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12+ Personalized Memorial Card Designs and Templates – PSD, AI

Death is one of the most painful experiences we have to endure. The uncertainty of when it is going to happen is a fear shared by most people. We are all bound for death, but we surely will never be ready for it when it will eventually happen. The same goes for our loved ones when death knocks on their doors, it is the most heart-wrenching and devastating thing we will ever have to go through. Enduring is necessary, but it is inevitable to feel empty, alone, and sad. At times, looking for solace in our sadness. You may also see invitation card designs.

Death is sad and tragic. That is why we look for ways to comfort the people left behind by those who departed. That is why, like flowers, memorial card designs should be paramount to a funeral as it shows a gesture of respect and sincere condolences. It commemorates the deceased and in a way celebrates the life they had; it simply works as a tribute to those who have departed the world and as a keepsake to those bereaved to somehow keep the memory of the departed alive. You may also like debit card designs.

Funeral Memorial Service Card

memorial service card template
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Size: 4×6, 5×7 Inches,+ Bleed

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Memorial Card Template

memorial card template
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Size: 4×6, 5×7 Inches,+ Bleed

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Pet Memorial Card Template

pet memorial card template
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Size: 4×6, 5×7 Inches,+ Bleed

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Funeral Program Photoshop Template

funeral program photoshop template 788x

Funeral Program Template/Funeral Card

funeral program template funeral card v0

Funeral Program Template

funeral program template 788x

Memorial cards are prevalent in funeral parlors, they stock and provide for those who seek. Usually, they are all alike, made with the same idea and template. Almost as if there is a mandatory guideline to follow. But, with this list of memorial cards, it is more personalized, giving you an edge that sets it apart from most memorial cards out on the market. So, if you are an individual seeking a more non-conforming memorial card, something that is more personalized, here is a list for you. You may also see best premium business card template designs.

Memorial Cards

The history of where memorial cards originated may not be as clear, but its vagueness still provided an insight into how this tradition began. Memorial cards or as it is also known funeral cards, mass cards, memoriam cards or in memoriam cards began as a religious card in general and was not intended for the deceased. Images of saints or bible scenes were used to amplify the sacredness or holiness of this card back in the day. Today, it is as important as flowers on funerals and this may have been derived from the Victorian tradition of handing out cards on such occasion.

In the years of Victoria’s reign, black kid gloves were given out to people who attended the funeral and for those who were unable to, a memorial card accompanied the gloves. Then, later on, memorial cards became a tradition of their own with how elaborate and ostentatious some are designed. Back in those days, simplicity was irrelevant, the more extravagant the card was, the better. Victorian memorial cards contained designs that had a symbolic meaning to it: “ivy meant undying affection, the yew symbolized immortality. The weeping willow connoted sorrow. Angels were an image of divinity, a serpent swallowing its tail meant eternity. The anchor was a symbol of faith, and a broken column indicated a violent or premature death” (McLeod). They also added texts that began the card which was kept generally simple, as such were “In Affectionate Remembrance” and “Sacred To The Memory Of”.

Today, the tradition of handing out memorial cards still lives on. People are still stuck with the tradition of doing so to commemorate the deceased and the life they lived. It is both a beautiful, sentimental gesture that pays respect and gives comfort to the bereaved of the deceased. That is why, despite the vague beginnings of the memorial card, it was compensated with how clear the intent is— to simply remember those who have left us. You may also like unique business card designs.

Simple Funeral Program Template/Funeral Card

simple funeral program template funeral card

Funeral Prayer Cards

funeral prayer cards 788x

Peace Funeral Prayer Card Template

peace funeral prayer card template 788x

What is the Content of a Memorial Card?

1. Name of the Deceased Person

Memorial cards are intended for those who have departed the world. So, it is just right that their name is placed on the memorial card to both identify and commemorate. Having this information makes it personal to the family left behind by the person and in a way makes it special by having the deceased person’s name. Also, taking into account that most memorial cards almost look alike, having the name of the person makes it unique and special. You may also like examples of credit card designs.

2. The Dates of the Deceased Person’s Birth and Death

The purpose of this information is to celebrate the life lived by the deceased. Either his or her life was cut short or he or she was able to live the life one intends to live, it in a way gives off that celebratory feeling in a midst of a sorrowful disposition. And, it simply informs the people for how long one has lived their life. You may also check out professional business card designs that will inspire you.

3. A Poem, Prayer, or Verse

This is where one can personalize their memorial card by simply adding in the person’s favorite poem, prayer, or verse. Most funeral parlors prefer to add a beautiful prayer or bible verse to their memorial cards that are commonly shared by all. There is a freedom given to individuals with this part, whatever one wishes to add will surely be a unique element in the memorial card, especially when it is personalized. You might be interested in business card design.

4. Funeral Home

This is most important especially when you are a funeral home that provides ready-made memorial cards. Putting the name and the logo of your funeral home has benefits that help your business in the long run. It can work as a promotional medium that will help bring in brand awareness which can, in turn, generate more clientele and profit. You may also see creative id card designs.

5. Personal Photo and other Image or Symbol

There are two photos on a memorial card: first, is the photo of the deceased. Putting in the photo of the departed will just make the card extra special and will surely bring sincere smiles of longing from the people close to the person. It will also help the people left behind not forget what the person looked like and will just engrave a photo that is as beautiful as the life lived by the deceased. Second, is a photo of a religious symbol such as Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, or any popular saint. You may also like handmade card designs.

6. A Personal Note from the Family

This one could either come from the intermediate family or the family giving the memorial card to the bereaved. Adding a personal note to the memorial card just makes it unique and personal. Doing so will make the memorial card more genuine, sincere, and heartfelt especially in a time when comfort is much needed. A personal note will ultimately warm the hearts of those who will receive and get to read the memorial card. You may also check out sleek business card designs & templates.

Purple Floral Funeral Program

purple floral funeral program

Funeral Prayer Card Template

funeral prayer card template 788x

How to Best Acquire Your Very Own Personalized Memorial Card?

Today, with the continued growth of technology, everything is made a lot easier for people to do. True as in the case of creating your very own memorial card, wherein you just have to do it with a design software. With this software, any designs for memorial cards are within reach. Considering that everyone now prefers to do it with technology, the best way to acquire your own personalized memorial card is by also tapping into it. You just simply have to buy one that is premade and readily available online.

Premade memorial card designs and templates come with benefits that make it an ideal choice for anyone seeking their very own card. Aside from it already being readily available online, there are also other things that make it preferable. With that said, here is a list of reasons as to why premade memorial cards are better? You may also see amazing flash card design templates.

1. Premade

To begin, premade memorial card designs and templates are readily available online. Saving you tons of time from waiting and waiting for your card to finish. With a premade design, you already get an idea of how your card will look like in its actuality. You may also like best premium birthday card design templates.

2. Affordable

This is what truly sets premade memorial cards from its counterpart which is having it custom made. There is a gulf between their price-points making premade the ideal option. This is because premade designs and templates are made in assumption to what the market might want. Meaning, the designer of these memorial card designs are not obliged to follow any demands or requests and have the liberty to do and finish the design whenever he or she feels like it. Unlike going with having it custom made, where demands and requests dictate the overall price of the design. Such factors are being taken into account when one opts to have it custom made. As such are the consultations that transpire pre-making of your memorial card, which is to fully know what you want as a client, and the number of hours the graphics artists spent in making your card. All these will dictate the end-price of your memorial card, which will ultimately cost a lot. You may also check out discover card designs.

Simple Funeral Prayer Card Template

funeral prayer card template1 788x

Genral Funeral Prayer Card Template

genral funeral prayer card template

3. Easy to Edit

Premade memorial card designs and templates are easy to edit. Considering that there is a design already laid out for you, all you have to do is follow where certain elements should go. This is also because premade designs and templates come in a file that is very easy to edit and customize. At times, they come with smart object layers that enable you to move around elements in the designs to create a more personalized memorial card.

4. Different Options

There is the notion that premade designs and templates only come in small, almost similar, options. But, that is not the case, premade designs and templates come in many different options giving you an array to choose from. Premade designs and templates come in simple designs, modern designs, even elaborate designs. So, there are definitely different designs for every different preference. You might be interested in beautiful greeting card designs.

If you found this article helpful in any way, do not forget to bookmark this page. And, kindly share this with other people seeking the best personalized memorial cards. You may also like business cards for designers.

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