mention the details of the service, date, time and location, and a little bit about your loved one as well. You can also check memorial service templates for more designs for your funeral invitations.

Premium Funeral Resolution Template Download

premium funeral resolution template download

This template allows you to use both sides of the invitation. For instance, you can put the basic details and the image on one side and dedication or a eulogy on the other. Use quotes or words that you think were best used by the deceased and place them on the card as a memory of your loved one. As it would be your last goodbye to your loved one, it should be as special as possible. For that, you can use our funeral invitation templates for more designs.

What do the Funeral Resolution Templates Contain?

A funeral resolution template contains the details of the funeral about to take place. It is also much more than that. A funeral resolution template has two sides, each containing separate information. On one side, you have a catchy heading that immediately appeals to the eye. That is followed by an image of the deceased, which is usually surrounded by a border. You will also find the details of the event like the date, time and venue. On the other page, you will find some words about the deceased, a eulogy, a dedication or some details about his or her life.

Benefits of the Funeral Resolution Templates

The funeral resolution templates come with plenty of benefits. Some of them are as follows:

  • These templates have been developed by professionals who know exactly what an event like this requires.
  • They are fully customizable and editable. Once you download the template, you can edit and customize the textual and graphic elements of the template.
  • These templates come in the usual size and a print ready format and also, they are available in a word format, so it is easier for you to use.
  • They are also well designed, professional, elegant, lavish, appealing and charming to say the least.

Use the funeral thank you card templates as a piece of gratitude to the people who have attended the service and for also being a huge part of your loved ones life throughout. If someone in your locality has passed away, you can use the sympathy card templates we have to show that you feel for them. These templates would make your work ten times easier for you and would reduce your hassle as well. All you have to do is download them!