It won't hurt if you take time and create something that can express your appreciation for someone or for something that they have done. In fact, it can benefit both of you. It can make them feel appreciated, and in return, you will feel the satisfaction of making them feel happy. In case you are in a dilemma on how to show your appreciation, then sending a letter will help. You can download and use our easily-editable Appreciation Letter template in Apple Pages. Our template comes with content that can help you put your sincerity into words. Spread love and download our template now!

How to Write an Appreciation Letter in Apple Pages

According to Forbes, there are seven benefits of expressing your gratitude to someone. These seven benefits are; it can help you find more relationships; it improves your physical and psychological health; it increases your empathy and lessen anger; it can help you sleep better; it boosts confidence, and strengthen your mental capacity. These seven benefits can help a lot to mold someone to be a better person.

Sending an appreciation letter can both benefit the sender and the receiver. That is why it is always good to create something that can benefit a lot of people. An appreciation letter can be sent with any purpose, as long as you feel the gratitude towards someone. Whatever your reason for sending an appreciation letter, we have tips here that will help you.

1. Think the Format

There are three formats you can consider for your letter, it can be in a business letter format, in email form, or a personalized letter. Business letter format suits for appreciation letters that are intended for your employers. If you want your letter to be received immediately or it is for someone who is far away, then it will be better to send your appreciation letter through email. As for appreciation letters that are for your close friends, special someone, or family, then it is appropriate to personalize the letter.

2. Write the Letter Immediately

Showing gratitude and expressing thanks must not be delayed. It must be expressed as soon as possible. Once you feel grateful to someone, then it is a must to immediately send them a simple letter to show them that you are thankful for what they did. If possible, after you have received something or when you feel grateful, write an appreciation letter for them immediately.

3. State the Purpose

Your receiver will sometimes get confused as to why you are sending them an appreciation letter. To avoid confusion, you must state why you are sending the letter. Your purpose can be anything that you feel grateful. If you think that your reason is invalid or informal, then no need to worry since there are tons of types of appreciations. It can be appreciation service rendered, appreciation financial support, project appreciation, or staff appreciation. Whatever it is, you must state it in your letter.

4. Express Sincerity

The content of your letter must be enough for the receiver to make them feel how sincere and grateful you are. You must pour your sincerity and all your thank you in the letter. Express your sincerity on how grateful you are for what they have done or for what they have achieved. But, take note, make it short and concise. Making your letter super long will make your receiver lost interest in reading further and will only waste your effort.

5. Pair it with a Token

If you are not satisfied with only sending a letter, you can also send it with a token appreciation. Sometimes words can't fathom your feelings. To completely complete your sincerity, then an appreciation gift is a perfect thing to do. It does not need to be expensive; it can be anything like cards as long as it's from your heart.

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