Are you an Apple user looking for advertising brochure templates for your business? Worry no more because here in, we offer Advertising Brochure Templates in Pages made for you and your brochure template needs. These are easily editable in any version of Apple Pages on Mac. These templates are beautifully designed as presented right in front of you. These also contain images and artwork in CMYK color standard at 300 dpi resolution. Available in full-bleed A4 print size and instantly accessible right after you download. Promote your product right away because the template of your choice is a click away from your belongings. 

How to Create Advertising Brochures in Apple Pages

Advertising is done in various approaches. This can be through traditional media such as newspapers, magazine ads, print brochures (bi-fold and tri-fold), flyers, pamphlets, posters, etc. In other ways, advertising is also evident in new media which includes social media, social networking sites (SNS), websites, blogs, or text messages. Moreover, 93% of marketers use Facebook for advertising products and services.

Advertising is a component of marketing. It is a process that focuses on branding and selling a product and a service that aligns with both the needs and wants of potential customers in the marketplace. Similar to other print brochures, the effectiveness of advertisements will vary on the concept. Inputs include details such as images and messages and outputs that can be digitalized or printed. Since ancient times, advertising has been applied in different ways started with oral down to prints. Marketing through advertising drives sales and diversity leads to success.

Apple Pages encompasses you in a creative environment where tools for creating your advertising layout are provided for your easy editing. If your comfort in editing is through Apple Pages, then the brochure templates below will fit you.

Change of customer's tastes and standards is a challenge in advertising. Thus, we encourage you to keep up with various unique strategies for making brochures and other types of marketing materials.

1. Usage of Geometrical Shapes

Rectangular and square shapes are frequently seen in advertising brochures. However, these brochures are not limited to these shapes only. Geometrical shapes with more than five sides such as hexagon and octagon (unusual shapes) can help your brochure designs outstand others. This illustrates uniqueness in your brochure layout.

2. Photography

Images are important components of any brochure design because these communicate to viewers without words and statements added. Artistic photography mostly captured by professional photographers is a strategy that you can try in your brochure to maintain competence with other competing ones. Images must not be static, it should be oddly beautiful.

3. Colored Fonts

With proper color scheme, exploring colored fonts is a nice way to try with your advertising or marketing brochures. This adds another element aside from the background that you created. Most of the graphic designers are overlooking with this trend to boost among the marketers. This is minimalist in style and is eye-friendly to viewers.

4. Hand-Written Letters and Hand-Drawn Images

A touch of personality is something that you should apply to your brochures. This can be done by creating hand-written letters and hand-drawn images and reborn the artisan approach or creating a distinctive factor in graphic designs. It's a plus point for the viewers if your sales brochures are designed for a specific person.

5. 3-D Approach

Typical brochures are designed as two dimensional. However, you can extend your artistry through exploring to third dimension or the 3-D approach. You can add depth in your design and make it not just a brochure but a piece of art.

With constant research, your products and services will be actively taken by your potential customers. It is essential for you to always surprise your customers by creating creative brochures with an impact.

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