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 Creating a new app as part of your IT project but knowing the fundamental process flow helps you better understand the app creation. Start your simple plan by studying the basic key of programming and the command functions on every language. Providing a principle flow of putting code into an app is as easy as understanding the interaction you have indicated in your flowchart. Each step is brainstorm and break down into pieces to prevent errors. As we envision to provide you a clear view of the app flowchart, we made these sample flowchart 100% editable, customizable and professional. It is downloadable and available in any device with several formats: Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, and Adobe Photoshop.  

What is an App Flowchart

From the third quarter of 2016 to the First quarter of 2018, an average of 6,140 mobile apps was released through the Google Play Store every day based on the recent study posted on These data entails that several app creators made significant progress in shaping our life to make it more convenient than in the past few years. Who can live without a phone today? I guess a few only can survive to have no mobile on their on-the-go pockets. We're more than grateful knowing that millennial's life is now just a one-click away. No matter how luxurious your mobile phone, it does contain a piece of you that can never separate you from anywhere you go. This website app and a mobile app run through specific hosting platforms that enable you to identify bugs, glitches, and errors — maintained by a central database and numerous software to keep the app running on your mobile phone through an internet channel. FaceApp, Instagram, Yolo, and Facebook are some of the famous application that connects people from one region to another part of the globe. So take a look at the necessary process these brilliant apps can do through an app flowchart discuss in the next section.

How to make an App Flowchart in PDF

An app runs under either ios or android platform. They both provide fantastic support to every app. With your flowchart, the diagram seen as a complex and complicated pattern. However, just break down every piece into a single idea to help us analyze and interpret the code of the whole process. In creating your app flowchart, we consider several factors and steps to launch an efficient app diagram as follows :

1.What Category Your App Belong

When you sneak out and roam around Google Store and App Store, apps arranged by category from game to social media applications, knowing the type enhances your understanding of what specific programming flows it contains. Same with that app categories, underlying code lies beneath with additional interface, especially for paid apps. Different coding languages, but they execute fundamental interactions in the stockpile for some apps. It helps you in starting the process flow from login credentials to the next process.  

2. Navigate through the App

Experience is always the best teacher, so taking time to familiarize every step through using the prototype or an actual app is a lot easier than doing research. In this way, you may understand how a particular app response to a random touch you have initiated. You may supplement your knowledge with research analysis and fact sheets that are available online to know the basic process flow of an application based on your chosen app.

3. Brainstorm Process

After studying the fundamentals and securing the entire process content, you may now accomplish the diagram with essential process flow. It usually started with login credentials or account creation. For example, when you use a restaurant application like Chipotle App, it all began with gaining your data to create an account. Then, after sufficing the app with details, it will open up with app features enabling you to submit your order after supplying the order feature page with more information. Several app responses to the interaction you have provided, so creating a flowchart are just like dumping the app with a set of orders.

4. Use Shapes

A diagram is always composed of different symbols and patterns of directional icons. There's a standard symbol you can use in every process flows. You can use basic shapes for your starting point, process flow, and decision point to enhance visual interpretation. Moreover, you can use different direction icons to connect one process to another, which is very much useful in creating a cross-functional diagram. Also, putting colors in every designated step helps identify the level of interaction within each other in the whole process.

5. Mock-Up Flows

It signals an action to try the model if the process coincides with the arrangement of processes you had with the chosen app. If you feel that there's a specific flow that does not follow the execution plan, refraining from putting those steps will help your flowchart to run consistently. Reviewing each step and content on your diagram is a must. App created by a set of specific codes and single errors compromised the whole process.