How to Create a Bridal Shower Invitation in Apple Pages

Are you ready to walk down the aisle and exchange your “I Do”? Whether you are a mother of a soon to be bride or a bride’s maid, wedding preparations are a precious moment. According to the 2018 analysis released by Statista, over 87% of the American population believes that true love exists. Eventually, this data explains that the majority, too, will end up exchanging vows with their partners. And then the next, you are married for the rest of your life. But wait! There is more to celebrations beforehand than jumping into the big day right away. Indeed, women love surprises. And if you or someone you know is soon to be wife, make this last few days of being single romantic and unique by throwing a bridal shower. Invite your close friends and family to celebrate a classy beach themed wedding shower with you or a loved one. Inform them by following tips below to create a Bridal Shower Invitation in Apple Pages.

1. Make Final Decisions

It’s not as fun and exciting as it is without the stress all along. But poise this one of a lifetime dream by preparing all the essentials beforehand. Make sure that you have fixed plans on what you intend to include in your invitation card. Doing this is manageable with a checklist. Now, choose a date and venue. It should be at least three months before the big day. Other than that, you also have to determine the number of people coming. But don’t forget about the food and what will be included on the menu.

2. Pick a Bridal Shower Theme

Celebrate a few more days of being single with an elegant, simple, intimate, or rustic party vibe. Although choosing a theme isn’t compulsory, it aids in going through the process of maintaining consistency of your wedding invitation. You can highlight a floral design. Or maybe, add more of a hint of rose gold in it. If you are undecided and doubtful, use your wedding theme and color instead. But more than that, ensure that your card complements with the bridal shower party decorations.

3. Prepare an Invitation Template

Now, get everything ready with a layout. Visualizing your plans demand a template you can work on. In doing so, get the freedom and avoid consuming so much time by downloading a ready-made template. Our website offers a variety of customizable Bridal Shower Invitation Templates you can choose from. It gets easier when using Mac. Your document can be easily customized using Apple Pages application.

4. Add the Details and Stunning Filters

Set the tone and hype up your guests with what they should expect through an intimate party invitation cards. Achieving this will need you to input the essential details. Include the venue, date and time, dress code, contact, and theme. For the venue, do include the room, residency, and specifics of the place, if there is a need to. It is essential to be accurate when jotting these details. Other than that, you can beautify your card by adding filters and symbols. But, make sure to avoid overdoing it.

5. Finalize and Inform the People Involved

Have a blast! But before that, count how many guests are attending. All the people from your guest list must receive an invitation card. Ensure to print the invitations in clean and sturdy paper stock. Now, when everything is ready, disseminate, and inform the guests. Enjoy a fun and memorable soon to be wife journey.

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