How To Create An Advertising Brochure In Microsoft Publisher?

It is a known fact that consumers consider visiting a particular business advertised in a brochure. Taking this information into account, we can surmise that brochures are one of the most effective forms of advertisement. With the right brochure design, advertisers can successfully inform the public about a new product, promote an event, or introduce a company to the public. Creating a company brochure that advertises what it has to offer can be a tedious task, but don’t worry! You don’t have to go through the process alone. We have outlined a step-by-step guide to help you accomplish the task.

1. Identify The Target Market

For a marketing campaign to be successful, it is essential that advertisers narrow down their target audience to a specific segment of the market. Knowing your target market helps you create a promotional material directly geared towards the people who show interest in the products or service your business offers.

2. Use Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher is a desktop graphic design application capable of producing printed materials. Its features enable users to design and lay out a creative advertising material more efficiently. Moreover, Microsoft Publisher has built-in brochure templates you can make use of so you won’t have to start from square one.

3. Create A Lasting Impression

Remember that the primary purpose of your brochure is to advertise your business to potential customers. Therefore, you have to make sure that the brochure’s front page alone is enough to create a lasting favorable impression. A brochure with a compelling and unique cover page entices readers to open the material and read its contents from end to end. An effective front page contains a catchy headline that directly tells the readers what the brochure is for.

4. Add Desired Details

After a brief introduction to your company, start promoting what your company offers. Regardless of the business you are managing—be it a hotel, restaurant, real estate firm, advertising agency, travel company, etc.—you should write the content in a way that the public will understand how your business can fulfill their needs and can help solve their problems. In doing so, shy away from lengthy statements so as not to bore the readers. Moreover, persuade prospective customers to do business with you by adding a call to action statement. Remember that you still have to add images in your design, so leave room for those.

5. Include High-Quality Photos

A brochure can be more attractive with the right choice of photographs. Plus, they add more life to your design. In your editable brochure, you may add photos of the luxurious properties your real estate company sells, scrumptious food your restaurant offers, or any high-quality and well-taken photos of the product or service your business provides.

6. Print

Take your time to review the contents of your brochure. Before mass producing the promotional material, see to it that it is free from grammatical or typographical errors. You also have to make sure that the layout doesn’t look cluttered for the brochure to serve its purpose efficiently. Lastly, print on a high-quality paper and distribute or display in high foot traffic areas.

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