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How to Create an Educational Brochure in Adobe Photoshop

Brochures are one of the effective communication and marketing tools used to introduce a company's history, achievements, and goals or promote goods and services. An educational brochure is an infographic booklet, pamphlet, or leaflet that introduces school profiles, their vision and mission, goals, and future programs that could attract potential students and parents to enroll in any academic programs. To create an attractive and effective educational brochure, you will need a lot of ideas, a fantastic online brochure maker, and these few steps to get you started:

1. Research School History

The first thing you need to do is polish up your knowledge about essential details involving the educational institution. You can ask people who know any exciting story about the institute, either a student or faculty members who are still working for the school, or retired ones if you can contact them. You can also read the school profile that can be found in the library or open a yearbook and see if there are any interesting events that would pique your reader's curiosity. Make it an inspiration toward creating the content and design of your simple brochure.

2. Brainstorm for Your Layout

Getting a general idea of what you should include in your educational brochure will make it easier for you to do a layout. Decide how you would want the contents to be presented. Will it fit in a bifold brochure or should you do a trifold layout to include more information or images? You should need to consider how your contents would align to help your readers go over the material smoothly. Arrange everything carefully so that your brochure won't look hurried.

3. Search Brochure-making Applications

Since your purpose is school advertising, you are probably thinking about how you would make it creative and at the same time, educational. There are various brochure makers online; however, if you are not familiar with them and may find it very difficult to navigate, you can try Adobe Photoshop. It has a step-by-step guide on making a brochure and tutorials on the different features so you won't get lost going around. Adobe Photoshop also has samples of ready-made brochures online.

4. Write the Contents

Your contents should be informative, educational, and exciting. Keep in mind, though, that your materials will be specifically written for the target audience. If you are making a brochure for a preschool and kindergarten school, do not use complicated words meant for university students to read. Make it simple and understandable as you make your points across the whole thing. Aim for consistency; be straightforward. You may use one or two fonts to emphasize the headers, but use simple fonts for the rest of the message.

5. Experiment with Colors and Images

Play with color schemes and match them up, but do not use shades that do not complement the purpose of the brochure. Your colors should enhance your message. For your images, it is helpful to use photos that are captivating and has high quality. By choosing the right pictures, there is a higher chance for readers to pick up your brochure and act on the message.

6. Print

The last step to finish your sample brochure is by printing it. Invest in quality if you want to give your educational brochure the finish it deserves. Look for printers that could provide you a satisfying result.

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