How to Make a Corporate Brochure in Microsoft Publisher

A Corporate Brochure is popularly known as a company brochure, a specific type of brochure that highlights the company and the products or services that the company offers. A typical brochure has one, two, or three folds in which features have distinct characteristics than that of business catalogs and flyers.

If you’re planning to make a corporate brochure today, consider the tips below on how to make a corporate brochure in Microsoft Publisher utilizing our free ready-made corporate brochure templates.

1. Make Your Brochure’s Cover the Best Page

The first page says it all when you make a brochure. People don’t have the luxury of time to read everything you wrote in the brochure, and the first page is what catches their attention first. You have to create a very good headline that readers cannot resist reading.

The corporate brochure cover is what defines the company already. So, make it the best corporate brochure cover page ever!

2. Be Substantive

Being substantive with the content of your brochure means being realistic. It means that you have to include the successful projects, the unsuccessful ones, and the company’s solutions to the failed projects. Being said that, it is important that you have to include a brief history of your company and how the growth as well.

The most important thing to keep in mind, however, is to avoid deceiving and misleading the audience. Legitimacy is key to achieving more clients and finishing more projects. Give them a realistic approach to solve their real problems, and avoid confusing them.

3. Keep the Words Simple

One thing to avoid when customizing company brochure templates is filling them in with highfalutin words. Simple words are easy to understand, and that is what you want for your clients besides: to understand your company and the products/services you offer in a light manner. You make the company brochure to sell your products not words, so might as well keep the words simple.

4. Be Creative

This goes to help you decide an aesthetically pleasing-to-the-eye brochure with the design you choose to represent your company. A corporate brochure design gives a sense of life and attraction from the customers. In setting the tone of your company brochure, you may consider using bright and contrasting colors.

So, if you want to have your brochure be read by them, entice them with eye-catching business brochure templates with the best design and layout.

5. Include a Call to Action

A call to action may include a free product sample or a free gift that will lure them to try and buy the product you sell. In business, you have to give them first the “free taste” of your product before getting into a transaction. Offer them a free estimate that would push to try it over again.

Because sometimes, people need extra motivation to finally get in there.

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