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  1. Notice Template Bundle
  2. 5 Steps to Draft a Complete Funeral Notice
  3. 10+ Funeral Notice Templates
  4. 1. Funeral Notice Template
  5. 2. Free Funeral Notice Template
  6. 3. Simple Funeral Notice Template
  7. 4. Death Notice Template
  8. 5. Funeral Notice Sample Template
  9. 6. Funeral Directors Privacy Notice
  10. 7. Funeral Notice Template in PDF
  11. 8. Sample Funeral Notice Template
  12. 9. Funeral Notice Guideline Template
  13. 10. Funeral Notice Sample
  14. 11. Example of Funeral Service Notice

10+ Funeral Notice Templates in PDF | Word | Pages

Announcing the death of a person can be heartbreaking and painful. However, this must be done so concerned entities can be aware of the details of the funeral. You can create a funeral notice to help you with this subject matter. Use templates and other references when making the particular funeral notice that you and your family need.

Notice Template Bundle

notice template bundle
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5 Steps to Draft a Complete Funeral Notice

Are you planning to make and use a funeral notice? The easy steps that you can follow when drafting a comprehensive funeral notice are briefly discussed below.

Step 1: List All the Necessary Information About the Funeral Service

Your funeral notice must be complete with all the information that you would like funeral attendees to be aware and knowledgeable of. Present funeral service details in an organized manner by using tools like outlines, checklists, and drafts.

Step 2: Create a Statement for a Funeral Notice

The development of the funeral notice should anchor on the statement of the family of the person who passed away. Initially create an original statement that you will put in the funeral notice. You can then include quotations, sample obituary writing, and other wordings in the document if you want to.

Step 3: Think of the Design that You Would Like to Incorporate in the Funeral Notice

If you have already finalized the content details of the funeral notice, think of the manner of presentation that you would like to execute. Look for design references and inspirations that can give you a vision of how you want the funeral notice to look like.

Step 4: Download a Template and Begin Formatting Your Notice Content

Put all of the details that you have prepared in a single funeral notice template. Download a template which you think can help you create the best notice that you particularly need for a specific funeral service. Analyze the overall presentation of the funeral notice and add, remove, or change design items based on how you would like the final funeral notice to look like.

Step 5: Have an Overview of Your Initial Funeral Notice Draft

After all the procedures that you followed, look at the output that you have made. If you are already satisfied with the funeral notice draft, create an electronic version that you can send through email. Also, develop a printable funeral notice that you can personally give to the people who are nearby or those you plan to visit.

10+ Funeral Notice Templates

1. Funeral Notice Template

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  • Word
  • PSD

Size: US

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The procedures of developing a funeral announcement must be carefully followed. Use a funeral notice template so you can provide only the necessary information about the death of the person and the details of the funeral service. Doing this can help you protect or secure confidential, private, and sensitive details while ensuring that the announcement of a person’s death has been efficiently made.

2. Free Funeral Notice Template

free funeral notice template
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  • Word
  • Pages
  • PDF

Size: A4, US

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When using death notice templates, you need to identify your target audience. In this manner, you can develop a statement that is suitable for them and their level of understanding. You can browse through different kinds of funeral notice templates and other document references so you can be more aware on how to craft funeral notices depending on certain instances and circumstances.

3. Simple Funeral Notice Template

simple funeral notice
File Format
  • PDF

Size: 60.5 KB

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The funeral notice that you will create must be direct to the point. Have a precise and concise statement and funeral service discussion so you can give all the important details to concerned entities. Using a funeral notice template can allow you to come up with a simple or basic funeral notice that is comprehensive and well-presented.

4. Death Notice Template

death notice
File Format
  • PDF

Size: 43.0 KB

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A death notice template can give you a pre-formatted document layout that you can utilize to your advantage. Referring to a template tool can promote process efficiency and optimization. If you will refer to a funeral notice template, you can easily have a system or a strategy on how to deliver the funeral notice appropriately.

5. Funeral Notice Sample Template

funeral notice sample
File Format
  • PDF

Size: 344.0 KB

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There are funeral notices that are used by a company. It can be for the purpose of asking for financial help to the members of the business so that they can support the funeral services of a team member who passed away, or it can simply be a way to disseminate information about the death of an employee.

6. Funeral Directors Privacy Notice

funeral directors privacy
File Format
  • PDF

Size: 135.7 KB

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Death notices come in different forms, shapes, and ways of presentation. With this, you have to be particular and specific with the reason on why you are trying to draft the funeral document. Being guided by the purpose of the funeral notice’s usage can give you the advantage of specifying necessary or needed information which can lessen or remove the possibility of coming up with an irrelevant and poorly-made notice document.

7. Funeral Notice Template in PDF

funeral notice template in
File Format
  • PDF

Size: 121.0 KB

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A free notice can be used when working with broadcasting sites, newspapers, media companies, and online parties. A death notice sheet or funeral service notice form is developed so that entities can be aware on what information to give or disclose to their audience about a person’s death or funeral.

8. Sample Funeral Notice Template

sample funeral notice
File Format
  • PDF

Size: 307.3 KB

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With the different types of funeral notices that you can create, you have to be reminded that a funeral notice document can be private or for public consumption. There are funeral notices that are only given to family members, relatives, and close friends. More so, there are kinds of funeral notices that are handed to companies; establishments; big groups; and the like.

9. Funeral Notice Guideline Template

funeral notice guideline
File Format
  • PDF

Size: 972.1 KB

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Always read the funeral notice guideline before presenting any statement or death and funeral information. The specification of the terms and conditions with regards the usage of notice information must be reviewed accordingly so that there will be no chances of announcing any misleading or inaccurate information about the subject matter.

10. Funeral Notice Sample

funeral notice
File Format
  • PDF

Size: 58.9 KB

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A funeral notice can be a lengthy document or it can also be a brief presentation of the precise details about a funeral. No matter how you want to develop the funeral notice, you have to make sure that it can give an accurate and direct idea about the funeral program or event that will occur.

11. Example of Funeral Service Notice

example of funeral service
File Format
  • PDF

Size: 17.8 KB

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If you want to fully-utilize a funeral service notice, you can also include statements of prayer requests. Other than that, the document may also contain information about the person who passed away and the reason why the notice recipient was given the funeral notice.

It is true that making a funeral notice is an additional task to the people who are organizing the funeral service. Though it is an added responsibility, do not skip the creation of a funeral notice as it can give more people the awareness that they need to have about someone’s passing.

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