According to a 2018 global survey conducted by, the three advertising agencies in India got the first three spots in the study known as the "most effective advertising campaigns in 2018." The Womb Mumbai Agency developed an ad about a digital music play that could reach older generations. At the same time, the Ogilvy Mumbai and McCann New Delhi got the second and third spots for executing a campaign about social issues. So, if you want to improve your campaign, make use of our ready-made Advertising Flowchart packed with the essential features you need to make your advertising process organized. Formats are available in Publisher, PDF, Docs, Pages, and Word. Grab it now and get advanced!

How to Create an Advertising Flowchart in Publisher

Whether you are boosting your business, advocating social issues, or educating the public, advertising always plays its crucial role in campaigning. It also follows a process to make your ads effective and powerful. Our team composed some steps to help you create an Advertising Flowchart to make your campaign successful:

1. Determine Plan, Objectives, and Goals

Planning should be imperative in this process. It equips you for the future and provides a solution to any circumstance. You can start by meeting with your team and discuss your objectives, goals, content, social media marketing, sales promotion, loyalty program, and business strategy.

2. Aim for the Target Audience

Besides planning, you also need to discuss who your target audience are. Knowing your target audience can be challenging since it forces you to connect your message with them. You will also need to create an advertising concept that will influence and change their behavior for them to avail of the product or to support an advocacy.

3. Estimate the Budget Costs

An advertisement must have funds before producing it. This process can be crucial since you have to present a proposal and the details of the campaign. Your budget will depend on the kind of project you want to execute or the other way around.

4. Consider the Channels

The media plays a vital role in boosting your ads. These mediums include print, radio, television, and social media. But whatever channel is effective, go for it as long as it can reach your target market.

5. Create a Content and Schedule

Now, it's time that you should finalize the content of your ads and proposal. A schedule is also needed for the production and the airing of the ad. And when you are done, with the transactions and approvals, execute your campaign.

6. Craft a Flowchart

After you've been through a lot of processes, it's time that you start crafting a chart for you to share it with others. You can use Open MS Publisher and start making your layout. And when you are done, save, print, and display the flowchart layout.

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